Clear the street fifty paces and set up a post to ensure that the road is clear.
Lu Xiaoning faintly guessed the emperor’s intention when he saw Xue’s physician. Indeed, Xue’s physician took out an imperial edict.
"Xiao Ning Huang let you see for yourself"
Lu Xiaoning knelt down and took the imperial edict exhibition to look at the past word by word.
Sure enough, she guessed it. The emperor asked her to go to the south of the city to take over the treatment workers in the south of the city and sealed her physician’s words earnestly.
Lu Xiaoning calmly put away the imperial edict and said, "Xue Yu’s physician, I want to take my maid away."
There are almost enough people here. She is going to an epidemic area in the south of the city where the epidemic is out of control. If there are not a few trustworthy right-hand men around, it will be difficult to work.
Xue’s physician said, "But you can see who else needs to take it with you."
Lu Xiaoning shook his head. "Just take my servant girl."
"Then you hurry up and have something to explain. The Prince’s Palace has cleared the road." Xue’s physician said.
Lu Xiaoning smiled and said, "There’s nothing to clean up. I just changed several prescriptions for critically ill patients again, and I don’t know if they will work. Please ask Xue Yu’s physician to be more considerate."
"You should take care of yourself." Xue’s physician was very worried and told.
He also tried his best to make the court judge Gu Yuan, but he still failed to stop the imperial edict.
"Wait, why didn’t I listen to Bai Lu Xiaoning? Where are you going?" Gu ten wind confused about way
Why did you let Lu Xiaoning go when he was needed here?
Besides, where can Lu Xiaoning go before the epidemic is lifted?
Xue’s physician sighed, "The emperor ordered Lu Xiaoning to go to the epidemic area south of the city to replace Liu Yuan."
"What? Let Lu Xiaoning go to the south of the city? " Gu Shifeng long up.
"That how line? South of the city is so dangerous now, can’t someone else go? Or isn’t it the same to report the details to Lu Xiaoning in the south of the city and ask him to advise them? "
Xue physician way "you we didn’t try our best? Your father and the ambassador of the square courtyard are willing to go in person, but now the family members are in the south of the city, and the officials jointly want Lu Xiaoning to go, so the emperor can be nai. "
Gu Shifeng froze for a moment and then shouted, "Then I’ll go."
He has to help Shao Ye look after Xiao Ning.
"Ten winds, don’t be ridiculous. You can’t live without you here. You should cooperate with Xue’s physician to take care of those critically ill patients. Remember that one can’t be lost or I’ll get even with you later." Lu Xiaoning said.
"And I’m not like you, you forget? Don’t worry about me doing your thing well. "
Gu Shifeng Bai Lu Xiao Ning is waking him up. She is not vulnerable to viruses, but after all, there is a difference between poison and plague. Lu Xiaoning has been busy here, and the situation there is several times worse than here. Can Xiao Ning get used to it?
Once people are too tired, they are prone to plague.
Han’s adult also told, "Be careful when you get there."
Lu Xiaoning nodded. "I will. Then I’ll go first."
Huangfu Shaoye personally patrolled the street to ensure that there were no idle people in the street. The officers and men came to report that "a carriage came out of Dongli Lane."
Chapter 526 Don’t have your ability
"Where’s the carriage?" Huangfu Shaoye asked
The officers and men replied, "I have already come."
Huangfu Shaoye looked up and saw that it was a carriage that had previously sent Xue’s physician into Dongli Lane.
Huangfu Shaoye raised his hand before.
The carriage stopped.
"Xue Yu doctor, but I don’t know what happened this time?"
There was someone talking inside the carriage curtain. "Please forgive me for coming out to speak in the Prince’s Palace. I went to the temple in the south of the city by order. I should know that the epidemic area is allowed to enter and leave, but this is a special case for me to trouble the temple and the brothers."
Huangfu Shaoye was amazed. Is Lu Xiaoning inside?
The emperor asked Lu Xiaoning to go to the epidemic area south of the city? Doesn’t the emperor know that the epidemic area south of the city is out of control? Just half an hour ago, people in the epidemic area in the south of the city wanted to rush out. They relied on their own senior officials to stop them from entering the epidemic area and now they are all blocked inside.
At this time, the epidemic area in the south of the city is not only plagued by epidemics, but also people’s hearts are floating. This is more terrible than epidemics, but the emperor wants Lu Xiaoning to go to the emperor. What does he think?
"What? Isn’t it a big week? "
Lu Xiaoning, the "Temple of the Prince of Yan", stopped Huangfu Shaoye from speaking in person when he raised his voice. His identity did not allow him to say those words, so they could not hide them, and it would also have an impact on his reputation.
"It is every doctor’s duty to heal the wounded and rescue the dying in the Yanwangdian, and I have experience in fighting against the epidemic situation in Dongli Lane. At this time, I am the best person to go to the south of the city. I also have the confidence to stabilize the situation in the south of the city. The Yanwangdian epidemic area is like a battlefield, and sometimes it is a military plane. Please also ask the temple to escort me to ensure that I arrive at the south of the city as soon as possible. Thank you."
Lu Xiaoning’s silence has an irresistible momentum, which also makes Huangfu Shaoye hold back when he has rushed to his forehead.
Huangfu Shaoye kept biting his teeth and staring at the curtain that blocked his sight.
Bu Jingyun’s former trail "A small temple can’t bear to be chaotic."
Huangfu Shaoye breathed deeply and pressed his anger to suppress his messy thoughts. Stop it and thundered with a wave of his hand.
The carriage moved again. Huangfu Shaoye turned over and the horse personally escorted the carriage.
Lu Xiaoning sat in the car, and her heart was very restless. She could feel Huangfu Shaoye’s raging anger through the car curtain. This can’t be done. It would be bad if he made a stubborn temper and insisted on entering the epidemic area with her.