This is 500 billion spar.
Although the king was unhappy, he simply took a jade box, which was just won by Ji Lao in the hands of 500 billion spar.
This is the old man who has won, and now he has pressed the king again without any mercy.
very good
Luo black hand finally smiled with satisfaction and jumped into the fighting field at the same time.
You’re healed.
ROM black hand entered the old Gou suddenly light asked 1.
Hehe, what do you say?
ROM black hand a slight suddenly suddenly laughed again.
I’m worried that your strength will be affected
Old Gou still light way
You will regret
ROM black hand shake head to sigh a way
Maybe, but you have to hide from the dead first
When the old man smiled and said something, he made a big move with his hand. The first roll call of the Yan has been launched.
But just as the knife was about to penetrate the knife, the black hand suddenly flashed and moved horizontally to let the old dog jump.
Luo Hei Ran Gao Jifeng can hardly be compared. This kind of lateral movement has already made the old man miss the opportunity and he must turn around if he wants to face him again.
Since he has the upper hand, will the black hand miss the root in vain? No matter whether any battle is in his mind, a moment is a battle.
Without hesitation, I have taken a shot at the old man every other palm.
The power has also been released when the palm of your hand has just shot up suddenly, but its horror has completely surpassed the old material.
Actually, it was only in the face of the fire that the terrorist threat occurred. Perhaps only Bai Ming can compete with this power. This is still a slap in the face of Luo Black Hand.
But at this time, the root can’t move.
Demonic power
The old Gou’s heart flashed these four words in an instant, and Luo’s black hand had possessed the demon power.
I am very familiar with the demon power, and the king’s heart has changed color in an instant. They didn’t expect Luo Black Hand to openly move the demon power at this moment.
His identity is impossible to get the demon power to participate in the king’s eyes, and soon he turned to Kang Wangyi Wang, who looked so proud.
It is no wonder that ROM black hand can’t wait to announce the battle and directly launched an attack.
This sudden palm power is even more earth than the western king’s hand covering the sky, and it is even more strange.
When the palm of a bucket suddenly darkened, it collapsed directly into the big hand, and the old man with great tearing force could not help but bump into the big hand.
The old flint didn’t even think about it, so he took the Yan to the front, and at the same time, the Yan suddenly jumped.
If you don’t relent, the palm of your hand will be shot directly at Yan.
When the Yan came crashing into the earthquake, the huge anti-seismic force also knocked the old Gou upside down.
However, Lao Gou-yi was blocked by Yan, and besides being shaken by qi and blood, his big hand contained magical powers that did not pose a threat to himself.
It seems that Yan can also be a shield.
Chapter three hundred and forty-one Dark yuan a knife
Hehe, this knife is afraid of losing the name of Yan.
On the unexpected ROM black hand a recruit successful unexpectedly didn’t return pursuit instead of rest smiles to say
Words are huge, and just a slap in the face really adds a lot of power, giving people a sense of control.
He gave Lao Gou a chance to regain his footing, with the aim of severely attacking Lao Gou’s confidence and making him lose his fighting spirit because of the huge strength gap.
It is said that the old man was already trying to hold his body steady after being shaken off. As soon as he landed and took a deep breath, his body flashed and disappeared to the ground, leaving a shadow.
This time, the old man wants to take the initiative to regain the lost opportunity.
However, in the face of the old Gui, the ghost didn’t attack, and Luo Black Hand seemed to be able to grasp its trajectory. Generally, he stepped in the previous step and then punched it in front of him.
He seems to move slowly, but it is better to walk leisurely, but it is done in a very short time
The faster the flint shines, the more people can see it clearly, so it can be seen that its cultivation has indeed reached a trance-like state.