On the fifteenth day of the outbreak, the emperor rode to Ziyun Temple.
All the way from the palace to Ziyun Temple was closed, but the situation in the south of the city has stabilized. Now there are still people dying every day, but at most there are no more than three places. Huangfu Shaoye can deploy some troops to guard the epidemic area in the south of the city to successfully complete this project.
Late Huangfu Shaoye recalled at the entrance of the epidemic area that he and Lu Xiaoning had agreed that she would come out ten days later, and this was the eleventh day she had gone in, and she broke her word.
He also said that if she didn’t come out, he would go in to accompany her, but he failed to do so.
He knew from an early age that he hated the word before, but now he has a deep feeling.
Xiao ning can’t let the patients go inside, and he can’t let the city and the country be in danger.
They each have their own responsibilities that must be adhered to.
I hope this disaster will pass sooner and everyone will be safe!
"You go to the temple and have a rest. Just stay here," said General Zhao.
HuangFuShaoYe with the wave "don’t worry, you are busy, you go and let the brothers watch the point, don’t relax."
"Yes!" General Zhao retreated a few steps, then looked back and felt that the Prince’s Palace was really concerned about the country and the people, and was stationed where the situation was the most serious. He often looked at the temple in the epidemic area alone with anxiety, and he must be worried that the victims in it were really respectable.
General Zhao didn’t know that worrying about the country and the people was one of them. The most worrying thing in his heart was Lu Xiaoning in the temple of the Prince of Yan.
General Zhao just left Bu Jingyun and came in a hurry.
Trail "Temple Wei Lao said it was urgent"
HuangFuShaoYe eyebrows a cu look back way "go"
Half an hour later Huangfu Shaoye came to Wei Lao’s secret residence.
An enter a door HuangFuShaoYe saw the long-lost grandpa four couldn’t help a joy.
"Are you back?"
Grandpa four said at that time that he would leave Jinling for a long trip, and there would be good news when he came back.
Grandpa four respectfully saluted before he came back to me.
Huangfu Shaoye untied his waist sword and put it on the table. "What’s good news?"
Grandpa four glanced at the sword and sighed in his heart that Xiao Ning was really generous and finally got the sword from Ou Lao and gave it to the emperor’s grandson.
Oh, no, it should be called the Prince’s Hall now.
It’s not long since he left, and the great grandson of the emperor has become the palace of the prince. It’s making rapid progress. Congratulations.
Wei Lao asked grandpa four to sit down, too
Grandpa four took out a book and handed it to Huangfu Shaoye. "Look at this in the temple."
Huangfu Shaoye took it and turned over two pages to reveal an incredible expression. "How did you get it?"
He and Wei Lao have been tracking down Uncle Zhao’s route of selling gunpowder, but no progress has been made. I didn’t expect Grandpa Four to get Uncle Zhao’s secret weapon gunpowder residence.
But also got their account book.
Grandpa Four laughed rather mysteriously. "Right-handers have said that they have a huge information network in their hands for many years. Right-handers have long been staring at these two secret weapons manufacturing workshops, but there are well-guarded right-handers pretending to be miners in them for five years before they have access to the deepest secrets."
Wei Laodao: "Do you want to tell the emperor about the temple?"
"Don’t tell the emperor for the time being," Huangfu Shaoye said. Now the imperial court is already under great pressure from foreign invasion. Now the most important thing for him is that the emperor is healthy and healthy. If this evidence is presented, it will be a big deal to build weapons privately.
"These two strongholds are waiting for the right opportunity, and the king will end it himself."
"But from these two strongholds, the strength of the prince of Zhao is not even stronger?" Wei Lao worried that he couldn’t wait to end the two weapons manufacturing dens now.
Grandpa four said slowly, "Don’t worry, don’t worry. The right people have cut off their pig iron channels, or they will come back to me long ago."
Huangfu Shaoye rejoiced that "Grandpa Four is really miraculous"
Not only found out the stronghold, got the empirical evidence, but also broke the channel of goods.
Grandpa Four said, "Eye plague is really not suitable for making too much noise again. Even if you want to poke it out, you’d better not do it yourself."
"What is this?" Huangfu Shaoye habitually frowns when he thinks about it. It’s easier said than done. Now he is blocked. He is afraid that Zhao Wang Shuhe, Qin Wangshu will not consume each other. Who dares to poke this out so boldly?
Grandpa four said, "If you trust the right people in the temple, you should leave it to the right people."
Wei Lao asked, "Are you sure?"
Grandpa four smoothed his beard and looked at the Prince’s Hall with a smile.
Huangfu Shaoye mused, "Then please grandpa four."
"It’s an honor for the right people to serve in the temple." Grandpa Four gave a gift.
"By the way, there’s a man in Grandpa Four. I wonder if you’ve heard of him?" Huangfu shaoye avenue
Since grandpa four is well informed, maybe he will have heard of ghost hands.
Grandpa four raised his eyebrows. "Who does the temple refer to?"
"ghost hand"
Grandpa four has a ghost hand in his heart? Mr. Fufeng’s younger brother, Uncle Xiaoning?
"How can the temple ask about this person?" Grandpa four didn’t answer asks