Ray, the younger brother, makes bath very satisfied, but unfortunately …
"It’s a pity that if you are still in the magic Yang zong zong, it’s a pity that you have such a younger brother."
Bass sighed in his heart, feeling that he was white. I’m afraid this operation is run, and I’m afraid none of them will have a good game in the end.
The Caesars are blessed by fate, and those with outstanding talent can practice the branch of destiny.
And bath is one of the best, so he has a great sense of foreboding, and this kind of whim has never made a mistake, which has saved him from many life and death crises
This time is no exception, but Bath’s heart is white, and it is impossible for him to avoid it. Just as the rest of the mixed-yuan demon Lord said, I am afraid that if I miss this time, I won’t even have a fight in the future …
"Ray, you will stay here and practice well in the future, and wait for my fellow travelers from the ten major boundaries to get through in the future. You can go back to the magic Yangzong practice directly, and we naturally have a lot to rely on when we come to this side of heaven and earth this time …"
Before leaving, Bath no longer kept many secrets from himself as a younger brother, so that he could have enough successors to win a chance …
"Master …"
Ray stared at Buzz disappearing in front of his eyes, stretched out his hand, and finally fell down. There was no origin in his heart, and there was a sadness. He was afraid that he would never see him again in the future …
In all fairness, Ray naturally knows that his master is most likely just trying to cultivate a qualified cannon fodder, but he has been really good to himself for a long time, and in the end, he is trying to keep himself in mind and think for himself everywhere, but …
Ray felt the strangeness at the core of his true spirit. Since he broke through to pick the magic statue, he finally knew what it was. This point was that he met that statue in the northern part of the universe and left it behind!
"No wonder …"
"No wonder so many people died at the beginning, but I finally lived by myself …"
Ray’s heart is complicated and inexplicable. He was originally a lucky shelter, but he didn’t think …
It is selfish to think that Bath has taught himself at the last moment over the years, and he has given himself all kinds of secrets and secrets, hoping that he can be lucky to come …
Thought of here, ray eyes a malicious eyes firmly locked in the depths of the true spirit …
When Yuan Heng felt the coming after condensing himself, the problem finally came out.
"This celestial body is really strange."
Yuan Heng’s eyes visually felt the peculiar smell of robbery, and he glanced around the stars strangely. "The degree of robbery in the unique environment of our star and heaven should not be too great, but what is the violent and violent atmosphere of robbery?"
The celestial environment is very special!
Different from the vast land, although it is divided into five large areas and four square celestial poles, it is the largest area and the widest boundary of the three worlds of the universe, but it is only in the same continent in terms of quality;
It is also different from the netherworld. Although the netherworld is divided into one netherworld, nine heavies and one vast netherworld, the source core foundation is nine heavies, and the nine palaces form the netherworld. Although there are barriers, they are still connected.
In the final analysis, the vast land and the nether world are still in the same land.
This is composed of small world groups and protostars. Can this special environmental robbery really start?
Actually, this doubt has been in my mind ever since Yuan Heng came to Xingtian. How can it happen if people can’t touch the amount of robbery and how can they fight it?
Even a small master of Taiyi series wants to go from a small world in heaven to other small worlds, which is not too short. Don’t think about it without hundreds of thousands of years-
This still has a cross-border factor.
But now the situation is that Yuan Heng is a little confused. Nowadays, this rich breath of robbery seems to be no longer the vast land …
I can’t help thinking about it in my heart. Unfortunately, the fate of the Ganges River is shrouded in chaos, and the rules of heaven and earth are chaotic. The magical powers of various calculations are greatly reduced. If you are an ordinary practitioner, I am afraid that if you go deeper, you will be attacked by the amount of robbery and fall into robbery.
Even Yuan Heng, a great avatar, really can’t infer more things, and can vaguely feel that this matter seems quite complicated, among which it seems that there are three great forces in it …
When God’s eyes scanned the square, Yuan Heng suddenly felt something in his heart, and his eyes looked fiercely in one direction … to be continued.
Ps Hehe, it’s really tiring to finally catch up …
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Somehow in
"Interesting. Want to break away from the control of Zun?"
Yuan Heng followed the throb in his heart and turned his attention to an unknown void. Unfortunately, Yuan Heng failed to find a position as he observed the soaring light in the pupil of God.
Yuan Heng’s eyes were faintly glowing with cold light, and he naturally knew what had happened.
"Sure enough, how many of them have not been able to find this coordinate?"
Although Yuan Heng’s detection method was cut off by more than half because of the amount of robbery, being able to avoid Yuan Heng’s search method also made Yuan Heng frown.
"But it’s a dream for a mere pick Jin Xian to break away from the control of Zun!"
Although we can’t know the specific situation there, calcium dobesilate capsules Heng can know that at this time, the monk is breaking away from his avatar control, and his practice must be in Taiyi mixed yuan.
People are perfect, Yuan Heng, and they are the first natural fiends. Although they are talented, they also have their own emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, which often represents mediocrity.
However, Yuan Heng has no interest in studying this kind of avatar magic of slavery control.