After class, everyone went out of the palace together. Liu Qizheng poked Lu Xiaoning’s mouth and turned back. Mr. Lu Xiaoning turned out to be Huangfuyunlan and Yang Chen walking together. It’s really rare to see tenderness. However, Yang Chen’s performance always feels a bit strange. He still looks gentle and gentle with a gentle smile, but he can’t blame this feeling.

Out of the palace, Lu Xiaoning saw Liu Fangai beside her carriage. "Eldest brother, let’s go first." Liu Jizheng saw someone looking for Lu Xiaoning to be well-advised to pull Bao Liangyu and walked first. Lu Xiaoning sighed silently and walked towards Liu Fangai. I don’t know why Lu Fang-ai is looking for her. Either

"This is …"

Wang Shu and natural disasters looked at this group of light through the power of’ heart’ and were stupefied. This is a faint unknown force, with no color and no specific shape. Yuan Heng just smiled faintly and didn’t move at all, but it saw a different color and different shape in the eyes of

"What’s this all about?"

Wang Shu frowned and looked at Yuan Heng, especially when he saw the ten divine eyebrows, but he just locked them. Although this supernatural power of the Lunar Extinction is not her destiny, it has been cultivated by her for several years. You know, this magical power has been directly obtained from the depths of

Yeah, just give it to me

Xiao Zhao also nodded his head and flashed his shoulders again, and then his claws danced quickly. The dark purple light flew from his claws and finally adhered to the jade door. Sniff The purple-black light seems to have a very strong corrosive effect, and it just sticks to the jade door. The looming rune

Before Guo Xiaosi, I had figured out that the red man wouldn’t harm himself, and I let him go a little. I heard that Gan Kun’s bags were all given to him, but he was very happy. If you were killed by this red man in vain, you have to bless me. I will kill this red man for you one day and avenge you.

The red man’s voice just fell and a red light disappeared. Guo Xiaosi secretly marveled at these people’s unpredictable mana. It’s a pity that Jiu Jianxian said that he wanted his disciples to be killed by the red man before he could wait for him. Don’t say that Jiu Jianxian’s spell is gone. Eyes casually

Guo Xiaosi stumbled and almost fell to the ground again, but he still stood on his hands and didn’t let himself fall. Then he straightened up and looked up at the patriarch of Changhuazong and said that he had seen the patriarch.

Tianrong doesn’t have to be rough. The patriarch’s tone seems very amiable and he laughs at Guo Xiaosi. You don’t have to panic me. You’re only here to see your magic weapon. Magic weapon Guo Xiaosi was taken aback. What magic weapon did I have? Today, you killed a brother of the Kim family in