Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Night Emperor N move
Leitian thought about it. It’s not true that planetary stones have little value in the refiner. Maybe Xian yu is higher than that, but I can’t get it.
Ye Fanhe frowned. This is the best thing he can take. The lotus hu armor will be remolded by the true fairy. It’s less of a Chinese fairy. It’s really material that he wants to buy.
Leitian is also planning to see Ye Fanhe quickly. He added, "I have survived this golden lotus. Although Yuan Ling died in it, but his body was not hurt, you can be refined into a unique fairy in the future. Even buying a lotus petal may make people lose everything. The price of dng is not high."
Ye Fanhe listened to the leitian words and stared blankly. He didn’t think this golden lotus was doomed, and the spirit of the golden lotus was dead and not damaged. It was the same as the disaster of heaven and earth, and it was probably an era disaster
In this case, Fang Xian yu really can’t buy a hu valve.
If you give me enough money, I’m willing to sell 100 pieces of golden lotus for you, added Leitian.
No matter how good this thing is, it can’t be refined without the right person. Bai Qiji doesn’t even have a rough understanding of Buddhism. This golden lotus elixir is not suitable for him. Qing Di N Daoism will not be suitable for Qing Di magic.
Leitian is going to sell Ye Fanhe one, but he doesn’t want to be a sucker but a asking price.
It would be flattering to reduce the price of Ye Fanhe’s famous brand.
Leitian, the Ye Fan River can also be priced. He simply took a thing. If you promise, I will buy it, otherwise I can’t afford another price.
Ye Fanhe brought it the size of a stone fingernail.
Leitian laughed and changed. Then he took a ring and filled it with one hundred golden lotus hu petals.
Ye Fanhe threw the small stone in his hand first, and then sucked it with a palm.
Leitian since that stone is a severe pain in the palm of your hand. The weight of this nail-sized stone is estimated to be hundreds of thousands of Jin. Leitian then strength plus demon fairy’s body can also catch the horse for a moment and then it will be rare.
Otherwise, he will destroy this stone with one arm, no matter what material can be heavy, its value is huge enough.
But leitian saw what it was. It was a meteorite, Haihua, and it came to the Star Market.
The breath of the Star Market is only white. yu Fu, the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace, has not seen the true value of this stone, and Ye Fanhe doesn’t know that he has never been exposed to the power of the Star Market again.
Even if this stone is not refined, it is enough to communicate with the Star Market.
Good words to communicate the luck of the Star Market can prove that a Zhou Yuan Qing Di law N Leitian may surpass the former Qing Di to reach the peak of immortality.
Jin Ao Island can hold its ground in China by relying on the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace, and the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace relies on the magic of coming to the Star Market.
Ye Xiong I also ask for leitian mouth way
What’s up?
I want to buy your star stone. I remember that the magic gun with seven stars and seven volts has to be advanced. If I slowly draw strength from the virtual, I don’t know when it will be. If the star stone is directly integrated, I can raise the power of the magic gun with seven stars and seven volts to the point of being a soldier.
Although the seven-star magic gun has changed a lot, it is all in line with the road. Leitian can’t bear to give up.
Qing Di marksmanship doesn’t make him want to practice the seven-star magic gun first.
Hao Shi Wu Fang xian yu yi kuai
How much are you
Is it a coincidence that it takes seven stars to jump in Leitian’s heart?