It’s good, but it’s not exciting enough. Chen Feng looks back on what happened in the past two years and is being searched by super organizations. Everything is thrilling, that is, it’s been a long time, but it’s still full of blood in retrospect.
That’s because you are used to fighting life. It’s a matter of personal mentality, Ocean explained. He analyzed Chen Feng from many aspects, such as psychobiological inertia, and explained a lot of technical terms, which directly knocked Chen Feng out. Finally, Ocean had to sum up Chen Feng’s thoughts in a simple sentence. Now you are like a child who has been drinking white water since birth, but suddenly gave you a cup of sweet juice. Since then, you have stopped drinking white water and focused on sweet juice.
What’s that
That is to say, you have lost your power, and your life is full of adventure and excitement. Although your subconscious mind thinks that you should live a regular life, you have shown rejection, and now you are in a peaceful and quiet state of life.
So what should we do?
This is a matter of personal mentality. You can try to find the bright side of life. When it comes to the bright side of life, the universal ocean is stumped because he never feels the bright side of life. He has lived in a troubled environment since he was a child, and he really doesn’t know what is the bright side of ordinary people’s lives.
Get married, have a big fat baby and live a happy and sweet life. Is this a beautiful side? The ghost fights to say that the knot is directly kicked by Chen Feng. Haven’t you heard of the saying that marriage is the grave of life? I think it is the most horrible side.
Then come with me to travel around the world and suddenly ask him, saying that I will inherit my father’s identity and protect the world with the name of Qinglong. I plan to travel around the world to find the sun debris host, consolidate the sun seal and isolate the inferno.
Chen Feng listened to his eyes and thought how he had forgotten this matter. He said that in addition to the sun seal, the dragon also sealed the earth’s core. If the dragon wants to return to the world, it needs to rely on Four Holy Beasts’s power to break the seal. It is said that every few decades, it will turn to the ends of the earth to contribute. I believe that it will not be long before the white tiger Xuanwu will live forever, and you, the new dragon Suzaku, will be needed to contribute.
We’ve seen Qinglong, but we just don’t know what the other three holy beasts are like. Ghost fights in our hearts and dreams.
There are still many wonders waiting for us in this world. Isn’t it too early to shout and chat? Ocean seldom laughs.
With the progress of science and technology, human beings know their own planet very well, and even the past hundreds of millions of years can be simulated by their brains. Even in the distant universe, they can explore one or two things, but they don’t know that there are many magical things about their own planet. They are pedantic and have no idea.
When will Chen Feng be sent? I can’t wait to ask. He is tired of boring life, so he can’t go around the world at once and take risks.
A few days later, Chen Feng traveled around the world to prepare, but in this issue, they learned about a power bill through the news, which roughly means that countries all over the world hope to hire power as a world policeman to catch power criminals.
The news said that all countries in the world have set up an independent department on the island of Superpower. This department does not belong to the country, but is independent in the place where the powers live, where all countries in the world will invest to build a city, which will be a paradise for the powers to report.
It’s great to scream when the ghost fights, so that it belongs to a power country, because it doesn’t belong to other countries’ jurisdiction at all
Chen Feng, some people are eager to move, and the theory of a power country means more than usual.
However, the ocean is puzzled by this bill, and it is the worst bill to stop the crime of power, because who can guarantee that the power of living in groups will not raise a president or chairman or strengthen the emperor? When the power is combined into an army, I am afraid it will wipe out the political parties in the world
It’s not as serious as you think. They are hiring power to be the world’s police to maintain world peace. How can it become a conspiracy in your analysis? Chen Feng wry smile. He thinks that the ocean is a clever person and thinks too much about everything. Then shall we go?
Of course, if the ocean says that the power is a minority in this world, it may be only one power among 100,000 people. After going through the separatist war of the super-organization and coming to our organization to attack the super-organization, almost thousands of people were killed or injured, and almost all the members of the super-organization died. Now the world’s living power is conservatively estimated to be tens of thousands.
Among these tens of thousands of people, many of their relatives and friends have died in shattered plans. Although they can’t blame the national decision, they will also lose confidence in the country. As a result, there will be many difficulties in being invited to the second hometown island, so we can observe the host with solar debris one by one when we go to the island. It is better than traveling all over the world to find a needle in a haystack.
Chen Feng listened to what he said so much, and finally realized that this guy was looking for fragments of the sun, but no matter what, they agreed to go to their second hometown, but this time Xingjian didn’t follow. According to Chen Feng’s words, Xingjian no longer belongs to power.
I took a special plane to my second hometown and passed through the reconstruction work of all countries in the world. I can hardly see that it is the headquarters of the super organization, and I can’t see that there was a power war here more than half a year ago. However, the island is still a landmark building when the super organization was in the sky. It seems that all countries are unwilling to destroy the tallest building in the world.
Chen Feng’s ocean ghosts fought the plane and saw the islands crowded with people. These people came from all over the world, most of whom were familiar with Chen Feng and others, and they were partners in the battle of the Super Power Organization. Among them, he also saw the second incident in Chapter 32 of Cao.
Chen Feng, it’s you. Cao Wu also saw Chen Feng and rushed over to give him a bear hug. He almost crushed Chen Feng.
Brother Cao Wu, why are you here? Chen Feng struggled from his embrace. Cao Wu said with a bitter face that there was no way. Now I am alone. Where else can I go? Half a year ago, although we saved the heads of state, we were too late to burst. After the plan was launched, my relatives were killed.
Chen Feng took a look at the ocean and was right. Many troubles in the world moved here to seek comfort from similar people because their loved ones died in the shattered plan.
Chen Feng didn’t know how to comfort Cao Wu, but Cao Wuji saw it. Later, they learned that Cao Wu had met their parents before coming, but they were not interested in the world police at all. They would rather choose to be the Grand Theft Auto like Chu Liuxiang.
Who is Chu Liuxiang? Chen Feng asked shamefully, don’t expect young people to know Chu Liuxiang when they live in the era of three years. They know Batman Superman in Spider-Man. This has to be said that the government failed to promote the local culture, but it happened to publicize foreign virtual heroes.
A few people walk in the city, and they have to admire the strength of all countries in the world to make this island into a magnificent city in a short time. It seems that they have attracted a lot of power, and Chen Feng sighed, but looking at the clean streets, there are a lot of shops, and Chen Feng thinks that this flower is very worthwhile.
Cao Wuling led Chen Feng several people to the public security office. This is the island power registration new identity field. Chen Feng and others received the power ID card, residence permit, national pass and so on. A lot of documents seem to make people feel ridiculous without these documents.
Don’t you have these certificates and powers will be blacklisted by all countries in the world? After leaving the office, Chen Feng smiled wryly. At this time, he found that the ocean was absorbed in observing every power in the street. He asked sadly how to find the host of solar debris.
Ocean shook his head and Ghost Dou asked, What makes you sure that the other party has no sun debris?
My father told me that it is also the host of solar debris, so when the two sides meet, the solar debris will resonate, but only after the solar debris of both sides have awakened can they feel the ocean. He explained that his solar debris woke up in Amadeus’ stomach, or else he would make an absolute species.