The quiet secret room was dark by candlelight, and I got up the courage to shed my thin clothes and show my legacy in front of that man.
If you want to live your own life, you will have to leave me sooner or later. When I leave you, I may just keep my memory. Give me your body now. Will you feel stupid after I leave? The man picks up the lichen and gently covers it for her.
This scene has been swirling in her mind about the persevering man who made his life alone. At that moment, although he was gentle and considerate, he did not move her body, but he deeply hurt her.
Maybe. The girl sighed faintly. In fact, I never thought that he would come back. After he left, I wanted to live a quiet life alone and not be disturbed by men. Once a woman’s heart is disturbed, it will hurt. That kind of happiness and pain is not a good feeling.
At this time, Yuan Ye Ling, dressed in a Tsing Yi gown, stood in the powerful knowledge of Gu Cheng in the past and sent it out to search for the familiar breath over and over again.
After a lapse of 30 years, parting is forever. Even if you have had a memory, you will gradually forget her voice, her appearance and everything about her. But when you come to this place again, the picture that was once more sincere comes to your mind.
Now god has found Cao Zirui soon. It seems that nothing has changed. It is still a long pink dress and a purple shirt in Tsing Yi. The hair is long and straight over the shoulders. It is soft and fair, and the skin is graceful and graceful. The eyebrows are slim and the nose is red. hn light eyes B water turns flashing.
She is really a rare strange woman and a beautiful woman, even though I don’t know how many men to pour, even if she is beautiful, especially if she is so beautiful and pure, yuhu will make a qualitative leap in strength alone, but the more good a girl is, the more pure her heart will be, the more she can’t hurt herself.
Without Duanmu Yunji and his wife Yuan Ye, I’m afraid I’m the first to pursue it desperately, but now I’m not a child and I won’t pursue it. On the contrary, I’ll let myself choose again. After holding Duanmu Yunji Rui Xi, he won’t go to Xue Lu again. I’m all kind-hearted girls, very nice girls, and beautiful women who don’t love him. That’s cruel to them. How can I let another wife join this law and often accompany her wife? Chapter 1446
Chapter 1446 Edge Friends Although other friends don’t feel the same, we are still friends. Yuan Ye’s mumbling has come to the edge of this quiet mountain range, and Yuan Ye is walking step by step.
Soon in Yuan Ye’s sight, Cao Zirui, a woman named Cao Zirui, also saw him, so they looked at each other for a long time without saying a word.
That woman is unbelievable. The tears silently mourn for Yuan Ye, thinking about the world. Life and death can’t be reversed. Life and death are their own love, but they turn around and see her again. This painting in the spring, the quiet mountains and willows have smashed a pool of clear water. More than 30 years have passed, and the time in where will you go has been turned over. Everything has passed, but after a big circle of ten thousand stars, the two meet again.
Cao Zirui quietly looked at the man in front of her, the man who once wanted to see every day, but now she really saw it, but she wanted to rush into each other’s arms, but she didn’t dare not know his thoughts this time.
When the adults came back, they didn’t think it would break the silence. It turned out that Chu Benhu had once met himself, and the source had been pointed out by himself.
Ye’s instant return to absolute being should be a conditioned reflex. He walked to the kiosk, a round stone table carved in the kiosk was quite elegant, and there was a stone bench in each square. Yuan Ye was sitting directly on the east stone bench and saw Yuan Ye coming. Cao Zirui also got up immediately and dared not do it again.
In this frozen continent, except that you have no more than sixteen attributes, dzogchen has strengthened your strength, and I have become the queen of the frozen continent. I didn’t expect Yuan Ye to live in seclusion in this beautiful Shan Ye, but I envy this life.
When Yuan Ye left, he killed the Lin Heng family, together with many non-Lin Heng family strongmen, who also died in that big fight. Many frozen continents, not to mention surpassing the sixteen attributes and respecting the master of dzogchen, are the fifteen attributes and sixteen attributes. There are few dzogchen strongmen, but before leaving, Cao Zirui’s strength has risen to the seventeen attributes and respecting dzogchen’s peak. Such strength is enough to laugh and be proud. The frozen mainland can also be regarded as reassuring. I don’t want to say that Cao Zirui, a natural enemy, has actually lived a secluded life.
I am envious of not seeing you at all. Cao Zirui looks at Yuan Ye with bitterness.
My wives often tell them to join hands in seclusion, but I always break my word because I can’t help myself. In this world, you can’t live a paradise life if you want to live a paradise life. I envy me, but I can’t hope that in the future, my ability, Yuan Ye, will take a few wives with him. It seems to be natural, but it is intentional. He is not stupid to know Cao Zirui’s mind more or less. At this moment, Yuan Ye is also euphemistically expressing his mind. This expression is not difficult to feel.
Cao Zirui’s eyes are glassy. Think about it. Yuan Ye once married his wife. The thing is that it sounds like another pain this time.
Sit Yuan Yewei laughs
Cao Zirui quietly sat opposite and stared at the blue man in a complicated mood and couldn’t help but look at it again.
The two men enjoyed silence. Chu Benhu didn’t say a word in front of Yuan Ye. The man who once showed the enemy’s strength in front of him is now in Chu Benhu’s heart again. Some fears are that he will be careful to bring a pot of wine and two cups is honest.
Cao Zirui got up and Yuan Ye filled the wine, and then sat back. One got up and poured the wine, which may be the most intimate contact between the two.
My Lord, please dance.
Before Yuan Ye could speak, Cao Zirui lowered his head again, relaxed his clothes, looked up and got up leisurely, and the corners of his mouth smiled and lingered vaguely, which was the youthful appearance of the worried time.
Beautiful dance steps, leisurely and soft posture, light wind and wonderful state. Seeing her eyes slightly closed, it is like thinking alone in the distant gloom, aiming at dancing in the water and telling a sad story.
Yuan Ye saw her frown suddenly, showing sadness and smiling suddenly. It seems that this moment is happy, and everything is in this dance step.
It’s a pity that Zhu Ying dazzles the stars, shakes flowers, fights dragons and snakes, but it’s a piano and flute soundtrack. I’m afraid it will be an immortal swan song. Yuan Ye can’t help but sigh when you can dance.
Cao Zirui looked confused. I didn’t know it for thirty years, but I knew it. This dance is my heart.
Yuan Ye was silent for a moment. He was in a trance. Is life like a dream or a dream? I didn’t know that this world must regret things.
It’s good for a person to live in a paradise, but some unforgettable things will always be forgotten. Although it’s sad, it’s also inevitable. Who dares to say that he can always remember one thing? A person says that the vows of eternal love and the seas are dry and the rocks are broken, but it’s irresponsible to declare that Yuan Ye looks at Cao Zirui deeply, but it doesn’t matter if he sees her heart for a while, but you must belong to your own happiness.
Can you give it to me? I heard that Cao Zirui looked at Yuan Ye in general.
Oh, Yuan Ye smiled bitterly. I already feel very sorry for my wives because I can’t take care of them. How can I be more sorry for someone who loves you deeply and can always be with you? That is your happiness. I can’t help but come to see you when I come back. After this old friend promised me, we will be good friends, very good friends.
Cao Zirui didn’t say a word, tears were disappointing, and leaving these words sounded full of heart, but he couldn’t help but feel the word knife.
I won’t say hello if I leave, and I will definitely come to see you when I get a chance to come back to this world in the future. Again, you must find your own happiness and live a miserable life, so that I can be your heart.
Yuan Ye is doomed to be friends after this meeting, which makes people feel melancholy and can’t help but scold the fate. Chapter 1447 Selection.
When returning to the mystery world, Censen also selected about one million of the most potential brothers in the mystery world to enter Qingtan Mountain in a few months, and even Yuan Ye didn’t have confidence in this efficiency. Censen’s ability is really strong, otherwise Yuan Ye wouldn’t give him a heavenly Sect of science, and eventually he could follow Yuan Ye to ten thousand stars, which is one in a hundred.
Ten days have passed, and on this day, more than 50,000 people have gathered in the core of Qingtan Mountain. These 50,000 people are Yuan Ye Duanmu Yunji Cense and other core high-level officials. Several of them, including Yabao Zuyao and others, must follow Yuan Ye to a stronger place, and Yuan Ye’s soul fighter Yuan Ye’s soul alliance potential is also extremely great, but it is also to follow. In addition, Censen finally selected 50,000 people, 10,000 people on the left and 40,000 people on the right.
At this time, Yuan Yeli is one of the elite among hundreds of millions of brothers in the mysterious world of Heaven Sect of Science, and a surge of ambition for hegemony arises spontaneously. These people are still very weak now, but soon they will become the strongest weapon for Yuan Ye to sweep all the stars.
Select 10,000 people from hundreds of millions of brothers in a mysterious world. I believe you already know what it is these days. You know that it can be achieved far beyond your imagination when it is extremely broken. Experts also know that you will be pioneers in a new world. Of course, you also know that this is a dangerous road, and people who are born will die in the future, but it is also very likely that Yuan Yeyin will ring in a world of glory.
All the elite brothers listened quietly, and no one spoke, and the mood of the speaker surged with Yuan Ye’s words. Who wouldn’t want to create a great achievement in this world of strong respect for force, but did they have the opportunity?
Today is finally the best opportunity in front of us. I’m afraid no one doesn’t want to follow the most respected and rich figures in the clan. Hao Tianzong fought for the last 10 thousand seats one by one. Few people died in the five emperors’ struggle, but many people died in the struggle for 10 thousand places. If it weren’t for this main investigation, I’m afraid the death toll would be even higher than that in the future. It wouldn’t be ridiculous to scare people. This fight is frequent and the world is not dangerous. You are afraid that the roots of death can’t be achieved today.