Li Yu’s accent thundered like thunder, exploding in every corner of the world and shocking everyone.
The king’s blood is extremely sublimated, and the golden color in the bright side is more and more rich, as if to cover the blue color, noble and dignified.
The ancient people were silent, and the Terran was boiling. They felt the source of blood trembling and revived. They wanted to reproduce the glory of the Terran and let the flag fly.
Holy blood, I said!
Today, our Terran will be prosperous!
Tu sheng!
"Tu Sheng!"
The Terran Godsworn is more excited than one by one. Looking at that figure, he wants to roar out.
"Tu Sheng!"
Li Yu’s arms shook, the sun and the moon shook, and the sky was covered with dark clouds. It was a robbery or a great robbery!
Lei Hai, like a pulp, has a wisp that can be destroyed. The terror and power of the ordinary slasher has cracked a huge gap in the center, just like a cold eye.
This is Wang Ti Dacheng’s robbery. The ordinary disaster is different and more terrible. Once it is spent, it is natural and frightening. It is a special physique and a proud generation.
"It’s just a thunder robbery. It’s not that we can’t avoid it."
The ancestors sneered, or they took out the battle array one after another. There were ancient sacred carved lines to prevent some terrorist thunder robbery, so it would be more troublesome to worry about life.
"At this level, the means you rely on are no longer apparent!"
Department of god progenitor king is grinning with violent Lei Guang slowly approaching to strike.
Moment LeiJie central that like pale eyes, vertical pupil directly boom down a bunch of very rich LeiZhuGuang boom a repel this statue of progenitor king face slightly changed this LeiJie breath turns out to be so horrible.
The mighty long river of history has spread to all people this time, and emperors have set up a wave of the times overlooking an era in which all beings have shone brilliantly.
"This is … emperors? Branding should manifest itself in the thunder robbery. Is it true that Hengyu has to play like this every time in Du Jie? !”
"No wonder it is so powerful, every environment has suffered so much, and natural terror has honed itself to the level of the emperor. No wonder, no wonder."
"The ancient emperors can’t lose. Every breakthrough of Hengyu is equivalent to how the emperors of the past dynasties have honed and grown up!"
At that time, the heroes were awestruck by the fact that every breakthrough in the rise of the King of Man was so powerful that it was needless to say.
Many peers in the world have experienced each other, but he has been branded by the ancient emperor with the same realm. The pregnancy of the enemy is natural and powerful!
"That is the source of my family, Wanlong Emperor!"
Suddenly, the ancestor Wang of Wanlongchao looked Zheng and saw the tide of the times. A purple shawl was standing, and a big dragon made up of bells coiled around the strong side.
"The ancient emperor of gold even appeared!"
The ancestor of the golden cave, the king, whispered to the golden goddess, and his father also appeared, stepping on the golden god, hiding the quantity of light and soldiers, making the whole body bright like an eternal burning sun.
"Blood burns the ancient emperor!"
"Yuan Huang!"
"Kirin ancient emperor!"
At that time, I exclaimed that several royal families were shocked. The emperors of previous dynasties actually showed their numbers. Is this to face their ancestors?
And the most horrible thing is that Hengyu seems to be deliberately the first to pick out several ancient emperors, and also directly fight several ancient emperors.
Their strength is terrible and tough to an incredible extent. They fought one-on-one without falling in the wind. Li Yu’s confrontation with Emperor Wanlong was beaten back and forth.
This scene made several royal families jump out of their eyes and their ancestors were beaten!
Although it is branded, it also makes them feel like eating flies.
A group of ancient emperors even said that the brand of Gao Junlin’s father in the world was actually beaten by people!