"There you are!" Liu Fanghua weak way
"Please forgive me for being unwell, haggard and inconvenient to get up and see the world."
Huangfu Shaolong said, "If you don’t get up, just lie down and have a good rest."
Said HuangFuShaoYe stretched out his hand to lift the curtain.
Liu Fanghua grabbed the curtain first. "You promised not to see my body before my illness healed."
Huangfu Shaolong pleaded, "Youhua, just let me have a look. I won’t do anything else."
He hasn’t seen Fanghua since he entered the government. Fanghua won’t let him see him anyway.
"I have eaten so much bitterness, and I am already haggard. I will abandon my body when I see it. Please wait patiently for a few days to count my body. Please," Liu Fanghua began to cry.
She doesn’t like herself now. It’s strange that Huangfu Shaolong doesn’t dislike her. The only thing she can rely on now is the affection of her children and Huangfu Shaolong. If Huangfu Shaolong dislikes her and doesn’t like her, you can imagine how sad she will be in Wangfu Day.
The princess said that she had sent two maids and a grandmother to wait on her, but those two maids and a grandmother couldn’t get around. They didn’t behave well until Huangfu Shaolong came. She couldn’t tell Huangfu Shaolong yet. She knew very well that it would be the same for anyone who changed. Just put up with it before she got shaky.
Listen to the sound of Fanghua, I’m about to cry. Huangfu Shaolong is distressed and busy. "Okay, I won’t look at you. Don’t be sad. When Yunlan comes back from the imperial hospital, I’ll ask her to see you and help you recuperate. I’ll get a few kilograms of ginseng bird’s nest for you to eat, and you will get better soon."
"I know you have been wronged a lot, but I won’t let you be wronged again after that." Huangfu Shaolong calmed down.
"Well, thank you very much. I can count on the world now. I want to eat with the world wholeheartedly, suffer more and suffer more, and my body will be happy." Liu Fanghua said affectionately
HuangFuShaoLong listened to is very anxious to take out your heart to her.
This is the man who is with him wholeheartedly. That Lin Reyu will sneer at him coldly, and he will be angry when he sees it.
"Oh, by the way, I have a good news for you."
Lu Fanghua said softly, "What’s the good news?"
"The venue of the Nine Needles Competition will be changed to Yangzhou. The emperor asked my father to host the competition. My father said that he would also prepare me to go to Yangzhou first and let me help my father in a few days." Huangfu Shaolong was delighted that his father was willing to let him go to give him a chance. If this job is done well, it will be a great achievement.
The next thing is that he is confused and can’t resist the temptation. He shouldn’t be so eager.
Liu Fanghua’s heart sank and she was a little flustered. What would she do if she wasn’t in the house? That Lin Re rain won’t let her princess go, and now she hates her.
"How long will it take?"
"One month less, Fanghua, the only thing I can’t bear is you," Huangfu Shaolong said softly.
"People who want to do great things in the world can’t bear to say that my body won’t run away. My body is here waiting for the return of the world. I don’t forget my body and our children. My body and children are looking forward to your early return." Liu Fanghua said insincerely
She knows she can’t stop the world, or the princess who doesn’t want to advance will definitely put the bill on her head.
Come back until the baby is born, and she will be bitter and sweet.
This kind of feeling of being attached to and dependent on the need greatly satisfies Huangfu Shaolong’s psychological need to be affirmed. Huangfu Shaolong held Fanghua’s hand tightly through the gauze.
"Don’t worry, I’ll send my confidants to look after you when I’m away from this period. I’ll hurry back as soon as I’m finished," promised Huangfu Shaolong.
"Brother Shi, brother Shi" came outside to HuangFuYunLan shout.
Huangfu Shaolong should be "here"
Huangfuyunlan came in with a calm face. "Brother Shi, I knew you were here. It really pissed me off."
HuangFuShaoLong frown way "what’s the matter? Who made you angry? "
Lu Xiaoning is not in that place that always chokes Yunlan. Liu Qizheng and Bao Liangyu also went to the epidemic area. Who else can make Yunlan unhappy?
"The elder brother didn’t you hear? Lu Xiaoning was sentenced to stay in the imperial hospital only. After that, if I stay in the imperial hospital, I have to be under her control. It’s not that she alone has contributed to the fight against the epidemic. Why does the court reward her so much? " Huangfuyunlan said angrily
Chapter 542 Who is wrong?
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Huangfuyunlan couldn’t calm down after getting the news. Yang Chen also helped Lu Xiaoning to talk about what to reward. As a matter of course, she immediately came back without asking for leave.
Liu Fanghua was also shocked. When she heard that Lu Xiaoning had been sent to the south of the city, she thought that Lu Xiaoning might not be able to walk out of the south of the city. I didn’t expect that Lu Xiaoning’s people had been rewarded by the imperial court before they left the epidemic area. It was all from four to four, and the right assistant minister of the father’s body was only four, and I had never heard of a woman being an official!
"Has the epidemic situation in the south of the city been lifted?" Liu Fanghua asked, I don’t know anything since she went into the outside of Qin Wangfu.
"It’s not early yet." Huangfu Shaolong otherwise said.
"YunLan this have what spirit? The imperial court now vigorously raised her just to hope that she would continue to work hard in the imperial court. So many people died in the south of the city. Although many people have recovered now, it is still very dangerous. The imperial court sealed her court and sentenced her. Who knows if she has this life to come out as a court judge? "
"Besides, watching the nine-needle contest will be held before this, Lu Xiaoning must be out of the epidemic area. We can count on you this time. If you don’t take the first place, you will win the top three. The credit will be smaller than Lu Xiaoning’s cure of several people with plague. When the time comes, the imperial court will reward you. Isn’t there a vice-president position in the Royal Hospital? It must be you. "
Huangfuyunlan is right when he thinks about it. Oh, Lu Xiaoning will definitely not be able to participate in the Nine Needles Competition, but it is not easy to get into the top three. She thinks that Yang Chen may have hope. If Yang Chen gets into the top three, she will be happier, otherwise her father will definitely look at Yang Chen.
Huangfuyunlan thought of his lifelong events, and his heart was depressed and he couldn’t help but disperse a lot.
"Brother Shi heard that the emperor asked his father to host the Nine Needles Competition?" Huangfuyunlan asked
"Yes, I just told Fanghua about it. Father will leave for Yangzhou on King’s Day. I will believe that you will leave soon in two days."
"You come at the right moment to help me show Youhua that she vomits all day and can’t eat. See what you can do to help her stop vomiting." Huangfu Shaolong got up and let Huangfu Yunlan sit on the bed.
Huangfuyunlan cut the pulse for Liu Fanghua and said, "It’s nothing serious. It’s just that the qi and blood are not harmonious and the spleen and stomach are weak. I’ll send the antiemetic later."
Huangfuyunlan dare not say that she is not good at gynecology. She can go back and ask others.
"Thank you, Huei-fang." Thank you Liu Fanghua wan.
Huangfuyunlan said, "Don’t say anything polite. You are a keen brother. You will feel at ease when you are good."
Huangfu Shaolong laughed. "You still know my mind."
"I won’t bother you. I’ll go first and I’ll send the medicine later." Huangfuyunlan got up to leave.
Huangfu Shaozhuo personally sent Yunlan out for a moment, sat on the edge of the bed, and held Youhua’s hand in judo. "I’m relieved that Yunlan said you were okay."
Lu Fanghua said, "When Shi Neng came to see me and talked with me, I felt much better."
Huangfu Shaolong smiled heartily that his youth was so lovely.
They talked for a long time before Huangfu Shaolong left.
As soon as Huangfu Shaolong left Liu Fanghua, she quickly asked Siqin to take a spittoon. She was almost unbearable and vomited hard. She drank two mouthfuls of water and felt relieved in her stomach.
Siqin and other young ladies recovered their breath and hesitated. "Miss, why don’t you ask the world to inquire about your master?"
"Be forgotten by Lu Xiaoning," Liu Fanghua said airily.
"That ….. Miss Shi, don’t forget that Miss Shi is going out of town again. Do you need your master’s support in this house? It’s best to let Miss San come in to accompany you for some time?" Siqin advised.
Siqin is really worried about miss’s situation. To put it more bluntly, miss’s situation is her situation
The world is still better in the mansion, but the world will go out of town, and Miss Yunlan will not be there. It’s not a word how the princess will make things difficult for the lady. The princess told me that whoever doesn’t have the eye to see things in this palace will hold high and step on low, and secretly trip you up and make you suffer. You can’t say anything.
"Know know I know" Liu Fanghua bored.