Zhu Wang said, "Your lordship has gone to pick up Miss San. I can’t catch the rain in a carriage."
"But the carriage can’t get into the courtyard. Where’s the umbrella?" Liu youren asked again
Zhu Wang hurried to get an umbrella and came to see the master. He went out with an umbrella and just looked around at the door.
In the rain, the master’s back is a little rickety, which is particularly bleak.
Zhu Wang inexplicably felt sad. Just two months ago, my master was still energetic, elegant and handsome, with a tall and straight back. Who can’t boast of my master’s good manners and tolerance? It’s just that after two months, my master is like a teenager who is old and has been beaten by frost, and the whole person has faded.
Chapter 544 I am flattered
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Lu Fang ‘ai and Liu Chengsi were about to go home when it rained heavily.
"Too bad I didn’t bring an umbrella," said Liu Fang, who was anxious.
"Then wait. Don’t worry." Liu Chengsi has a good attitude.
"Miss Lu" Song Yi came over with an umbrella.
"Are you going back?"
Liu Fangai nodded. "Yes, it’s too rainy to leave."
"Why don’t I call you a carriage?" Song Yi said.
Lu Fang looked at the heavy rain and suddenly her eyes lit up. "I can’t come to pick me up."
Song Yi took Liu Chengsi to the carriage with an umbrella, and then came back to pick up Liu Fang. Liu Fang was kind to avoid suspicion. Song Yi kept a certain distance. Song Yi silently held the umbrella on Fang Ai’s head, and most of his body was wet.
Liu Fang got into the car and saw that Song Yi was half wet. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and said, "Thank you, General Song."
"Don’t lift a finger, that … take care to drive slowly and pay attention to safety" Song Yi told him.
"It’s the old slave who will be careful," said the old manager with mirth.
Liu Chengsi also leaned out and waved "Goodbye to General Song" with Song Yi.
Song Yi smiled and nodded and watched the carriage leave.
"Third Sister, this general Song seems to see you" Liu Chengsi said.
Liu Fang gave him an angry look. "If you talk nonsense again, I’ll tear your mouth off."
Liu Chengsi left the pie mouth and said, "I didn’t say that General Song’s eyes are different from those of others. Just now, he gave you an umbrella and took care of you to keep out the wind and rain, and he got wet."
Lu Fang said kindly, "That’s because people have the grace to take care of women."
"Yeah, why don’t you see him take care of other women? You are not the only woman in the relief, "Liu Chengsi said.
Will Lu Fang feel palpitation? I don’t think so. General Song should take special care of her because of her cousin’s sake. General Song and his cousin are very familiar with each other.
"Third sister, to be honest, I think General Song is a nice person, handsome and young, and so careful …" Liu Chengsi said sincerely.
Liu Fang stretched out his hand and twisted his face fiercely. "I’ll tear your mouth off if you talk nonsense again."
Lu Chengsi cried out in pain, "Can’t I stop talking?"
Liu Fangai let go.
Liu Chengsi rubbed his face and dared not talk about the military affairs of General Song, but he really thought that General Song was very good.
Liu Fang kindly changed the subject and said, "Don’t tell your father about your elder sister when you go back later."
"What? I came here specially to let my father know how great the elder sister is. "Liu Chengsi thought it was very simple. Maybe my father would not be angry with her when he saw her so promising."
Liu Fang looked complicated. "You don’t understand that my father is not my former father now."
Now my father is down and out, frustrated and heartbroken by my second sister. My father doesn’t say anything, but he must know in his heart that he is wrong. If my father doesn’t know that my elder sister has been sealed off, maybe my father can go out of that step and repair her father and daughter. Once my father knows that my elder sister is today, he is afraid that his father will want to repair his mind, and he can bury it in his heart. My father still wants to be proud.
"If you inherit, tell your father that Elder Sister has found a way to cure the epidemic disease in the south of the city. My father is sure to be happy." Lu Fangai taught her to inherit.
A few days ago, my father asked her falteringly how things were in the south of the city. Just say that father is worried about elder sister.
Liu Chengsi rolled his eyes and said, "When my father made a wrong decision, it was simply."
Liu Fang kindly knocked on the heir’s head. "Don’t say that. My father can’t say it when he thinks so."