Tianrong doesn’t have to be rough. The patriarch’s tone seems very amiable and he laughs at Guo Xiaosi. You don’t have to panic me. You’re only here to see your magic weapon.
Magic weapon Guo Xiaosi was taken aback. What magic weapon did I have?
Today, you killed a brother of the Kim family in Baitoushan with this magic weapon. Don’t you still want to admit it? Hehe, I saw the patriarch of Changhuai Sect. Hehe laughed.
Guo Xiaosi was even more surprised when he struck Jin Xin today. The scorpion needle is just a medium-order multiplier. How can it be called a magic weapon? According to Huang Huan, the multiplier can only be upgraded after being refined by cultivating immortals, and even the magic weapon in cultivating immortals is not much similar to the high-order multiplier in cultivating immortals, like the most powerful Qing Sect in the nine major families. It is said that only two high-order magic weapons are based on this that they can suppress other clans.
How can a middle-class multiplier needle be a magic weapon? It is only after a master refines a multiplier that the magic weapon can be upgraded. According to Huang Huan, when refining the multiplier, not only profound mana is needed, but also materials suitable for refining the multiplier are needed. For cultivating the immortal clan, profound mana is not lacking, but those suitable materials are hard to find and each multiplier needs different materials. Not only can the multiplier not be refined, but the multiplier body will also be destroyed.
Guo Xiaosi asked if he would not refine the multiplier into a magic weapon, and even if he refined a medium-order multiplier like Ling scorpion needle into a high-order multiplier, he would not talk about upgrading it into a magic weapon.
However, this profound person, the Patriarch Mana of Changhuai Sect, actually said that it is a magic weapon to see one’s own shrine with one’s own eyes. Is he wrong or wrong? Guo Xiaosi was confused about what was going on.
Chapter one hundred Chang Huai zong
Despite this, Guo Xiaosi still touches the spirit and needles in the abode of fairies and immortals of Changhuai Sect. A Feng Tianrong can look at his own situation. This Feng Tianrong’s position here is not very high. At least the front row of people is considered a powerful role, otherwise it will not be tied with the position of Changhuai Sect’s patriarch.
Therefore, it is dishonest for them to look at it. If they search for the inkstone, it will be a disaster. The inkstone is simply a treasure, and it has been able to set foot on the fairy road, and its contribution is not small.
Feng Tianrong took the scorpion needle and carefully offered it to the patriarch of Changhuai Sect. He took it and nodded his head. He handed it to one side and said, Teacher Luo, look at this magic weapon. You are the best at identifying it.
The scorpion needle named Luo Jieling was carefully identified for a moment, and then the scorpion needle was returned to the patriarch of Changhuai. Then the elder brother nodded and said, this is indeed a good magic weapon. No wonder that the younger brother of the Kim family can’t bear it. It is also rare for this little friend to have such a magic weapon.
Guo Xiaosi was horrified. The people of Changhuai Sect looked away. Unexpectedly, the master named Luo identified the magic weapon, but he asserted that it was a magic weapon. But it was also a scorpion needle. When Wu Lang was in the scorpion needle, there was no danger to his life, and Jin Xin No.1 Middle School gave away his life. Did the scorpion needle change dramatically after Wu Lang’s hand?
But returning the scorpion needle from a human body didn’t refine the scorpion needle. It can upgrade a magic weapon, a magic weapon that makes many people in Xiuxian Sect jealous. This section makes Guo Xiaosi want to break his head and won’t want to come.
This little friend Chang Huai Zong Zukou said to Guo Xiaosi, I heard that you know a few fire spells. I have the most fire spells in Chang Huai Zong, so you can come to Chang Huai Zong Men and I’ll have someone teach you fire spells. Look.
At most, the fire spells of the Changhuai Sect can be learned a lot if you have invested in the Changhuai Sect, and the opportunity is really rare. Guo Xiaosi said that it is not bad to join a Sect to join the Changhuai Sect. Huang Huan said that the strength of the other nine sects is quite equal except the Qing Sect, so it is not a bad choice to join a Changhuai Sect that is not demanding of itself.
My brother begged to meet the patriarch Guo Xiaosi, who was a good boy, and quickly turned over and fell down to worship in the local division.
Get well, the patriarch of Changhuai Sect nodded and smiled, but the Longmen Conference is not over yet. When it’s over, you can join me again. Go home first.
As soon as the words were finished, Guo Xiaosi tried to ask for it several times, but the thought that he might have to mix in Changhuai Sect in the future, if he offended the patriarch, the day after that would be hard. Think about this scorpion needle in the future and use it as a stepping stone, but the thought that the scorpion needle has been upgraded to a magic weapon, Guo Xiaosi’s heart still hurts badly, and what will upgrade the magic weapon will become less important.
As soon as Guo Xiaosi left, the surname Luo called to the patriarch, brother. You recruited this Guo Xiaosi to our Changhuai Sect because you took a fancy to this magic weapon. Although it is good, it is also a low-level magic weapon. Although our Changhuai Sect is not well-off, it is still 11 low-level magic weapons, 56 middle-level magic weapons and even a high-level magic weapon. We must recruit this brother or brother because of such a low-level magic weapon. Don’t worry.
The patriarch of Changhuai clan was livid. Teacher Luo is still here. Don’t talk nonsense.
Teacher Luo laughed. Then my grandnephew Luo Tiangang, you should also come over.
Luo Tiangang, we have already agreed not to wake up again. Changhuai Zongzhu snorted impatiently.
And they must be as proud as Tianrong. The highest day happens to be the same as Tianrong’s peers. It’s not too much. Teacher Luo said greedily
It’s up to you that the patriarch of Changhuai Sect left at the left. Besides, our clan’s doors are repaired separately, and your nephew Luo Tiangang came to your south Sect and won’t stay in my north Sect.
Guo Xiaosi didn’t know that the Taoist priest Huai Zong would quarrel with him and go back to his rest place. It’s really a slippery day to think that he was unwilling to get a magic weapon and be taken away like this, not to mention kowtowing and giving thanks.
And open a cultivate immortality clan patriarch unexpectedly to extort a brother magic weapon, so if the news goes, it will not be afraid of falling into the title of Changhuai Sect. Guo Xiaosi couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat when he thought of this. This Changhuai Sect will not be covered up, will it?
However, it can be seen that these famous clansmen are also thieves and prostitutes. This is the case, and they will certainly not be good. They are afraid of eating a lot and losing a lot. Unfortunately, after the Longmen Conference, they will be able to get promotion opportunities. Everyone has no strength to choose their own clansmen. It has always been nine big doors to choose their own suitable brothers.
Besides, who can guarantee that clansmen like the Qing Sect will be better than those in the Changhuai Sect for many days? People who have joined the Changhuai Sect are better than those who failed to enter the clan, those who lost their arms and legs at the Longmen Conference, and those who lost their lives in the ring.
Then the duel became easier. Many Guo Xiaosi couldn’t hold on to defeat and finally surrendered in front of the seventh opponent. But even then, he was sure to be selected by nine big doors, so failure was also a happy thing. More importantly, in this duel, he met and went straight to the first place and went to Luo Tiangang.
Luo Tiangang’s strength is second to none in the Longmen Conference. Plus, Luo family members with deep pockets are almost defeated by the wind. Guo Xiaosi is just a casual practitioner who can defeat six opponents. It is not a shameful thing to lose to Luo Tiangang at this step. He simply doesn’t even have a charm, but he has no motivation to hide it. He knows that high-order charms can rival some charms, but they have a certain life span. He doesn’t want to be himself.
Chapter one hundred and nine The end of the conference
Wu jiao was also defeated in the seventh game. Guo Xiaosi gave up in spite of difficulties. However, Wu jiao’s defeat was a strength gap. Her basic achievement method reached the first floor, and it is by no means a huge family force in the cultivation of immortality. She will never support it until now.
Guo Xiaosi is in a relaxed mood. Although Wu Jiao agreed to have a showdown five years later, at least now she is not declining. Everyone lost in the seventh game. It should be said that he is even. Besides, he lost to Luo Tiangang, the first person, and he will not let Wu Jiao deny that at present, the two men are tied.
Guo Xiaosi is not competitive and won’t be an idiot to go to the limelight, but he doesn’t want to give up in front of Wu Jiao for some reason.
Longmen Conference is still fierce, so Guo Xiaosi saw many wonderful duels. Four families almost monopolized the final quota. After all, the influence of the Wu family in Guyue State was weak. The number of people who could enter Zongmen was slightly less than that of the other three, but it also declined too much. Wu Jueyuan’s face was much better. You know, ten years ago, the gap between the Wu family and the other three was much larger than it is now.
Luo Tiangang was the first choice to attack, but in the last duel, he encountered a man named Dickinson who stubbornly blocked the Kim family in Baitoushan. It was also a great family undertaking, and he did not hesitate to move the magic weapon of the town family to win the greatest glory, but Luo Tiangang was also imperative to meet the magic weapon of the family, and it was also a challenge.