Therefore, sometimes when the pressure is great, they can naturally squeeze out their potential, but the pressure is too great, but it is not a good thing.

This is enough to make them strong enough to cause enough obstacles at the end. Therefore, in the minds of these mighty men, spiritual practice is even ahead of qualification, wisdom and so on "It seems that Taoist friends are one step closer …" Wang Shu, after seeing Yuan Heng wake up, ignored the natural

"Yes, the master and Miss San were not here this afternoon. The people in Ruifuxuan sent a large box of jewelry to Miss Er, saying that it was customized by Miss Er. I saw it with my own eyes."

"Isn’t the family poor and fast? We paid half of our money last month. Where did Miss Er get so much silver jewelry? I heard that things in Ruifuxuan are valuable. " "Miss Er must have a lot of intimate masters and wives who love her the most." "It’s a pity that the most pet

After class, everyone went out of the palace together. Liu Qizheng poked Lu Xiaoning’s mouth and turned back. Mr. Lu Xiaoning turned out to be Huangfuyunlan and Yang Chen walking together. It’s really rare to see tenderness. However, Yang Chen’s performance always feels a bit strange. He still looks gentle and gentle with a gentle smile, but he can’t blame this feeling.

Out of the palace, Lu Xiaoning saw Liu Fangai beside her carriage. "Eldest brother, let’s go first." Liu Jizheng saw someone looking for Lu Xiaoning to be well-advised to pull Bao Liangyu and walked first. Lu Xiaoning sighed silently and walked towards Liu Fangai. I don’t know why Lu Fang-ai is looking for her. Either

"This is …"

Wang Shu and natural disasters looked at this group of light through the power of’ heart’ and were stupefied. This is a faint unknown force, with no color and no specific shape. Yuan Heng just smiled faintly and didn’t move at all, but it saw a different color and different shape in the eyes of


Yuan heng is not so optimistic. He has already felt a pressure. Wang Shu this recruit unexpectedly will lunar star a will to arrival! The horrible lunar will endows this round of moon with strong spiritual defense, which is not easy to control. "Forget it. I’ve tested the signs of this secret method." Heart silently