Or can you do it?
Can’t do it!
It is still necessary to have a progressive and progressive iconic attack avatar.
Worse …
There are also some life-saving magical powers, such as escaping from the law, and occult arts, which are very necessary!
In a monk’s practice, any attack and defense against the avatar is secondary, and this life-saving kung fu is the key.
But does Yuan Heng need this thing?
No need!
It is almost easy to get across poverty in one step.
But the key is that other monks can’t!
You know, nowadays, the universe is proficient in the times, that is, Yuan Heng himself is such an only child!
Does Yuan Heng have a decent calculation method?
Arithmetic is actually a very necessary magical occult, especially for Yuan Heng, which means that it is almost necessary for those who have special talents and great magical powers.
Especially at this time, the fate of the Ganges River is turbulent and the cat is in chaos. Without a powerful calculation method, it is almost half blind.
You know, reckoning doesn’t just depend on fate!
"It turns out that my monastic body still has so many shortcomings!"
Yuan Heng can’t help but show a wry smile at this time. It’s not so easy to create a road to eternal life. "If there is a powerful calculation at this time, I’m afraid those heretical nests can be caught!"
"However, there are only dozens of yuan meetings left until the end of the robbery. There is no time to close it again."
Yuan’s perseverance knew that he was about to enter the world at this time, and his anti-itself force was about to reach its peak, so he left at his leisure.
Shall we go out for a walk now or come by the same amount of robbery?
Yuan Heng thought in his heart that everything seemed to be quite rough, but it was shallow and not much.
"Why don’t you go out and see how this celestial robbery broke out?"
Finally, I thought that I had been wondering whether Yuan Heng decided to go out for a walk. "And this purple front world seems to be quite interesting?"
Although Yuan Heng failed to successfully select the specific information of three forces to promote the explosion of the celestial mass robbery due to the life river, Yuan Heng still faintly felt that there seems to be an inexplicable connection with this purple front world.
"Hehe, it’s really interesting that the little guy can produce a simple spiritual luck so soon. It seems quite strong."
Is preparing to leave Yuan Heng to see himself attune this star crystal essence, which is full of a sense of attachment, which is somewhat surprising to Yuan Heng.
"And the environment here seems to have changed a little?"
Although this star is the second generation chaotic star source, the degree of evolution is not high, and there is not even a spiritual vein. It seems that the celestial ancestral vein has not branched here.
But now it’s not the same. There is a faint vein around the star source. Yuan Heng can feel an unknown power in the virtual space. It seems that it is being noted here to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and forty High to strive for the top
"Ancestral care?"
Yuan Heng’s eyes glanced down this road and suddenly came in vain. "But it seems that the respect ability is not so strong, right?"
Seeing this, Yuan Heng can’t help but suppress the northern part of the universe in astonishment. Yuan Heng, the first heavenly fiend, can naturally be white. This is the ancestral vein!
Is Zumai waiting?
If the ancestral vein can give birth to spiritual wisdom, its position is much stronger than that of the ordinary mixed yuan Luo Jin Xian. How can it be so simple to look at it?
This means that the power of the ancestral vein has infiltrated here, and a powerful spiritual vein branch will not be formed in the near future.
"Ha ha, that’s what the so-called mountain is not high, there are immortals and spirits, right?"
Yuan Heng is instantly white. This is because he condensed the origin of the three-phase heart here, and he got his blessing here. An inexplicable accident was generated here, which created this vision.
"It turns out that this is the cause and effect. This is because this is the result!"
Witnessed all this, Yuan Heng inexplicably gave birth to a feeling for causality.
The so-called causal nature is nothing more than
"Little guy, it seems that our fate is not shallow!"
Looking at this little guy who has already had a preliminary spiritual wisdom to Yuan Heng, he can’t help but give birth to a little affection at this time. This is fate …
"Interesting. In that case, it’s a little unkind if you don’t leave anything."
Strictly speaking, this little guy born with his heart is one of his descendants. Let him stay alone in the celestial world in the future and work hard. Yuan Heng is also moving his mind. "Well, these days, I have known a lot of stars, especially Ziwei. It is also a small feeling. I will give you everything …"
My heart flashed a series of mysterious principles, which condensed a light spot with purple light and the size of a grain of rice, and then entered the crystal essence of this star.