Nothing is Wang Gang’s little words didn’t finish just now, so he rushed over and looked curiously at Wu Qian’s little bitterness. Tang Yi scattered a little, or he reached out and took a bag of white shirts from his pocket and folded them neatly in a transparent plastic bag. This is your clothes.
Janice, who took the plastic bag, beat the bag directly in the classroom without suspicion. He was washed by Tang Yi for the second time and put it in front of his nose. He sniffed it quite intoxicantly and said that it was my most lemon-scented opportunely. I knew you would wash the laundry with lemon-scented washing powder.
These words sound a little ambiguous, and several classmates around me also booed a girl with Janice’s intoxicating expression and said, but it’s my most lemon fragrance. I knew it. Haha, Qianqian, this is still in the classroom. Please don’t be so romantic. Is Qianqian a good match?
Cucumber: It seems that your skin itches. Let me diagnose it for you. Janice blushed and threw the clothes to Tang Yi. He jumped at it with his teeth bared.
Chapter IX heraldry
Watching them play, Tang Yi’s mouth became warped, silently folded the clothes scattered by Janice and put them in a plastic bag. He went to Janice’s seat, put the bag in a drawer and then turned around and left the classroom to make up for yesterday’s mistake. He had to go to Xiao Qing’s home to do double tutoring today. It’s almost the same for him no matter where it is. Since it’s not good in class, let’s go to Xiao Qing.
See Tang Yi scattered silently walk classroom Janice slapstick girls also stopped to look at Tang Yi scattered classroom back Janice some uncomfortable in my heart.
Qian Qian, what are you still doing? Go and ask what’s going on. Cucumber pushed and still looked at Tang Yi and scattered Janice novels. Come on, you idiot.
Uh-oh, I replied in a daze, and Janice chased it in a hurry
Well, what’s the matter? Tang Yi stopped to smell and looked back at Janice. His face was calm and he couldn’t look. There were many things to be done today, and it was very bad when he was delayed at will.
Looking at Tang Yi’s loose face and poker face, Janice is a little nervous. What’s wrong with you? Are you angry?
I’m not angry. I’m tight when I have things to do
Then why don’t you leave without telling me? Janice bit his lip and looked a little dissatisfied. She grabbed Tang Yi and scattered her arms. She asked Qiao Qiao what are you going to do now?
I didn’t go to tutor yesterday, but I have to do double today.
When is tutoring? I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman. Janice blinked suspiciously. Shall I go with you?
In the face of Janice’s request, Tang Yi shook his head. It’s not good for you to see that tutor taking a group of people to his home. I can’t take people to other people’s homes at will.
I’m ready. Wu Qianran won’t be depressed because of this rejection. She took the opportunity to care about the problem. Is that a girl or a boy?
Girl, I’m really tight when I leave. Gently pull Janice’s finger. Tang Yi smiled and turned and walked towards the outside of the campus. Janice, this girl is very good. It’s impossible for two people from all over the world to be together after all. Her family background is very good. Although she never said this in school, Tang Yi knew it clearly. He knew it when he met her in a street.
Xiao Qing’s home is not far away from the school. Xiao Qing’s home is on the third floor of a building, and Tang Yi’s small apartment just formed a close equilateral triangle. This knot in the test again made Tang Yi slightly excited for a while. How perfect the relative distance of the equilateral triangle is? Whether it’s going to school or going to Xiao Qing, it’s no less than ten minutes.
Ding-dong Tang Yi came to the door of Xiao Qing’s house and paused. He gently rang the doorbell. His face was already smiling brightly. Being a governess has found a career, so we should take a good look at this career and we should no longer let ourselves do whatever we want. He knows very well how unhappy it will be when a teacher puts on a dead face.
Miss Tang, you didn’t come yesterday. A girl in a big white T-shirt skipped the security door and stared at Tang Yi playfully for a long time. Miss Tang, are you sick?
At Xiao Qing smiled Tang Yi followed her into the living room and touched a small one in her black pocket. The teacher was very uncomfortable yesterday and fell asleep as soon as she got home. When she woke up, it was a little more. Today, the class was doubled, ok?
Really? Since I’m sick, I’ll let you go once, regardless of the villain. But today, my mother is not at home. You have to watch anime with me. Xiao Qing, quite a few kids, blinked at Tang Yi, picked up a white porcelain cup from a side table, picked up a glass of water in front of the water cooler and put it on the table.
Tang Yi hesitated for a while and finally agreed to Xiao Qing’s proposal. This little girl is very good at playing tricks on people and disagreeing. God knows what she will do to make people laugh and cry. She picked up a cup and took a sip of it to moisten her throat. Tang Yi said this well, but animation can be watched for two hours. It’s still time for the teacher to skip class today.
Oh, oh, oh, I knew the teacher would promise you. I don’t know how hateful my mother is. Not only is her brain locked away from me, but she also hides all my anime DVDs. It’s disgusting.
Hello, your mother is, but today she is not at home, you should be able to play for a while, but Tang Yi has scattered it and held it in his hand. Yang Yang must finish his homework first. If you can finish it quickly, I may be able to accompany you for a while.
It’s a deal. Xiao Qing excitedly put her little finger in front of Tang Yi powder, and her white and delicate fingers were slightly bent, waiting for Tang Yi to spread her hand.
Two beautiful soft fingers gently hook together. It’s a deal.
Xiao Qing’s grades are actually not bad, but every time she takes an exam, she will deliberately fill in a lot of wrong answers. After Tang Yi has tutored her for several times, this line gradually becomes white. Because it is very simple, it is much more difficult than the exam paper, and she can answer many questions well. It is absolutely impossible for a girl like her to meet today. It is because families often deliberately do a lot of wrong things to make parents pay attention to themselves.
The situation in Xiao Qing really makes Tang Yi feel guilty about everything, but he deliberately gets low marks in the exam. This kind of pseudo-compensation makes him feel that he has taken money. It is not right. He is a person. In other words, it is just rigid. Maybe it is to make him feel guilty. Tang Yi will often talk about many lessons before Xiao Qing’s progress in the third chapter, but he will give the sixth chapter to Xiao Qing as an advanced way to make the young teachers and students enjoy it.
Xiao Tang Yisan put the prepared questions in front of Xiao Qing, and when you finish these two pages of quiz, you can play whatever you want.
Hum, it’s only two pages. I can finish it soon. I held a pen and waved it. Xiao Qing took a small calculus draft paper and calculated it. Tang Yi scattered it. She prepared additional questions. I think it will be much more difficult to add questions than the general test questions. Although it is two pages, Xiao Qing’s current ability is absolutely endless without an hour.
Taking lessons from my pocket, Tang Yi scattered quietly. It’s already April, and it’s more than a month before the exam. It’s urgent, but the goal of Tang Yi scattered is very clear. That is, the bonus tutor can support him in his daily life. It’s absolutely not enough for the bonus to make him survive and fulfill her wishes.
The living room was silent. The pen in Xiao Qing’s hand crossed the paper. Sasha Vujacic Tang Yi scattered the page sounds.
In fact, when Xiao Qing finished talking about the topic, it was much earlier than Tang Yi’s imagination. After more than forty minutes, the little girl with super-high IQ completed the calculation. She proudly put her pen in her hand and looked at Tang Yi and scattered some unexpected expressions. Xiao Qing was even more proud and was about to jump up. She looked at it for a while, but now it’s only 9: 13 pm, that is to say, by twelve o’clock, she can look forward to being scattered by Tang Yi. If the title is correct, she will be really liberated.
After four or five minutes of underestimation, Tang Yi San finally confirmed that Xiao Qingzhi’s quotient was much higher than he had estimated. Except for one problem, there are more than 20 other problems in these problems, both the problem-solving ideas and the problem-solving steps are the simplest methods at present.
At Xiao Qing smiled warmly Tang Yi spread out his hand and touched her ear short. Well, you can watch the animation. There are right questions in these questions.