"Yes," Siqin took the filth out.
She would rather stay in the building than go upstairs all afternoon.
And not far from here, Liu Fang’ ai is busy distributing soup.
Song Yi has been patrolling for relief more and more times these days. Every time he comes, his eyes can’t help searching for that figure in the crowd.
See Liu Fangai and her servant girl are distributing liquid medicine Song Yi walked past.
"Miss Lu"
"General Song, it’s just the right time for you to come and have a bowl of soup!" Liu Fangai personally gave Song Yi a bowl of soup and handed it to him.
Song Yi said, "I don’t drink. I’m in good health."
"It’s just a precaution to clear the plague and kill the poison. It’s harmless to drink it. This is my eldest sister’s prescription," said Lu Fang proudly.
Almost every day these days, I can hear everyone talking about her elder sister and exaggerating her elder sister Lu Fang’s kindness. Besides, everyone knows that Lu Xiaoning is her elder sister and is very kind to her.
Song Yi looked at her pretty smile and took the medicine bowl and looked up and drank a bottom.
"Did you drink it yourself?"
"I’ll drink it later when I’m busy." Liu Fangai continued to hold medicine and distribute it to the people.
"Just now, Dr. Wu in the clinic said that your father has determined that it is not a plague, and he will be out in two days after observation." Song Yidao
Liu Fang was overjoyed and her eyes lit up with excitement. "Really?" That’s great. My brother came over yesterday and I told him I didn’t know the situation. "
Song Yi felt a little lost when she was so happy and asked, "If your father comes out, will you leave here?"
Lu Fangai said, "I will not leave. I will settle my father first and continue to help here. People here take care of me so much, and I will do my best until the epidemic is over."
This is Lu Fang’s sincere words. Although she is bitter and tired these days, it is the happiest time in her life. She has been recognized and praised by everyone, and it is sincerely recognized and praised. This sense of identity makes her feel more satisfied than happiness, unlike going out and getting it before. She is despised and coldly looked down upon by people.
Sadly, at that time, she didn’t even know what the problem was. She didn’t know that flattery couldn’t be respected by others. Only by changing her heart and being sincere and honest can she get others to look good. Everyone can see how much you have paid and what you have done.
The key is that my cousin will come over every other day and sometimes say a few words to her. I can see that my cousin appreciates her work.
So she’s going to stay here and continue with everyone.
Song Yi didn’t know that Lu Fangai was very happy to hear that she would stay. She said, "That’s great. I’m still worried about where I can find a better writer than you when you leave."
Lu Fang was embarrassed by his boast. "I’m not as good as the general said. I’ll just try my best."
"Well, don’t be tired. You’re busy first. I’ll patrol elsewhere." Song Yi saw that her face was red and her heart was beating fast. Make an excuse to leave quickly or his face would turn red.
Chapter 534 Ghost Hand
Today is the seventh day of the epidemic, and Lu Xiaoning went to the south of the city for the fourth day.
Chen Yanyu drew a horizontal line on the 19th day of the Gregorian calendar.
But I don’t know that this horizontal line still needs to draw several epidemics to lift the thick clouds hanging over Jinling City and disperse.
"Eldest brother, I’m back." As soon as Chen Siyao entered the eldest brother’s room, he jumped on the teapot and poured two cups of herbal tea.
Chen Yanyu put pen to paper and looked at his sister who was flushed by the sun and asked, "What’s the news today?"
Sadly, he, a prime minister, was blinded by the epidemic, and he had to rely on his sister to go to Zo In Sung to inquire about the news in the epidemic area
Chen Siyao depressed shook his head and sat in a chair regardless of the image. "I knew that a group of doctors went to the south epidemic area today, and the day after tomorrow, there was another wave. No one knew what was going on inside, and Zo In Sung didn’t know that I asked him to go to Huangfu Shaoye and Huangfu Shaoye refused to say anything."
Chen Yanyu looked dignified again. If it was inside, it would certainly not be so tight that even his father didn’t come back. Now everyone knows that nine people died early in the morning in the south of the city four days ago.
"Eldest brother, you said xiao ning will be okay? And sister Shen is also in the epidemic area. "Chen Siyao is worried.
Chen Yanyu comforted, "Since the emperor asked Xiao Ning to go to the south of the city, she must be trusted. Xiao Ning is willing to go to the south of the city and should be somewhat sure."
Chen Siyao gave elder brother an oblique look "elder brother, are you kidding me or yourself? It’s not that you don’t know that the emperor asked Xiao Ning to go to the south of the city because all officials jointly asked for an imperial edict. Xiao Ning had to go even if he was not sure he didn’t want to. Who dared to resist it? "
Chen Yanyu’s words are right. What else can I say? Do you want him to say that the south of the city is finished and everyone inside is dead?
No, he would rather believe that Lu Xiaoning’s cocoa can turn the tide and walk out of the epidemic area in the south of the city safely.
He must recognize it this way.
However, the pain in that position in the left chest can’t be eliminated.
"Siyao should always expect the worst," Chen Yanyu said
Chen Siyao disgruntled, "I want to know exactly how bad the letter is now, so I can be mentally prepared instead of doing nothing but worry."
Chen Yanyu reluctantly pulled the corners of the mouth "didn’t you help with the application? Even the dowry money has been donated, and you have contacted so many people to donate money to you. You have done a good job. "