This is Yuan Heng’s second impression.
Yuan Heng observed carefully and found that a huge purple eye was looming in this special small world, and the huge coercion suppressed the whole small world.
Yuan Heng can see at a glance that this is a powerful core will formed by the will of nearly a thousand deities, which is the same as that of his own temples. In the future, this thing will naturally condense into a treasure spirit, and the core will is naturally the treasure yuan spirit in the future.
"But …"
Yuan Heng carefully explored the front corner of his mouth and revealed a smile. "Although this purple front world is built by nearly a thousand first-time gods, it is a pity that it is still not as good as its own temples!"
Although creating this special fortune treasure is a combination of all the first celestial fiends in the whole celestial world, including four top fiends and nearly ten first celestial fiends, which are handled by Jin Xian masters in the whole celestial world.
And its idea is quite good. It is also quite good to take the core concept of "striving for the front". If it is only quantity and quality, it is natural that the temples will be completely defeated, but …
The refining of Qiyunbao is not just about quantity and quality!
All the temples are quite special and pure. All the members are first heavenly fiends!
Concise temple materials are also the will of the gods, and even the core is the most eager "immortality" in the hearts of the gods!
The temples were the first to condense the treasures of fortune, occupying a lot of fortune and suppressing the mystery of poverty. In the long years, they have accumulated horrible details that others can hardly imagine!
And the key is that the three hundred and thirty deities of the temples are sincerely reverent for their boss, Yuan Heng, and they are willing to devote themselves to the eternal glory of the Taoist Association’s own avenue, destiny and merit department …
This is quite terrible!
Star heaven is very big, the strong are more, and there are four top fiends alone! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and fifty Zifeng Avenue War
Yuan Heng suddenly for them, such as the first fiend, those benefits are actually not unnecessary, but this place can measure too little!
This is not enough to satisfy them, and naturally it can’t attract them.
And they are the most important source of "guests" in Zifeng world!
The essence revealed by the struggle between the first heaven and the devil is the most important "income" of Zifeng world.
"So Daoyou, do you have any good suggestions?"
Yuan Heng’s eyes quickly swept through the patterns, in which various rules of the game emerged automatically in his heart.
This kind of game makes Yuan Heng can’t help but broaden his horizons. The game created by innate ability will naturally not be any ordinary game.
After browsing so many kinds of games, Yuanheng can sum up three types.
The first nature is the actual combat ability competition.
The most typical of this type of game is to throw the participants into a battlefield with no sense of strength and create a standard template body, which can make many great talents experience the hearty battle.
This type of game is the most complicated, and all kinds of games have various ways of playing. The simplest is naturally one-on-one hit;
A little bit more complicated is that in various polar regions, such as doomsday natural disasters, such as being able to freeze the Yuanling polar ice sheet, and even in the sun star environment, there are all kinds of competitions in this environmental messenger standard body template.
The way of contending revealed in it makes Yuan Heng’s eyes shine. It’s good to compete in various environments, and you can experience a lot of things.
Yuan Heng, who is perfect for all kinds of avatar experiments, doesn’t recognize that these environments are just frames.
Of course, there is no strongest but stronger. Yuan Heng just caught a glimpse of an unknown great power, a body with almost 10,000 Jin of strength without Yuan Ling and Mana, which is challenging the fairyland’s strongest. If Yuan Heng is not mistaken, it seems that he has already completed the Jin Xian series …
The second kind of competition is macro-control ability.
This one is a confrontation of wisdom, layout, mind, deduction and so on.
Among them, Yuan Heng was most impressed by one of the literary evolution games, Zifeng World. Many contestants evolved one side between the virtual real world.
After entering, the contestants can lead the Zifeng world to create their own ethnic evolution texts, where they can compete for literature and art!
In the eyes of Yuan Heng God, it seems that there is a kind of power that makes Yuan Heng lose his heart …
Virtual creation!
Yuan Heng didn’t expect that he still overlooked this Fang Baowei’s ability to be illusory. To put it bluntly, isn’t that the advanced ability of "refining emptiness" unique to the great power of the series of gods?
He Shen Zun has reached the extreme of heaven and earth, and he is a god among gods!
And refining emptiness is one of the most powerful symbolic magical powers-this magical power is imprinted in these great powers, and a great power can almost violate the order of fate and create some creations that do not belong to the world by virtue of its own great power.
Now Zifeng’s virtual creation ability in the world is even more terrible. This is a great power that can create intelligent creatures by creating numbers!
However, these created creatures are a kind of illusory reality, and it is a bit too expensive to transform these creatures into real forms.
Therefore, if the contestants intend to bring these creatures out, they will have to pay an extra price.
And the third is a competition of comprehensive strength.
This is also a way to make Yuan Heng a little fuzzy, because Yuan Heng found a game in it!
Comprehensive strength, such as competition?
Is it shirtless?
But if so, why do you want to come to Zifeng World?
This comprehensive strength competition did not show its rules of the game in the back of Yuan Heng’s eyes.
This is a more complicated pattern. At the beginning, Yuan Heng saw a vast pattern of Yin and Yang Tai Chi in this pattern, which exudes a boundless and chaotic atmosphere. Obviously, the evolution of Yin and Yang Tai Chi Dao has reached a quite strong level, and Yuan Heng seems to have realized the essence of Yin and Yang Dao in it …
But to Yuan Heng’s consternation, this picture seems to reveal the essence of Yin and Yang. When Yuan Heng hasn’t reacted, it turns into hundreds of millions of stars …
The source is the most vast and powerful, and the first generation of chaotic stars shines in the stars, and then rapidly degenerates into chaotic evolution. Yuan Heng seems to see the mystery of hundreds of millions of stars slowly generating deductive stars …
Hundreds of millions of people …
The road map of the gods …
The gods and the fire map …
There seems to be a mystery in which Yuan Heng can’t see clearly.
"Or can you tell me what this is?"
After half a ring, Yuan Heng pointed to the mysterious pattern and sighed.
This is really …
Great luck!
Great wisdom!
Sure enough, with such a large number of great wisdom, how can there be only a superficial thing?
I’m afraid this is the essence of it!