Yang day vigorously breathing a hearty laugh regardless of their own fatigue hurriedly ordered.
Liu Erwen’s little hand ling went to catch the corpse demons and was immediately taken to the rocky city for half a moment. The five-color crystal was shrouded in thousands of cases and gathered in Liu Erzhang’s palm.
Who is that man?
Lucky to stay alive, the fourteen immortals have already stopped killing each other and stared at the half figure with a face of horror.
I know the fairy, but I don’t know the man, Pu Liuer, the Wangfu of Dongyu Yi.
A young man murmured
God, there are so many crystals.
Another young man than envy way
This person is so strong that he shouldn’t be a famous person.
One can’t remember Yang Tian. People like this can’t help but get lost in thought.
He seems to have been exhausted and injured.
A person suddenly some doubts way
At this magic, fourteen young people suddenly got excited, and at this moment, they all turned a crazy idea in their hearts.
They are all four robbers, and fourteen people work together to deal with a five-robber golden fairy. It should be no problem. If these two people can be killed, the benefits will be enormous.
Soon a rocky city corpse magic crystal was searched by Liu Er and sent to Yang Tiankou for him to swallow.
Yang Tian shook his head slightly to extract the reclaimed water from Yuan Jinghua and gave Liu Er the rest of himself a mouthful of inhalation, which made him look more envious than those people.
The two of them immediately landed lightly in the rocky city, and Yang Tian, the duke, touched two first-class demon medals of honor.
Fourteen people instantly reached a tacit understanding when they looked at each other, and immediately walked to Yang Tian, who seemed afraid that they would run away quickly.
Liuer, do you know these people?
Yang day head also didn’t back freely asked.
Do not know
Liu Er simply answered three words.
Li Heng in the North thanked this brother for his help.
A line of people came to the front of Yang Tianshen, and the first young man respectfully thanked him for fuels.
Several other people also came to the north domain to thank them in succession.
I didn’t save you. You have to thank me.
Yang day turned to light way
Hehe, whether the brothers mean it or not, they have saved our party. Should we thank them or not?
Li and others slightly one leng and then grinning from ear to ear