"This is really over!"
"The anchor eyes are frozen? How glistening a what all can’t see clearly. "
"Is there anyone else? No one I broadcast. "
"It’s over in just two days?"
"If this anchor dies, will there be a new broadcast?"
"Who knows when you call and ask?"
The live broadcast is so noisy that Norman is anxious, gloating and unwilling. Whether Norman dies or not, will there be another live broadcast? Everything.
These sounds are like mosquitoes. At the moment, Norman sounds like floating water, but he sinks to the bottom and can’t hear it.
At this time, there was a sudden sound like thunder.
"Don’t give up, there is hope!"
Hope, hope …
I don’t know whether it’s the key word or the sound Norman sounds more familiar. He suddenly woke up from a stiff state.
It’s Lancelot, which is one of Norman’s most familiar sounds.
"Even if the two spells don’t work, there will be a third, a fourth and a fifth. One hundred, two hundred, three hundred! If you don’t give up, you can always find a spell that can be successfully cast! So get up quickly and keep trying! Don’t give up and there is hope! "
Lancelot’s words were like a warm current that gradually melted Norman’s frozen thoughts.
Yeah, why do you want to give up?
If one spell doesn’t work, then try the second, third and fourth … the hundredth, the hundredth and the hundredth.
"Have you noticed that the yellow river comes to entering the ocean, never to return every day …"
"When is the month? I don’t know if the wine is right. Today is the year … "
"the way is broad like the blue sky but no way out before my eye …"
"ChuTianQianLi clear autumn waters with the day to autumn …"
As Lancelot’s words fell, the members of the Knights Templar took action, and a large number of suspected incantations appeared in Norman’s eyes and resounded through his heart.
He is probably the only mage in the world who has come into contact with such a large number of suspected incantations in such a short time. Each of these difficult and complicated mantras can make people break their heads when they are taken out, but now they are throwing them at him like free cabbage …
I not only have the Heart Sutra of Catching the Sea, the Heart Sutra of Burying the Sun, but also have the dragon to protect myself, the star is the first, the strong man is the first, and the Knights Templar is the most incredible to help me. Not only did I give myself the magic pool, which is an artifact of fate, but I also threw the forbidden spell for free.
It’s awesome to think of yourself like this. It’s just that the illegitimate son of the father has taken advantage of everything in the world.
How can you die here if you are so awesome?
Norman was suddenly enlightened.
The flames of his body soared. Although the method expanded the activities around him, it thawed himself. At the same time, Chen Qinghe blew out a flame and burned a big hole in the surrounding snow layer.
Norman saw the vast land outside through the hole.
The whole world in which he looked has completely become a sea of snow, and there are white reflections everywhere. This dark day seems to be much brighter.
The scenery is full of emotions, and Norman’s emotions are full of enthusiasm.
This situation made him feel deeply about a forbidden spell that the members of the Knights Templar were doing at the moment. Although the law was explained in detail, it resonated from emotion.
That may be Lancelot’s sense of language or talent.
Norman’s mood tumbled and his mind flashed.
Let’s start with this one.
Then he began to sing.
Chapter three hundred and forty-three Beijing Jinshan (2)
Chen Qinghe is dying.
The cold around him is that he has never been subjected to low temperature, which makes his dragon body unbearable, and he starts to be stiff and slow, and spewing dragon breath for a long time, which makes his body bear a huge burden.
He felt that his vitality was rapidly losing.
Boom ……
Another dragon’s breath spurted through the surrounding ice and snow parcels and temporarily burned out a breath, but Chen Qinghe knew that he was approaching the limit.
Only he knows how weak this dragon’s breath is, as if the patient were dying.
After a short respite, Chen Qinghe didn’t mess around again, but was calm as never before, floating quietly in the middle.
His eyes narrowed and he remained motionless. His face looked solemn and solemn, and he seemed to be thinking about a major problem that was unresolved.
This moment seems to be stagnant.
Chen Qinghe thinks fast, almost a breath, and his eyes suddenly have the answer.
"Help me send her back to the north."
Chen Qinghe said to him that Norman was very indifferent and there was no secular weight.
He seems to be Norman again. When he first saw that everything was fine, the idle man was strolling around on a donkey.
Then he looked up to the sky, opened his mouth to the maximum, and uttered the wildest and surging dragons in his history.
"roar! ……”
This dragon rhyme is different from all his previous roars. It is just a sound. If it is real, his head is stronger than the snow layer. This unprecedented wild dragon rhyme is vulnerable, and it will melt and collapse like the most violent sun.
Burst wave energy like a bamboo shoots straight into the sky into the dark black cloud layer, and then you see the clouds roll violently like boiling water, and the center of this cloud layer can’t stand this rolling, and it is directly torn by violent wave energy, and the long-lost sunshine is squeezed in from the surface.
This is the first time that this spell has been so traumatized since it started!
But this is a more violent energy, and the accumulation has not yet exploded.
Adolf is no longer complacent and leisurely. At the moment, he is looking at Chen Qinghe’s direction with a serious face.
The air flow there is very crazy, like a huge balloon is expanding, and the blizzard is flying around, so I can’t see the scene inside completely
This is the spell level power.
The dragon is casting a spell.
He sent this message to his companion in a special way.
Do you know what the spell is?
Another companion exchanged this information, and then the most knowledgeable one of the three answered him.
Such a violent and violent reaction may be McConnell’s last blow.
McConnell’s last shot …
Adolf’s knowledge may not be as good as that of the last man, but the other person pointed out all the names and he still knew something about this spell.
Is McConnell’s last strike really a spell or a special spell? It’s special in other spells. It needs magic. It needs life.