Situhao knew that Mu Ling had really reached the edge of loneliness at this time, but there was a bad smile on his face, but he was not in a hurry. He walked naked to Mu Ling and said softly, Ling Er, let me help you take a bath.
Mu Ling saw Xiao Hao’s reaction at this time, and her heart had already jumped into Situhao’s body. When she heard that, she immediately nodded her head gently.
Situhao immediately walked around Mu Ling’s body with his hands, wiping the fragrance of Grifola umbellata on her body, and at the same time, her body slowly developed a layer of foam, which slightly concealed her perfect skin and made her body feel a little hazy and more charming.
Situhao completely inspired Mu Ling’s human impulse, and stood proudly when he helped her rub the polyporus. Occasionally, he touched Mu Ling’s body, and every time he touched him, he clearly saw Mu Ling’s body trembling.
Mu Ling’s eyes closed slightly, enjoying Situ Hao’s stroking body, feeling that Xiao Hao was not old enough to pull her heart out, so she was touched by Xiao Hao. She couldn’t help but reach out and grab Xiao Hao with her right hand. As Xiao Hao was caught, she immediately realized the hardness and fierceness, and her heart fibrillation frequency became faster.
Holding Xiao Hao Mu Ling in his right hand, he felt that his right hand was full of hot hands.
Situhao’s younger brother was grabbed by Mu Ling’s tender right hand, which brought him an impact, but it was also quite huge. Ling Er helped me.
SiTuHao mouth whispering generally gently said
Mu Ling is in her fifties. Although no man has really made out with her, she is Bai Situhao. I mean me, I don’t, I want it to satisfy me. Mu Ling blushed and said
Situhao’s pink face fell lightly in Mu Ling’s ear, and she said softly, Fool, now you help me solve it, and I can talk about it longer. Here, Situhao gave another bad laugh, and I will definitely satisfy you greatly tonight. You don’t have to worry at all. I’m afraid you can’t stand it.
You are so powerful. Mu Ling has been waiting for love between men and women for a long time. She really doesn’t believe that Situhao can meet her requirements at one time.
Situhao let Xiao Hao be grabbed by Mu Ling. He put his hands around Mu Ling’s hands from behind and walked around her. Now I can keep doing it for a day and a night. You said I’m not that bad.
Mu Ling Situhao had two dry addictions. Although he knew that Situhao was very good, she never believed that Situhao could do it continuously for a day and a night, and you knew that bragging was such a good person.
Ayako, how could I lie to you? Don’t worry about so much first. Help me solve a gnome male-"at this time. Wait a minute. I can be strong for more than half an hour. Situhao whispered in Mu Ayako’s ear.
For more than half an hour, the modern standard of meeting time is more than an hour. When I heard this, Mu Ling couldn’t help but move her right hand and immediately moved to Xiao Hao.
Xiao Hao is enjoying Mu Ling’s right hand massage, and Situ Hao has been greatly stimulated. He has embraced Mu Ling’s arms and made more efforts, and his physical aggression against Mu Ling has become more violent.
Situhao moved to hold Mu Ling’s body and came to spray hot water.
At this time, Situhao is enjoying another kind of stimulation, and he feels novel and comfortable. At this time, everyone is going crazy, breathing is getting heavier and heavier, and moaning is becoming more and more frequent.
Hao I I want Mu Ling gasped and said
Help me solve it first
But it’s almost a stick of incense, and it’s not ready yet
The first time will be much shorter, and if you help me solve it, the second time will last for a long time, so as to satisfy you more.
Coco, I’m afraid you can’t do it later. I really want it now.
Ensure to meet your Situhao said confidently.
Mu Ling responded lightly. Situhao clearly felt that Mu Ling’s right hand movement became faster. His body tightened and he felt that his spirit had been stimulated even more.
Situhao knew that the most comfortable hand-to-hand combat in the final war was the most substantial impact on Mu Ling, and he soon put himself into the state.
Mu Ling is surrounded by Situhao, and her hands are sensitive to her. The twin peaks are constantly moving. At this time, her human impulse has already been completely aroused. In her right hand, she realized that Situhao’s younger brother is fierce and long-lasting. The expectation for Xiaohao has become more intense. My little sister can get Comrade Xiaohao to visit her quickly, and her movement has become faster.
Mu Ling is an old maid in her fifties. Although she hasn’t really been in actual combat by men, she is curious about this knowledge carefully. She is very white. In the process of love between men and women, women’s reaction can directly stimulate men. When her right hand moves rapidly, she groans and breathes more loudly, and her mouth keeps whispering some words that stimulate men’s impulse.
Situhao’s stimulation in Mu Ling soon entered the state, and her right hand moved quickly, causing his body to tighten and his hands to grip her bimodal strength.
Ayako, I love you, and Xiao Hao is also in this instant. Chapter 47 Brave Xiao Hao 1 more.
In Situhao’s passionate love for you, Mu Ling felt that Situhao’s body trembled suddenly, and her right hand touched something. She moved a few more times, which made Xiao Hao look at her right hand with a look of pity.
Obviously, Mu Ling feels that Xiao Hao’s spray is too rough, and it’s not where it really should be.
Situhao looked at Mu Ling and reacted like this. His heart was full of love for her.
This kind can stimulate some unspeakable hearts in men’s hearts. Situhao sensed that his generation could not leave Mu Ling at this moment.
Aya, let’s go to the bedroom now.
Don’t you-don’t you rest?
Hey, hey, hey, look at my little brother’s reaction. Do you still have to rest?
Isn’t it smaller?
A fool will grow up soon.