Xiao Zhao also nodded his head and flashed his shoulders again, and then his claws danced quickly. The dark purple light flew from his claws and finally adhered to the jade door.
The purple-black light seems to have a very strong corrosive effect, and it just sticks to the jade door. The looming rune screen is violently shaking, and after a while, it finally bursts away with a click.
As the rune cracks, the closed stone gate is also slowly opened
Lin moved slightly to narrow her eyes and looked at Qi Shimen. Just as she was about to step into one of them, a strong energy fluctuation was that after the Shimen, it came back several steps.
Don’t panic, it’s closed here for too long, and it’s just a little smile, and then it’s hard to wait for the flash to sweep into the forest, and it’s also a quick step forward with a little inflammation
After stepping into the Shimen, a large stone room appeared in Lin’s eyes. The walls around the stone room were covered with all kinds of mysterious runes, and there were many light groups suspended in this stone room.
These departments are evil spirits.
Lin looked at that at least with nearly a hundred light groups, and his eyes slowly showed a bit of shock, because he found that those light groups were filled with a demon spirit falling asleep.
Haha, I can’t help laughing when I look at this little trick of multi-seal demon spirit. Then I turn around on the wall a little, and the jade door closes slowly again. Then it points to a bulge on the wall and moves like a jade ball. I’ll get the demon spirit. You help me stop others from coming in.
This jade door seal has been cracked by you. When the time comes, there will be more people here, but Lin’s eyebrows are wrinkly.
It’s okay for you to input the force, but you can activate the seal again and resist as much as possible for a while. It’s also urgent to know when you wave your claws. It’s not much to say that when you flash your body, you will sweep away half your claws and wave a slowly rotating black hole, and then your palm will emerge again, and when you wave your black hole, you will devour a demon spirit.
Looked at Lin is also resistant to put the force into the jade ball in accordance with the words, and then Shimen is once again boomed and closed, and a layer of light energy film is also emerging.
When Lin was preparing for defense, the little inflammation suddenly growled, and then in Lin’s stunned eyes, he rushed into the stone chamber and swallowed a group of demon light with a big mouth.
You stupid tiger dare to rob me of the demon spirit. That’s taking the demon spirit trick. Seeing Xiaoyan’s behavior like this, his eyes suddenly got a convex nu way
Xiaoyan growled at the little trick, but it didn’t. It also held some spirits, but it knew that devouring these monsters had great benefits for it.
Don’t bother. There are so many demon spirits here that you can’t swallow them. When people rush in again, the demon spirits here will have to be robbed. Seeing Xiaoyan’s conflict with the small move to rob the demon spirits, Lin Dong is also in distress situation.
Niang cheap this stupid tiger smell speech small raccoon this just love scolded a and then a lot of inflammation quickly take the demon spirit, and now it doesn’t have time to devour refining one by one, and then slowly refining.
So the spacious stone room swallowed one by one, eating away at those demon spirits that were sealed. It was also noticeable that Lin moved aside and watched for a while. Although Xiaoyan swallowed one mouthful, it obviously didn’t refine, but I just didn’t know where those demon spirits were swallowed by it.
This lasted for a few minutes or so when Lin couldn’t help but urge again, the closed jade door suddenly shook violently.
People are coming to attack the jade gate.
This change made Lin move in a surprised and woke up quickly, and then hurriedly urged Yuan Li to pour into the jade ball to resist those guys outside.
Hearing the movement of Lin is also a surprise, and it is also a hurry to increase the intensity again.
in a grand fashion
Shimen is getting more and more urgent. It seems that many people are attracted by the movement here, and in this kind of competition, the force in the forest is also flooding at this speed. He can’t last long, but when he wants to bite his teeth and directly take a handful of pure Yuan Dan from the dry Kun bag and stuff it into his mouth, he is now a big money and doesn’t care about this consumption.
It takes too much refining to get pure Yuan Dan in this ancient tomb house, but it is barely strong to eat pure Yuan Dan in this kind of binge eating, but look at his almost red face and know that his situation is not very good.
Are you fucking ready?
Once again, for a few minutes, Lin couldn’t help growling that every time the jade ball vibrates back, it will make his arms ache.
With a wave of his hand, the little trick sucks a light into a black hole and then grabs the black hole into the claw way. This way, you can go directly.
Hearing this, Lin suddenly relieved the heavy burden and turned around and ran away. When he fled, he saw that there were still several light groups in the stone room.
Hey, hey, these are left to those guys. Small tricks are suspended at the other side of Shimen. One claw swings Shimen, and then the claw ling counts a few purple and black rays and shoots them heavily at those light groups.
As the black light hit the light, the seal of the light was corroded immediately, and then Lin Dong felt that the sleeping demon spirit was slowly waking up.