It’s just a battle here. Strictly speaking, this battlefield situation is what they care about.
If one side of the battlefield is too bad and directly collapses, no matter what they do, they can save it.
"Dong Daoyou!"
There’s a sound from the scale alliance
"Hehe, how about Qinglong Daoyou?"
Although there are few people here in winter, the momentum is not weak. Obviously, the bottom spirit is very abundant.
"Dong Daoyou, I don’t think it’s better for you to retreat first, and we will naturally show something when we succeed."
Qinglong is the first heavenly fiend bred by Zulong, and the psychological quality cultivated by Zulong is quite direct, smiling.
"Show something?"
In winter, three people secretly spit out a ghost to believe it.
They, the first heavenly fiends, won’t retreat because of their respective forces, and the scale alliance won’t look at what they are afraid of in the huge temples. Neither side cares about the other.
After all, even if you lose in the end, it’s just a good beating at best.
"Qinglong Daoyou joked that we’d better explore the compensation issue first."
"It’s bullshit …"
Tsing lung’s face is expressionless, and his heart secretly despises it. If he takes out something now, the amount will be big.
So lying with your eyes open can be said so naturally that he can’t help but sigh that it really makes sense for the temples to send him here.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Qinglong and Dongji?
"We don’t say anything in winter, we will follow the rules!"
Qinglong’s words are like a spring breeze, but everyone can understand the meaning …
Big fist is the last word!
"Gee, I knew it wouldn’t be that easy. I still have to fight."
Nine songs stroking nine strings in his hand and walked over and said
Flow haze also nodded and said that everyone is the first day fiend where it is possible to throw in the towel before the war.
"In that case, Liu Lan, you will dazzle him in three old rivals and stop him in Jiuge. That’s your opponent left."
Winter’s eyes are very vicious. I can see at a glance that except for the three opponents of Qinglong River Lan, the strength left is still quite good, just like the nine songs gallants "I want to see if this Qinglong can compare with the neon cold goddess!"
"Let’s do it."
Liu Lan and Jiu Ge are also curious about where Qinglong’s strength can be achieved and whether it has the strength comparable to neon cold.
War heart together as if a burning fire rose in the eyes of both sides, and their eyes collided with each other …
Virtual suddenly a quiver.
Winter and tsing lung ordered.
"Qinglong, let me see your business!"
Winter will directly lead Qinglong away, and a handprint will be directly suppressed by the iceberg continent.
"Qinglong shattered the gun!"
In the face of provocation, Qinglong showed no weakness, and handed out a shot to break the opponent’s temptation.
"I want to see if you have made any progress."
With a snort of cold, Liu Lan directly recruited a giant axe, which was his companion treasure. "If you are still at that level, let Zun beat you up!"
Liu Lan deserves to study the power of Tao, the innate god beast, not only the accompanying Lingbao is a giant axe, the avatar is a giant axe, but even the manifestation of Tao fruit is a giant axe …
The sweeping of the axe directly enveloped the three men in anger, and an axe showed its power, which made the three men change color.
"Damn it, how is this guy so much better than the previous one?"
See flow haze this axe three people directly to block its axe sharpness to three people in the heart a quiver.
I want to divide one person and besiege the remaining one. Now I can put this idea out and concentrate on meeting the enemy.
Otherwise, don’t say it’s enough to beat your opponent and barely remain unbeaten.
When the time comes, if they are really defeated, they will be able to eat durian dumbly and go out. Then they will lose all their names.
It’s not that the temples won’t give in, but that their scale alliance is not awesome.
After all, they sent five people and the other party was only three!
"Three talents break the law!"
Hyun-keng’s three partners together for a few years naturally have had some thoughts and suddenly turned out to be in their own joint position.
"It’s up to you if the three of us can’t get away!"
Hyun-keng contrasted the strength gap between one enemy and the other, and gave it to his friends on the other side.
In front of Jiuge, there is a nine-stringed lute. Press your hands on the surface and gently stroke it. Layers of waves gush out and float in. "Haha, floating Taoist, what are you looking at? Your opponent is me!"
After seeing his opponent and seeing the dazzling three people being suppressed in the wind and separating their minds, Jiuge couldn’t help but say hello to each other.