Situhao asked him to attack him at such a speed that he could never escape.
The attack speed of the white object is a few minutes faster than that of his shadow step.
However, the famous Chinese teenager narrowly escaped the attack of white objects in a hurry.
Situhao didn’t expect that this young boy with a strange high force in front of him. It seems that he must have a strong background in Huiyang City.
Quick attack this small east xihua boy has retreated behind the attendant at this time.
In China, the young boy’s urgent call that white thing directly penetrated the handsome young woman and two strong men. After they made a short scream, they fell to the ground and twitched their bodies, and it seemed that they could not live.
Handsome young woman’s body can get to the side of the young man on the ground without considering other fastest speed.
The speed of the white thing is still faster than that of Situhao after it is penetrated into the heads of two strong men. At this time, the white thing has not been seen clearly.
And what surprised Stuart most was that the white thing penetrated the heads of two strong men, and it was still white and not stained with blood.
After killing two handsome young women and strong men, the white thing didn’t pursue the victory, but flew back to the beautiful girl.
Situhao wants to see what the white thing is. His eyes are fixed on the beautiful girl’s body, and his eyes are almost on the girl’s body. At the same time, the white thing falls directly on the beautiful girl’s shoulder. When he sees what the white thing is like, Situhao can’t help but make a big fuss. Chapter 15 Day Sable
Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.
Situhao didn’t see what the white thing was at this time. It was a small animal the size of a fist. In his mind, he flashed two words: Tianmink.
Situ Hao’s practice of animal cultivation cheats can almost conjure up celestial animals, but he knows the origin of celestial marten.
The mink is the smallest beast, the size of a fist. It has the sharpest hard mouth. When attacking the enemy, the mouth goes straight into the enemy’s body and can eat objects thousands of times larger in a moment. Although it is the smallest, its strength in the beast is due to its small size and extremely fast speed. Almost no beast can kill it.
Of course, the higher the day mink is repaired, the stronger its performance will be.
God beast Wu also needs to pay attention to repair.
Stuart, I didn’t expect that the beautiful little girl in front of me could hold the mink beast for one day.
Moreover, the mink is extremely rich this day, and it is not that ordinary people can afford it to eat. It hurts to think about it.
I’m afraid this beautiful little girl’s hidden identity is more terrible than GongSunReLin’s.
Of course, this is purely speculation by Situ Hao.
Beibei, you are so greedy. Kill them all before giving you something to eat.
Make a squeak
Obviously, the mink must be spoiled by the beautiful girl. When she hears her words, it squeaks and jumps on the beautiful girl’s shoulder.
The beautiful girl shook her head naively, and a pearl the size of a thumb appeared in her left hand.
As the pearl’s mouth soared, the pearl flew up and fell straight into the mouth of the mink.
Niang, thousands of taels of silver have been wasted like this. Situhao looked at the pearl and went into the belly of the mink. He was quite dreary.
Just as the sable swallowed the pearl, the Chinese teenager had already fled and disappeared on the spot.
His entourage obviously didn’t realize that the marten was terrible and was still protecting on the spot.
No one noticed the escape of Chinese teenagers.
At this time, people’s eyes are focused on the beautiful girl.
Pearl as big as thumb were swallowed by a small animal, and onlookers didn’t feel bad.
The beautiful girl’s eyes are also loving at this time, and she looks at the sable on the side of the ground.