At this time, the scattered immortals are just cannon fodder, and the number of immortals falling every moment can be counted.
Even if it is Jin Xian and the elite of Taiyi series, will it signal the fall?
The battlefield in the northern part of the wild world is just a corner of the whole wild world. The southern part of the wild world has swept across the earth, sweeping away many forces in the south, big and small, or forming a bird alliance or shrinking into its own ancestors to unite the border trend.
Strictly speaking, the southern part of the wild world is the top fiend, the thunder site, the trial temple and the coercion of the whole south.
However, the trial temple is a top power in the universe, and it is very close to hundreds of roots, so you don’t care about this. The site is very similar to the temples, and it is still a bit turbid.
Therefore, the temple of judgment belongs to the bird alliance, where Phoenix, the largest eruption of the immortal volcano, is located. It has the strongest strength and the largest power, and has accumulated a huge momentum to sweep the whole south and March into the South China Sea.
However, although the bird alliance is potential, it is not without rivals. The strength of the Canaan holy land established by the first three-eyed protoss is not mud-pinched. The ancestor of the three-eyed protoss is the top-ranking middle-ranking celestial fiend, and it naturally attracts a large number of great powers to join.
Yang Mei, the fiend who sits in the southern pole, has no idea of forming a force, so at this time, the southern part of the wild world is the bird alliance and the Canaan holy land.
In the wild west?
This is the polar confrontation between the silent Mount Sumi and the mysterious cave of Luolai.
With two leading bosses in the west, there is naturally no room for others to speak. Didn’t the white tiger, the top middle fiend, also go away from home to join the Kirin people?
And the extreme west top fiend Li You didn’t have much idea, but he still sent his dark temple people out, surrounded by flowers, and the South China Sea and the North Sea were all within its attack and cutting scope.
In the middle of the wild world, the unicorn and the beast alliance occupy the most convenient central territory, which can be described as the only place that can compete with it. At this time, it has fallen into the quagmire of the northern battlefield.
Daxing is both chaos.
Chaos is Daxing again.
At this time, the vast land has been attacked and cut by hundreds of yuan to form a monster.
With the formation of these behemoths, the amount of robbery has officially entered the stage, and the strength of races, large and small, has dropped sharply, and several lives have fallen. The Jin Xian series has fallen, and many Taiyi quasi-powers have been killed …
The bloodiest side of the wild is naked in front of all beings in the wild.
Finally, a few small and weak ethnic groups can hide in their ancestral lands to raise their lives and wait for a certain amount of robbery to come
At this time, in the Dulan Hall, the holy city in the northern part of the flood.
The times have developed to meet the needs of war, and this hall has been specially established in the holy land of the North Ring Road, which is a place dedicated to publishing knots and forming elite teams …
The elite of several northern ethnic groups have formed an elite team here to continuously transport soldiers to the battlefield for tempering …
After these experiences in the battlefield, they are naturally super elite geniuses. In the future, these geniuses will be the essence of all ethnic groups, and the whole ethnic group will be entrusted with it.
It is the hope of many ancestors!
Although many innate powers in the north of the temple have decided to make concessions, they can …
Naturally, it is impossible to pave the way for others with the blood of their own descendants!
The fight is still natural.
And the elite team is one of the measures!
At this time, there are many futons scattered in the Dulan Hall, and there are many monks sitting in it. Among them, these monks have different strengths and weaknesses, but …
One of the weakest is the strong Jin Xian series!
What’s more, every one of these Jin Xian and Taiyi strong men exudes a looming threat, a war, and seclusion. Obviously, these are not ordinary monks, they are all battle-hardened elites!
Giggle …
Kuang came a step in the hall.
"oh? Someone is coming again! "
"It seems that this is quite good. A person dares to come here to test the water."
"The law is quite strong, and the strength should be regarded as a very good and promising young man."
Although there are quite a few people in the hall, these monks are either looking up the list of the hall or sitting there quietly.
Therefore, if someone comes in, it naturally attracts everyone’s attention.
People are covered with a head of deep and remote blue hair, and the blue thunder is like running water.
This is a 15-year-old boy who looks like a young reserve. Who is not old?
At a glance, I can see that this small actual age is not big and has high potential.
Due to the geographical environment, Shuihang Avenue in Beidi is prosperous, and this one is obviously a strong man who is proficient in mine tunnels.
"Daoyou this way, please."
This is when a young man in a golden robe stood up and greeted him in the hall.
The young man in the golden robe has an indescribable artistic conception at a bite, and he is full of an indescribable bearing. In his golden eyes, he reveals a heart-breaking color as if he had a great power.
"I didn’t expect the friend of the Lord to talk."
The original has got up and prepared to greet this new Taoist friend into his own team. The strong man shook his head and sighed and sat down again.
"Hehe, it seems that Yahe (‘Yahe’ is the name) Taoist friends are very optimistic about this small one!"
"It’s good to be seen by friends. It’s really good to come here."
Seeing the young man in golden robe greeted him, all the people sat back in front of him. They have been here for a long time, and naturally they know the ability of the Lord very well.
Drag especially looked at the oncoming Lord and then looked at the host’s reaction. Suddenly, I was sure, so I nodded silently and led by the Lord to a corner.
Dulan hall is very big, but it is blessed by the rules. At first glance, it looks marginal, and this corner is obviously …
Is where the team formed by the Lord is.
"Captain, is there anyone new to join us?"
A crisp voice rang out and a petite girl dressed in blue clothes said with a smile.
Drag you to look at the girl’s eyes. He seems to see a flash of five rainbow lights, full of sharpness, which makes his heart secretly surprised. "I’m afraid the strong guy … isn’t me!"
Drag especially heart silently judge.
"Well, Zela, this is Tuyou, so tell Tuyou something about the team that needs attention."
Yeah, he sat down with a light smile. "Don’t sit together in silence. It’s rare for a new player to join me, so you can have a taste of my precious fruit."
"A hundred fruits are brewed in heaven!"
"Captain, you have treasured it for so long that you are willing to take it out!"
Yahe’s words made all the people present happy, especially Zela, who is a genius of Aurora Protoss. She once tasted the taste in the Eldar, and she will never forget it.
A hundred fruits are made in heaven …
This is a special method brewed by hundreds of kinds of spiritual fruits produced by the spirit roots of heaven and earth to refine and cherish the special products of the abnormal spiritual family!
Although it can’t compare with a higher level, it can’t compare with a thousand fruits, but it is also a rare thing to see, even for them who are too strong to save them millions of years of hard work.
It is said that this thing is not common even in the Eldar!