Taiyi saw the pattern along Yuan Heng’s point of view and laughed heartily. I can see that she is quite proud of it!
But when it comes to the temples, even Taiyi can’t help but widen his mouth. Obviously, he also has a lot of understanding about this, and he is not as absolutely confident as Wang Shu.
At the beginning, the celestial world actually had many fellow travelers, and it was natural for the famous temples in the three realms not to visit.
This naturally surprised them!
Every great power to visit the temples is unbelievable. What a great event it is!
Actually, it has a total of 330 statues of innate power, which can devote all its merits, avenues and fate to build such a temple!
This is an absolutely unrepeatable miracle!
Moreover, many great powers in the whole universe can be the first to be born, and what a terrible mystery it brings together to create a fortune treasure!
Sometimes being born early is a comparable advantage!
Even at the beginning, when heaven and earth were perfect, the temples took advantage of the opportunity to seize all their luck.
You know, at the beginning, the distribution of gas transportation was a fixed model!
That is to say, if you get in that feast, the share set by the avenue will hardly be lost!
It can be imagined how horrible the temples had accumulated by virtue of their physical advantages!
"Hehe, Daoyou, keep looking."
Too much pressure, thoughts move, thoughts move, and suddenly other patterns disappear, leaving the most special mysterious pattern.
Yuan Heng’s eyes are full of divine light. With the guidance of Taiyi, Yuan Heng immediately saw something different.
Thoughts flashed in my heart. Yuan Heng suddenly sighed and pointed to a place. "It seems that there are some shortcomings in the theory of Yin and Yang, the stars or the sentient beings."
"These seem to have all the mystery in them, but they are all incomplete in them!"
"Yes, these patterns can’t be perfect. After all, we have created the Zifeng world. We are not perfect in these avenues, and these patterns are naturally incomplete."
"But sometimes being incomplete means being more wonderful!"
Taiyi has a smile on her lips, which is the essence of their wisdom. "This is called Zifeng Avenue War!"
"This war situation is inspired by the original struggle of thousands of ways. Of course, there are also differences among them."
Before Taiyi stretched out his hand and drew a line, this mysterious pattern suddenly stopped changing, but blossomed out a dazzling three-dimensional image, which involved some deep secrets of the purple front world.
However, he is a pioneer in the creation of Zifeng World. He still has this limit. "The battle situation of Zifeng Avenue is actually not perfect now, but it is enough for us now."
"This war situation is divided into 100 overall situations, and each overall situation is divided into 129,000 small situations, and each small situation has endless variables. It is complicated and mysterious. It can be said that even now we don’t know that it has evolved to an equal level, because this war situation has developed and improved with the breaking of many Taoist friends, so it is changing and developing all the time."
"awesome!" Yuan Heng can’t help but praise the mystery of this interpretation.
"And the key is to crack this war situation, which will not only make the Zifeng world develop and improve, but also benefit those who crack these wars!"
"It can be said that almost all the people in the celestial world like this game now, and almost every game will be played in their spare time!"
"Hehe, what benefits can you get? Daoyou can try it yourself." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one One hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred
With a mysterious smile on his face, Taiyi is expecting to know how many innings this fellow who stands at the top can crack.
"Ha ha, if you can crack this part in one breath, I’m afraid the Zifeng world can also break through the bottleneck and reach a new level?"