The red man’s voice just fell and a red light disappeared.
Guo Xiaosi secretly marveled at these people’s unpredictable mana. It’s a pity that Jiu Jianxian said that he wanted his disciples to be killed by the red man before he could wait for him. Don’t say that Jiu Jianxian’s spell is gone.
Eyes casually swept away and fell into the mountain stream. Guo Xiaosi did not take off his clothes without a tingle. He plunged into the mountain stream and salvaged it along the place where the red man had just thrown it.
Two or three people went to stop it. Even a scrap of paper could not be found. Guo Xiaosi stayed in the water and watched the gurgling water suddenly swim towards it. Maybe it was washed to the surface by the water.
No, he finally found it in the place where he was swimming, but it was soaked in water, but the quality was good, and the things in it were not raised. Guo Xiaosi’s treasure land will be put on that big bluestone surface to dry, and the stones will be pressed to prevent it from being blown away by the mountain wind
Hold Guo Xiaosi down, pick up the dry Kun bag and have a look inside, but I remember that this thing is not always folded and put it in my own package, and then put the nine oval Dan pieces in another rag and put them in the package. Although these Dan pieces don’t know where they are, they certainly won’t be rubbish, otherwise, Jiu Jianxian wouldn’t put them in the dry Kun bag, and Jiu Jianxian also said that the alchemy can only be used to improve his magic power. Is it a means of direct swallowing and cultivation, or will it be brought back when he knows that he should cultivate these Dan pieces?
Guo Xiaosi picked up everything and left the slender sword with Jiu Jianxian. Seeing that the blade is engraved with two small characters, sapphire is probably the name of this sword.
Guo Xiaosi sapphire sword dug a big and shallow pit in the ground, put the body of Jiu Jianxian in it and prayed silently. You didn’t kill Jiu Jianxian by Guo Xiaosi, but you also died because of me. I Guo Xiaosi thanked you for your kindness. I will definitely kill the man named Red Man for you in the future. Of course, I have never been named Red Man all my life. Even if this is the revenge.
Although Jiu Jianxian is also very kind to him, his feelings are not as good as Liu Xiangzhu’s, and the martial arts of the man named Red Robe is really unfathomable. Where is the master of cultivating immortality? It is too difficult for an ordinary person to deal with revenge, so it is necessary to get ahead in prayer.
Fortunately, the buried good wine Sword Fairy has also been turned over and dried. It is not damaged inside, but it is still completely lacking. Guo Xiaosi still remembers that the former wine Sword Fairy said that his physique is acquired pure yang, so he can practice his martial arts. Now, although his physique is not acquired pure yang, he can improve his pure yang physique by absorbing monsters and clearing qi.
Therefore, this should be able to practice-maybe it can be changed back. Now this appearance is not like a person, a ghost, a demon or a demon. It’s really ugly and it’s hard to meet people.
This looks like this. Now, the Taiyin Sect in the Guanghan Palace in Zhongze County has not cut himself down as a monster. Let’s take a look at this first.
Guo Xiaosi turned over the front part, which is relatively simple, similar to Li Gong’s practice of mind, but it’s not the same. What’s the difference? Guo Xiaosi can’t tell clearly, but then turning over it is more and more abstruse and difficult to understand. Guo Xiaosi has never even seen some words, but the last two pages are copied by another person’s handwriting, which is magic to practice Dandan. If you want to practice Dan medicine, you must reach the third layer before you can practice Dan medicine, otherwise it won’t work.
In addition, it also introduces the grading of Dan xiu into Dan Yao, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, etc. If Dan xiu can be refined into red Dan Yao, the effect will be even greater
Guo Xiaosi shook his head regretfully and sighed, it’s a pity that I can’t practice these monsters yet, or I can learn from them. It must have been without practice to absorb the monster’s breath from the inkstone, so this kind of change will happen when it accumulates to a certain extent. If we had some mysteries earlier, we could have avoided this embarrassment.
However, if you really know these conditions, you can disguise your physique as an acquired pure yang, but you don’t disguise your physique as an acquired pure yang, and Jiu Jianxian wants your disciples to know these conditions for a long time, and you can change without changing, so that Jiu Jianxian can kill yourself. How can he be killed by a man named red? He is not killed by a man named red, and he knows these conditions.
Guo Xiaosi thought about turning a circle, but he couldn’t solve the problem. He couldn’t help smiling bitterly. Is it that all this is predestined? It is also a gift to get this inkstone, but since God cares, he can’t live up to God’s kindness.
Chapter 39 Complex
To that suit of coat, Guo Xiaosi got up and smiled bitterly. He threw the rags into the mountain stream and then took off his clothes. He put the inkstone on the big bluestone surface and unpacked it. He put Dan aside, turned over some clothes from the parcel and put it on.
But the package wrapped in Dan was not wrapped, and Dan rolled down. One of them rolled down to the inkstone, but it skipped into the groove in the inkstone.
Guo Xiaosi put on his clothes, only to find that Dan was scattered and hurriedly bent down to pick out the stars, but he was shocked because the last little Dan fell into the groove in the inkstone and changed at the moment.
The oval Dan is slightly oscillating, and it seems that Dan is flashing with a little light, but it is not so bright. Dan also has a ray of light smoke, which is really not easy to see if you don’t look carefully. It seems that the curling up is actually a thin smoke.
Guo Xiaosi held her breath and put her eyes to the inkstone. After careful observation, the Dan gradually turned into a rounded shape, and the color also condensed. First it turned into dark gray, and then it gradually turned into lavender and deep purple.
It is said that Dan Xiu’s alchemy into Dan Medicine can be divided into seven levels: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. Now Dan has turned into a circle and purple. Can you tell me that a Dan Xiu’s alchemy into Dan Medicine is not feasible without advanced magic power? Even if it takes an hour to cultivate an Dan Dan Medicine at the ninth floor of the highest level, it is only half an hour now, and Dan has become a purple Dan Medicine. This change is too fast.
Dan’s discoloration process is not over. Dan medicine is still flashing, and if the smooth surface is still curling up, thin smoke cultivation continues.
Guo Xiaosi was so excited that he almost jumped up and laughed in his heart. It takes a long time to practice. If you can practice into a crimson Dan medicine now, it will be of great help to your own practice. If these nine Dan medicines are all cultivated into Dan medicine, I really don’t know how far you can practice. If you want to practice to the ninth floor, you can be regarded as a cultivation.
A cultivation of immortality to deal with Liu Min Zhang Shi, isn’t that ironclad?
Dan Yao continued to practice, while Guo Xiaosi practiced according to the method of saying that the first part was simple, so practice the first part and wait for the opportunity before delving into a difficult place behind.
It was not until the next day that the Dan was cultivated into crimson Dan medicine one night.
Guo Xiaosi also completed the third big Sunday cycle according to the Chinese method. When I opened my eyes and saw that Dan medicine had been cultivated, I immediately picked it up excitedly. I didn’t know whether to hold it well or hold it in my palm for a moment, but I was afraid that I was too strong to break it and changed it to pinch it.
When the mood is calm, put the Dan medicine in your mouth, and the Dan medicine will melt into the abdomen along the body meridians. Guo Xiaosi quickly and gently put the body meridians and qi into operation according to the method for the fourth big Sunday cycle.
There are signs that the qi in the meridians is surging in this big Sunday cycle and it is going to break through the meridians.
Guo Xiaosi was afraid that the meridians would be broken, so he slowed down the running speed a little, released the surge of energy and gas, and reduced the personal comfort.
When completing the fourth cycle, the meridian energy gas finally broke through the card and reached the first level.
This spell pure yang skill, this family mentality method looks similar on the surface, but in practice, it is found that two roots are incomparable.
An elixir refined into the highest-level elixir can actually help one to break through the first card and successfully practice to the first level. So if all the nine elixirs are cultivated, how far can they have been washed?
Since Guo Xiaosi can’t go, he won’t hide in this deep forest to practice and practice Dan Chengdan medicine.
On the fourth day, Guo Xiaosi has swallowed four pills in a row. This time, the energy and gas in the meridians are violent and abnormal. It is almost ten times that the meridians are almost broken to bite the heart. The huge pain makes Guo Xiaosi feel cold and sweaty. In the end, it turns out that he can’t help but roll in pain and grab his hair and pull it hard.
It’s strange that white hair turned into flower white. Guo Xiaosi took a look at it without headache. It was still gray and mixed, but he still ignored this change and forced the fourth big Sunday cycle to be completed and broke through a card washing pulp sutra to reach the second floor.