"Sister, I am very gentle."
The girl clenched her fist with one hand and pressed it with the other and said with a smile on her face.
The little boy’ wow’ turned around and ran away.
Girl hey hey quick chase.
The slightly older woman shook her head. "Don’t fight in the cemetery."
Then another petite woman with a slightly slender figure took the nine-year-old girl’s hand and smiled and said, "Come on, let’s also give flowers to grandma."
"Let grandma bless us to grow up safely and quickly."
The other side of the cemetery
The little boy Yongtai finally fell into the clutches and let the girl pick it up.
Like a puppy, the little boy gave up his resistance and said, "Sister Xi Tong, dad, does he want us?"
The girl was dazed and then said, "Hu said that Dad will definitely come back!"
"You all say so."
"And it’s been said for ten years."
The little boy left Jidi and said, "Although you and your mother, as well as Aunt Bird and Aunt Qianhong, have told me many stories about my father."
"But I haven’t even met my father."
"I envy you."
"You have lived with your father less."
"Do you think Dad will like me?"
"Will you like An An?"
The girl released her brother carefully, then squatted down and hugged him, saying, "I believe my father will like you and Ann."
The little boy nodded his head.
Then his mother came back. "Come on, let’s go home and make dumplings at noon."
The little boy’s eyes suddenly lit up. "Great, I want to eat twenty!" "
"When you go back, write every new word I taught you yesterday for twenty times before you can eat dumplings," the girl said with a smile.
The little boy immediately threw himself into his mother’s arms. "Mom, look, Sister Xi Tong bullied me again."
"I didn’t bully you. That’s how I studied!" The girl waved her fist and threatened
Back to the residence
This is a courtyard, but there is a hut with different architectural styles in it.
The door of that shed is never locked.
The flowers in that window are changed every day.
The little boy looked in the direction of the hut and said, "Sister, why don’t you transform it?"
The girl said, "This is the house where Dad used to live. If Dad comes back, he will definitely come here."
"By the way, you can get it in the house. I put it in dad’s bedroom for the first time."
The little boy froze. "Why don’t you get it yourself?"
The girl turned around and said with a smile, "That’s probably because I’m your sister."
"Go or not, no dumplings to eat"
The little boy said angrily, "just bully me. Hum, when I grow up, I will marry a wife who is fiercer than you and let her bully you!" "
He came to the hut.
The hut is quiet.
Sunshine dust flutters gently.
The little boy pushed the door.
The structure of shacks is very simple.
A small living room that can barely seat two or three people.
A kitchen that can take one person.
And two bedrooms.
"Dad’s bedroom" The little boy went straight to the slightly smaller bedroom.
There is a small bed piled up in it.
The little boy quickly found his sister and asked her to jump out of bed and walk to the living room.
I saw someone in grandma’s bedroom
The man looked at a photo on the wall with his back to the living room.
The little boy tried to shout, "Grandpa?"
The man’s body trembled slightly
Then turn around and walk out.
When he came out of the shadows, the little boy found that he was a rather young man.
He looks about twenty years old.
And looks a little similar to grandpa Su Lie.
The man with dark hair, deep eyes and smiling face squatted down and asked, "What’s your name, little guy?"
His voice has a believable feeling.
The little boy blurted out "Yongtai Su Yongtai!"
Then he asked, "What about you, Uncle?"
The man reached out and gently rubbed the boy’s hair. "It’s true that you haven’t seen you grow so big in ten years."
"It seems like yesterday that you were a baby."
"Oh, sorry."
"I haven’t talked to anyone for a long time. It’s a little wordy."
"My name is Tianyang"
"Sunshine every day!"
Chapter 1771 Fanwai 1
One year has passed since the Kuroshio.
Although the world is slowly recovering, it will take a long time to regain order.
Three continents
The destruction of the western continent is far more serious than its two continents.
Evening Shadows
In the ruins of a fortress
There is rancid sewage flowing here.
They flow quietly and a pool will accumulate in a low-lying place.
There will be rags, rusty tin cans and the remains of some cats, dogs and even other animals in the pool.