The golden serpent was not cut off, and the strength of leaving the fire scared it.
Leitian vomited on the moon, and twenty-four sword pills shook the golden serpent Yuan Dan, releasing thunderbolt. Twenty-four sword pills fell one after another. Leitian stopped the thunderbolt attack with one shot, and the thunderbolt hit the seven stars, and the magic gun disappeared. Hongqingsi sword pills have been continuously cut in the golden serpent Yuan Dan.
I don’t know how many times that Yuan Dan has been split by Hong, and the golden serpent has lost control of Yuan Dan. He is a demon race and has no human doctrine, but he is practicing the demon Dan. This demon Dan is his body and magic. If he is taken away from his realm, he will suddenly fall back to the stage of deification.
Compared with Six Yang’s rush to Lei Jian, the sword from the fire is more powerful, but it is not that the sword from the fire is extremely fast and instantaneous, or that hundreds of swords are cut in the same position. The golden serpent can’t control Yuan Dan to attack Hong from the sky.
If the serpent’s body comes to Hong in the golden elixir period, she can’t resist her concentration and calmness, and she is ready to slay the big demon with three firm but gentle feet.
Those Jianghu tycoons have long been callous. This gas refining fighter is ten million times more horrible than their usual fighting. Almost everyone thinks that the golden serpent is finished.
The golden serpent is more than thirty feet long, with a snake head, three snake eyes and red light. The sharp teeth of the serpent look like a new sword biting Hong.
Leitian’s figure flashed, and the pike and fine iron cracked, revealing the seven-star magic gun. He stepped on the back of the serpent in one step, and the seven-star magic gun pierced the back of the serpent. The serpent’s body trembled and the long tail force was thrown, and he wanted to throw Leitian away. A wooden symbol was attached to his body and his feet seemed to have died in the scales of the serpent.
The sharpness of the Seven-Star Voldemort Gun is sharper than that of the inverse-scale Gun, but the powerful body of the serpent in the golden elixir period was also stabbed into the bone seam with a pike, so it hurts to attack again.
A firm but gentle wave in the jade symbol of Hong’s teeth is released from the big Shekou and directly enters the big snake body.
Suddenly, a cloud of blood fog and purple eyebrows sprayed in the big Shekou, and the real person left the fire heart sword. After different firm but gentle waves entered the serpent’s body, it differentiated hundreds of thousands of ways and ground the serpent’s viscera in half.
The serpent was hit hard by the shock wave of the purple eyebrow and lost Yuan Dan’s body. It is this serpent who is fierce and still has a roll of tail that will roll Leitian’s body in it. The serpent muscles want to hang Leitian.
Leitian’s body was caught by the serpent, and the scales of the serpent were fine, and the patterns locked Leitian.
Leitian will continue to stab the serpent with the seven-star magic gun, but it will be even tighter. Seeing that Leitian is in danger, it is necessary to divide the accused Yuan Dan Jianguang into more than half to cut the serpent. The seven-inch serpent will bend his body to the ground and fight hard, but he will not show his weakness.
Qingsi Jianwan will cut the scales of the serpent and fly around, but it can’t cut the head of the snake.
For the sake of nothing, the seven-star fell magic gun was stuck in the crack of the serpent’s bone, and I regretted that if I had reversed the scales earlier, the serpent would have been sucked dry. It would be a big deal to kill people and not keep those Jianghu hawkers. How could I be soft when it was so dangerous?
But now I want to take the lamella gun, but I can’t. The lamella gun and the magic gun can be used as a weapon.
Leitian’s demon gourd vibrates in a rare way, but it is Biluotong who feels the danger of Leitian and urges the ghosts and gods to be unruly.
Ghosts and gods looked at him with open eyes and nodded his head without talking.
The monster gourd flew a huge black sword from leitian’s head, and when it was cut in the wind, the golden serpent suddenly turned into two pieces, and Yang Shenfei was sucked in by the monster gourd and went straight to cut the black flag that would seal the gods.
When the demon snake and the sun god saw the flag, they howled and beheaded me. I am willing to surrender and forgive me.
Ghosts and gods are stubborn, putting the demon snake Yang God into the banner, and the demon snake Yang God threw it into it, and a wisp of black smoke disappeared. Ghosts and gods shook their heads, and Yang God was too weak to be qualified as a god.
That Biluotong applauded and laughed. The dead worm dared his master to be right.
The serpent was beheaded, and then Luo Tong slowly released himself. He shouted in the gourd, "Master scales, you leave this fertilizer for Xiao."
Leitian shook the demon gourd and put the snake into the gourd. The gourd penetrated into the top door of Leitian and disappeared.
In the sky, Yuan Dan, the demon snake, was still fighting with Hong’s firm but gentle sword. Seeing that Leitian was out of danger, he sent all his hair into Gao Jianguang’s big sheng. Without the manipulation of the demon snake Yang Shen, the momentum of Yuan Dan was suddenly weakened several times, and Hong weakened it a little bit. Finally, he grabbed it in his hand and entered the ring.
Elder martial sister, let’s go. This worm will not stop until the night emperor gate of the demon family in the Golden Dan period.
This demon snake was beheaded because of its great efforts. If it didn’t spit Yuan Dan and was led by Hong, it wouldn’t want the flesh to fight Leitian. The most afraid thing is that the refined gas man fought hand-to-hand with his lamella gun. Now there is a ghost in the demon gourd, and the sword has become a powerful sword. The lamella gun is not willing to encounter such an attack again.
Hong didn’t answer, but the sword light wrapped leitian and drove the sword to the south in an instant.
When two people left a wick, a tall man in a tiger robe was now outside the pavilion, and his face was gloomy and he was slightly angry when he saw the scales of a serpent left on the ground.
Two dodgers quickly came to him and saw this tall man’s expression fly away. Two gas refiners were surprised.
The serpent told one of the gas refiners that his face was tattooed with a wolf’s head.
The man in a tiger robe hummed, "I’m going to deal with Mowucheng people. You two go to the king’s hand and find the killer of the serpent."
Another gas refiner, Lord Dao, the king, we’re not moving
Just say it’s what I mean. If he won’t help me, I’ll eat his concubines clean. After that, the man disappeared, and he didn’t know how to escape. Even the two big demons couldn’t see clearly.
The two big demons in the then period smiled bitterly. That’s the temper of the BM’s adult, but he dared to say so. If they threatened the king, I’m afraid they would be skinned and cramped on the spot. The night emperor hand Wang Miaoli wants to continue to be a night emperor hand saint. Although they will cooperate with each other in fighting, they are also dirty.
Brother Wolf, what shall we do?
What can I do? Beg a man, Mr. Wang. Anyway, he is also the most talkative one. You will be punished if you don’t do it, or you will die.
The two big demons didn’t go to track Leitian, and the BM was also misjudged. He saw that the serpent’s scales wounded the enemy, leaving a hint of sword in the strong spirit of the then period, but then the best generation could release it.
His two-yuan generals are all chasing after the virtual mid-term, and they are not rivals.
A small mistake by the Beastmaster made Bai Qihong escape from danger temporarily. The sword fell on a river and changed to Bai Qihui to take Hong on his way.
The river is not wide and smooth, but almost fled for thousands of miles, and then stopped to rest. This escape from Yunmengzong Mountain Gate is much farther.
Elder martial sister, this is not the way. There are too many night emperors, and there are many troubles everywhere. This time, the two of them are alone. If they are two, they will suffer.
The night emperor’s gate is powerful, let alone the three saints. It is not uncommon for them to meet the purple eyebrow reality. By that time, they can’t even escape.
I’m afraid the night emperor’s gate is aimed at Mowucheng. We’ll go back to Zongmen, but it’s even more Anhong’s analysis. Leitian also thinks that Daoyun Mengzong has called the night emperor’s gate and wants to turn around to deal with the sects that stood by at the beginning. In this way, a large number of people will be transferred to stay at Yunmeng Zongshan Gate, which will not be the main force.
Well, in any case, Master has been very kind to us, and it’s a narrow escape for Sister Shi to go back this time.