Leitian can think of this place because there are more than 100 terracotta figures left, and the appearance is broken and exposed. Soldiers wearing real armor are leitian, so can you act lightly on Xiaoyu Road?
Can’t light rain stubbornly embrace leitian.
Leitian frowned. The Moon Sword Pill can cut the wound in this Xuanjiawei. This means that Xuanjiawei’s physical strength exceeds that of the zombie. When the Moon Sword Pill attacked, Xuanjiawei was forced to bear it there before he could act.
Also more than one hundred XuanJiaWei how can this fight?
What makes Leitian uneasy is that Qin Ershi killed Wan Xuanjia Wei in those days, otherwise the strength of the Qin empire would not gradually weaken. This Wan Xuanjia Wei was made of pottery figurines to guard the tomb, so he would not be able to leave alive.
Light rain whispered in leitian ear that my mother was coming.
Leitian perked up. Now is not the time to think twice. Besides, Leitian thought about spitting four moon swords and pills in his mouth. He went straight to a Xuanjia captain and stabbed him in the neck.
The target of those four sword pills is XuanJiaWei’s ankle. Cutting a little bit in this place will also affect XuanJiaWei’s action. While these XuanJiaWei can’t move quickly from the activity Leitian, the full moon sword pills are on the rampage. His pike is stabbing at the root and there is no way to do some damage to XuanJiaWei at the fastest time.
In this way, Leitian still thinks that his speed is not fast enough, so he simply summons four Fu Bing, and each Fu Bing is holding a blood-tattooed Buddhist monk’s knife in Leitian’s command to destroy Xuanjiawei’s body.
After a few breaths, more than 30 Xuanjiawei were chopped off their ankles or stabbed in the neck by Leitian, and then there was a crisp noise. A Xuanjiawei suddenly moved his hand and waved a bronze knife to cut a Fu Bing man with a knife in half. The blood-tattooed Buddhist monk’s knife became two pieces and flew away. This came alive. Xuanjiawei twisted his neck and looked at Princess Yuzhen’s old zombie.
The old zombie knew that he was afraid, but he rushed to the XuanJiaWei after Princess Yuzhen urged him.
XuanJiaWei bronze long ge and split to the old zombie body flashing to avoid the bronze long ge shadow with the old zombie had to raise his left arm a block.
Poof, an old zombie’s arm was cut by XuanJiaWei bronze long ge, and white smoke came from a mouth. The old zombie cried out in pain and kicked it in this XuanJiaWei leg. The XuanJiaWei ankle was broken by half, and the old zombie kicked the remaining half and fell to the ground.
The anger of the old zombie is another kick. The bronze long brother with the will of the former Qin emperor did great harm to it, especially after it became a zombie, it never hurt so much.
Leitian didn’t consider the old zombie at this time. His body was shaking more and more violently. It seemed that he wanted to break his body. Leitian, if he had a lamella gun in his hand, he would stab these Xuanjiawei one by one, but Niang said that this lamella gun could not be seen by outsiders. If he had brought it, he would have to find a way to kill Princess Yuzhen to kill her.
It is said that it is difficult for him to do it at once, and whether Princess Yuzhen can kill it is also two things. She is a dying gas refiner. What should I do?
Aunt came but disappeared. Leitian dared not jump. He adjusted his breath and tried to press the lamella gun. The lamella gun trembled slightly and fought Leitian. It already felt that Long Mai was in this coffin.
Leitian struggled but saw that Princess Yuzhen continued to retreat and didn’t move forward. Leitian’s heart was cool and kind, but Princess Yuzhen didn’t necessarily know that Niang was nearby and Princess Yuzhen had chosen to retreat.
Keeping the old zombie is just like giving her a sword. That’s a little sorry.
But I’m sorry. If Princess Yuzhen dies, she will build a grave for herself. Her father said that cool thin, the royal blood nature, still doesn’t believe it.
Let’s just say that auntie is nearby. If Princess Yuzhen wants to escape from herself, auntie must stop her from wanting to die, so it’s no wonder that others are cruel.
Leitian’s anger in the heart is not strong. The lamella gun took the initiative to come to his hand in a blink of an eye from a rare sight. Leitian turned around and looked at the old zombie’s arms against two Xuanjia Weichong, and his arms had been split by bronze long ge for more than a dozen gaps. His heart sneered at his hands and each shot was thrown in the opposite direction.
Princess Yuzhen didn’t see that it was a lamella gun when she saw the leitian double gun. She turned around and fled into a dark tunnel.
Leitian lived and died together. She didn’t want to stay and follow the iron corpse for many years. It’s already benevolence and righteousness. Although I didn’t find anything in the cemetery this time, Long Mai got a large number of zombies to go back and refine a set of celestial corpse enchantment bursts. Then it will be more difficult for the Emperor to inspect and catch himself.
Leitian caught a glimpse of Princess Yuzhen’s escape, but his heart was still a little sour. Suddenly, it was a light rain behind him, and the dagger cut the silk sash and slipped from Leitian’s back to the tunnel where Princess Yuzhen escaped.
When Xiao Yu comes back, Niang will deal with her Leitian and severely reprimand her. Xiao Yu didn’t get angry until she was seriously injured, but I’m afraid Xiao Yu’s strength in pursuing Princess Yuzhen is insufficient.
Xiao Yu sipped his lips or stubbornly rushed into the tunnel with his sword.
Leitian didn’t have a flail gun in her hand. Princess Yuzhen’s doing this is tantamount to being trapped in Leitian’s light rain and hating the acceleration of her feet, regardless of Leitian’s warning that her body has disappeared into the darkness. Her feet have been worn. From Leitian, she is coming to Qingyun.
This Qingyun shoe is flying by the light rain method, but the running speed is three or five times faster than usual. Even if it is not Princess Yuzhen’s opponent, it can advance and retreat to find a chance to plot against it, and it may not be impossible to kill this damn woman.
For the sake of white light rain, he didn’t listen, but he couldn’t turn around and chase more XuanJiaWei. He circled around with his double guns and dragons, barely able to resist the old zombie, but he was miserable. Soon his hands were cut off, and his teeth and feet were still attacking XuanJiaWei’s body.
As soon as the lamella gun goes up in the air, he feels that his strength has been restored. When XuanJiaWei chopped it violently, he can also turn back the lamella gun and directly enter his meridians to replace the innate truth.
Leitian then don’t flake gun attack than sharp even clear liquan god gun faucet pike dancing beside leitian turned into a dragon.
Leitian, I realized that my marksmanship was sharp. The Qinglong Phantom was more flexible than anyone who approached Xuanjiawei. It was a twist to move, and then my pike stabbed Xuanjiawei’s head like a paper man.
Moreover, this dragon doesn’t know what power has not dissipated in the suction cemetery, but it is getting stronger and stronger. It is my father’s dragon’s seven-kill gun, which turns into a dragon. I’m afraid I can directly crush these Xuanjia commandant’s seven-kill marksmanship. The root of it is not affected by that Xuanjia’s pressure. A force suddenly broke out in the chest and chest, and Leitian couldn’t help screaming. This screaming and passionate went from dozens of aisles as if a dragon roared in the earth.