Duan Yishen frowned and said, "What do you want? I’ll get it right away."
Okay, I’ll write it to you
Overnight Duan Yishen Zhang Yu rode fast horses and ran away in different directions.
Xiaoxiao is lying quietly in bed, and her pale face has become the only decoration compared with blood.
I don’t know when there is a silent figure in the room. Looking at her water-stop eyes, I quietly stirred up a ripple and spread it in circles.
Without hesitation, he reached out and groped around her for a long time, and finally found a magnetic bottle, pulled it out and poured a pure white pill inside, and took a look at her tight lips, almost without it. He wanted him to send the pill to his mouth and then slowly leaned over at her bloodless lips.
Her lips can creep. In a trance, her eyelids slowly lift, and her pupils clearly reflect a beautiful dust surface. At that moment, the eyelids closed again.
He didn’t straighten up from her lips until her throat could swallow.
Finger slowly raised, but stopped when it was a centimeter away from her cheek. Fingertip trembled slightly and finally let go.
Is it worth it? He’s whispering in a slight voice.
Is it really worth risking your life for that man?
The bed man answered him this question, and he closed his eyes and turned around silently and disappeared.
When Duan Yishen and Zhang Yu managed to get back those drug leads, the doctor was so surprised that he said that he had saved Yu. Because of this, Duan Yishen didn’t care if she was okay.
When I woke up again, it was already noon the next day. My chest ached and I clearly woke up everything that happened that night. I heard the footsteps outside the door and closed my eyes and lay there motionless.
Duan Yishen came in with a dressing change. He pulled the cover over her body very lightly and then untied her skirt.
Xiaoxiao’s brow twitches and his cheeks can’t suppress some redness.
Duan Yishen is going to change the medicine for her, but Zheng’s pale face has been covered with a blush for several days.
He slowly raised his lip angle, tangled in his eyebrows, worried and swept away, and his evil eyes became playful. He bowed his head and leaned close to her ear. Should I read the novel long ago? Is it a little late to be shy now? Chapter 15.
He was so arrogant that Xiaoxiao couldn’t pretend any more. She opened her eyes and glanced at his hoarse voice and said, You can hurry up.
Hehe, getting her response, Duan Yi sank his heart and laughed as if he wanted to see her embarrassing state. He deliberately slowed down, especially when changing new drugs, his fingers crossed her chest purples.
Xiaoxiao blushed more. She bit her teeth and stared at him. Enough is enough.
Haha, this time Duan Yishen simply laughed impudently. Although he loved her so much, she was ashamed and angry, but he didn’t forget that she had just recovered her life from the ghost gate and carefully changed her medicine, so she quickly pulled her clothes and covered her quilt.
Yingying, let’s rest here for a few days before going back to the office after you are injured and raised. He is gossiping.
Xiaoxiao held back his chest pain, sat up, lifted his eyes and stared at him. What did he do when he went back to Liuwangfu, and then lost his life?
Cold tone mocking expression let Duan Yi sink a smile froze on his lips.
It’s rare for evil spirits to show a cautious look on their faces. If you don’t, we won’t go back and hear that the peony in the south can’t go there for fun.
Please look at him in the eye. Xiaoxiao smiled and shook his head. No matter how good the flower is, it will lose a day, just like a human heart. It is hurt and there is no way to make up for it.
Duan Yi’s eyes are dark and his eyes are dark, but it’s a uber’s smile. I’ll give you as much as you lack before I give you the blood, and I’ll bear the pain.
Did you ever believe it? Xiaoxiao cocked her eyebrows and looked at him. When you gave me to another man, you completed the stranger in my heart. She smiled and lowered her head to cover up the bitterness in her eyes. Do you know what help is? Can you feel the feeling when a man straddles your body?
Duan Yishen metamorphoses, alpha males
Do you know what it’s like to be humiliated and scolded like a prostitute? Hehe Xiaoxiao smiled at him. You don’t know what you’ll never understand. When he said he would leave every inch of your skin with his dirty smell, what do you mean by despair?
Duan Yi sank his eyes as if to set off a thousand waves and roared. He couldn’t believe that this was what happened to her, and he couldn’t believe that his second brother would do such a dirty thing as a god.
But he did it all by himself.
Imagine her suffering, and his heart hurts as if it were torn apart.
Duan Yishen, you don’t know what love xiaoxiao means. His expression is calm and very light. He said that I gave you a chance and you gave it up.
A glittering and translucent luster is flashing in a man’s glass pupil. He laughs a little pale and sad. Tell me what to do to get back your heart. Tell me not to deny me so early, but you have to pull away when I love someone.
Your love is like charity. I can’t afford to be tired and close my eyes. I want to rest.
What else do you want to say? I can see her forehead is tired. Duan Yishen cherishes and wrinkles her eyebrows. Well, have a good sleep. I’ll call you up to eat later.
The glittering and translucent corner of the door also slides with it.
Xiaoxiao bit his lip and didn’t want to show even the slightest weakness in front of him. It’s not a few words that can heal the wound.
Hand consciousness caressed to the neck that piece of blood jade, as if also felt that detached heart away from the mortal world was slowly calmed down.
The scene that happened during the coma was miraculously imprinted on her mind.
You must have been here last night, right
It was at night that Xiaoxiao had a high fever, and her body was badly burned. The doctor said that it was a knife wound that caused the point, so she went to decoct the medicine. Duan Yishen always stayed by her side and wet the towel from time to time. She wiped her sweat and looked at her with a tangled brow and heart, and she also pulled it up.
Just then Zhang Yu suddenly rushed in and the report quickly took Miss Lin away.