However, Jiman is arrogant and prejudiced against Yang Xiu. It is not good to ask if Yang Xiu does not introduce her.
"This is my ghost servant. Our safety depends mainly on it later." Yang Xiu said vaguely when he saw Jiman’s doubt.
While Jiman turned around, Yang Xiu put the ghost king back into Gankun’s hand. Of course, it was the last thing that could not be exposed prematurely.
When Yang Xiu and Jiman walked to the pool pool, all eyes looked up.
Although Jiman wore a hat, she was soon noticed by everyone that she came here at the beginning of the foundation, even if it was not the lowest or lower, so they all focused on Yang Slim-cultivation.
However, the reason why the monks didn’t see through the clouds in Yang Xiu was that they didn’t have any other ideas except mystery. The effect that Yang Xiu needed was achieved, and it was unpredictable. Others should weigh the consequences if they tried to hit on you.
Yang Xiu glanced at it lightly, and without any existing acquaintances, he walked to a place without hesitation, ignored all eyes, sat cross-legged and observed all the people who came here to see what powerful roles the monks had.
But at this moment, footsteps came behind him. An old man with an old face but a tough body walked up to Yang Xiu and saw Yang Xiu looking at him in the later stage of repairing the existing preconditions. Then he whispered to Yang Xiu.
"The Taoist Bai Zhongshan came here in Yangxintang and maliciously wanted to act with Taoist water curtain cave in a light day! I wonder if I can invite Taoist friends to jointly plan a dead tree to meet the spring? "
"I’m sorry, we don’t intend to join hands with others." Yang Xiu certainly knew that his purpose was not to act together and fight together.
If I hadn’t received Yang Xiu, the ghost king, after fighting in the cold swamp, I knew that the soft fingers were not as bad as I thought, so I might have agreed, but now they are a drag.
Bai Zhongshan didn’t lose heart sincere way
"Taoist friends will refuse so quickly, although I can’t see the true repair of Taoist friends, but now that I have entered this vision, I am sure it is also a monk in the foundation period, because even if the predecessors in the general Dan period are depressed, they don’t have to make money. The monks who come here are all extraordinary. Look at that monk in blue named Feng Linsheng, who is the first Taoist brother in the day. Although it is also a door in the late foundation period, it is a magic weapon given by a younger brother who is a master in the yuan baby period. The identity of those monks who are with him is not far apart.
Yang Xiu heard that Feng Linsheng was so severe that there was a group of people in his heart who also had some taboos. Not only did he lament, "Since it is the younger brother of Yuan Yingnian who is superior, it is necessary to come here to compete for the dead wood and meet the spring?" Yuan infant monks even have a lot of Dan medicine to achieve this similar effect. "
But he didn’t expect that the monks in Yuan’s infancy could live for thousands of years. Where can the younger generation get less benefits? If every younger generation should take care of it, then he can’t think about practicing with peace of mind again, especially if he wants to make a lot of flowers, unless it is especially pleasing to the elders, and the rest are not on his own.
When people’s condescension is in their hearts, Yang Xiu shows no fear of any negative emotions. He is not busy answering whether to join or not, but he is puzzled and asks Bai Zhongshan
"Since you know that there are so many powerful monks who want to fight for it, why did you go in? Didn’t you die in vain?"
Bai Zhongshan a wry smile face wrinkles are wrinkled together nai way
"It’s not because Shou Yuan will do his best, but he has never been able to bear Dan, so he is going to die anyway. It’s better to spell it now. If you can really get a dead tree to meet the spring, it will be worth it."
Bai Zhongshan said that in the end, wrinkles seem to stretch to some obsession.
Yang Xiu also has some feelings that what he is doing now is not enough, and he does not know how far he can finally go in the future.
For a moment, Bai Zhongshan reacted from the absence, pointing to several monks behind him and said to Yang Xiu.
"Those fellow travelers are all like me. Shou Yuan will do its best. Therefore, we are determined to get a dead tree. There is no doubt that Taoist friends will not worry that after joining hands with us, we will fish in troubled waters like other monks. What is the hesitation of Taoist friends!"
Yang Xiu also saw that these Shou Yuan will do their best to make up their minds and will never be soft when they fight for their lives.
However, Yang Xiu still doesn’t intend to join hands with them. He knows that the consequences of joining hands have both advantages and disadvantages.
Of course, the strength is great when there are many people, but the dead wood is enough for ten people to share in the spring. If the share increases, the difficulty will definitely increase. If they don’t share in the crowd in the end, it’s hard to say who owns these dead trees in the spring. For the most part, strength determines its ownership.
Yang Xiu, a monk added halfway, needless to say, must be the object of rejection
So Yang Xiu certainly lacks interest in this so-called alliance.
Moreover, it will not be difficult for Yang Xiu to have two shares of strength displayed by several ancient treasures and ten ghosts of kill array.
Even if other groups want to pay attention, they should weigh it carefully.
Therefore, Yang Xiu simply said, "Sorry!"
Bai Zhongshan said to Yang Xiu that it was a pity to leave with a face of regret even if the necessities were not advanced.
Chapter 17 Meet again
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Bai Zhongshan and Yang Xiu talked, of course, without escaping the eyes of a willing heart, but after seeing Bai Zhongshan leaving with disappointment, there was no one to bother Yang Xiu again, which made him happy and relaxed.
He deliberately observed that several groups among these people did not say that it must be Feng Linsheng’s gang of monks who showed the greatest power.
Counting one, there are five of them now, and there is a girl in white who is a monk in the middle of the foundation, but since we can get together, there must be something unique.
There are six people in Bai Zhongshan’s gang, most of whom are elderly. It seems that it is really a last-ditch effort for talents to come here.
There is also a group of nearly 10 people. Although there are high and low repairs, there are many faces. It should be that it will not be simple after experiencing wind and rain.
One of the other monks attracted Yang Xiu’s special attention.
That man, like Yang Xiu, is also a black robe with a decent veil. He stays in a remote corner alone, but his body is wrapped in dark red fog. At first glance, he is a monk who cultivates magic power and magic way, and he is still not shallow.
He also saw Yang Xiu looking over and couldn’t help but stare coldly without any feelings.
At the sight of this, Yang Xiu smiled at the masked monk and turned his head away.
He forgot that he was wearing a gauze in the cloud, and no matter what his expression was, no one could see it.