I don’t care. You can’t leave me.
Yiyi has made up her mind
all right
Yang Tiannai promised to come to my heart, but she has secretly said that Jules has finally got a partner.
Yang Tian has already planned to take Jules Yiyi to the celestial world. They can’t be refined into an immortal body in front of Du Jie, the eldest brother of Xuan. Then let them practice in the Dark Lord of the Rings and wait until they are refined into a body of 10,000 armor before entering the celestial world.
Yang Tian was afraid that she would not go first, and now she is finally at ease.
Yang Tian stayed in the valley for two days, accompanied Dong and drank for two days before leaving with Yiyi.
Before he left, Yang Tian sent several small monty bodies to Dong Da. Although it is ugly to say, those small monty bodies are not monty bodies. It is much faster for Dong Dadong to refine and suck than to refine spar hard.
When she came back to the underground Dragon Palace with Yiyi, Jules was so upset at the sight of Yiyi that they seemed to think of that desperate day again, laughing and crying, which made Yang Tian feel that he was an eternal sinner and constantly wanted to comfort them.
However, when Yang Tianhua introduced Small jade to Yiyi Jules, their attention was immediately attracted by Small jade.
Small jade’s snow-white skin tentacles are warm, cool and comfortable, and with its super beautiful and lovely appearance, Yiyi Jules immediately completely destroyed this little guy.
Even Xiaobai is jealous, but it is also very clever. At once, Black Brother Boss earned a second brother Dangdang as his second child, and at the same time he paid great attention to it. Small jade, who was chatting and farting, was soon convinced that he would call it Big Brother if Xiaobai didn’t agree with Small jade anyway.
To Yang Tian’s surprise, Brother Xuan has closed in Du Jie to make final preparations. It seems that there are few days left.
In Yang Tian’s request, Yiyi Jules should also pay close attention to the cultivation and strive for an early refinement of the immortal body.
The accident was that as soon as Small jade entered the ice dragon pool world, he was clamoring to practice in it, so Yang Tian let it follow Jules and practice in it
And Yang Tianji is also trying to restore his divine power and put it on the wheel of life and death.
Chapter four hundred and forty-four Ssangyong robbery
Ah, ha, ha, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Just when Yang Tian returned to the underground Dragon Palace, somewhere in the hidden mountainside, a The Hunger was laughing proudly.
Michel platini ran a big eye. If you hadn’t insisted on lurking with the blood of God’s brother, you are afraid that the fairy wares in our door have also been taken away by the gang of third-degree inmates. Where will the good situation be today?
A handsome some rare youth hurriedly compliment way
Leier, our father has finally come to an end. It’s time to make great achievements. We will re-enter the mountain gate this time, so that everyone can know that my blood god is majestic.
The Hunger than expect road seems to have seen ten thousand cases come to Korea down a peg or two.
Michel platini is our immortal gate. We should choose a good place this time.
Young people bite a michel platini and call it a kiss.
There are still many altars in the Black League. We need to find an altar secret place for easy care.
The Hunger micro a thoughtfully greedy way
Michel platini Yinghaier also thinks so. According to the child’s knowledge, Taixuanfu is the black league altar with 70 altars distributed around it, which suits michel platini’s meaning.
Young people made busy offer way
Ok, our new mountain gate is set in Taixuanfu. We ordered to pick up things immediately and send them to Taixuanfu an hour later.
The Hunger readily nodded high-spirited way
In the underground dragon palace
Brother Xuan finally prepared to go to Du Jie for ten days and a half at most, but after a month, he still didn’t have any signs of Du Jie, which made Yang Tian more anxious.
I’m not afraid of Brother Xuan’s bifurcation. The most important thing is to get to the former state of Du Jie. After this period of penance, Small jade will turn into a dragon.
If it weren’t for these two days, Yang Tianrang Small jade’s fear of clinging has attracted the dragon robbery.