It’s a pity that Yuan Henggen didn’t specially create a perfect magical power at that time, so he could create a special magical power named "The Seal of True Spirit" in a hurry.
Fortunately, strictly speaking, this "True Spirit Seal" has a lot of connections with Yuanheng’s own seal, which can deceive the exploration of the strong mixed series.
It’s a pity that although Yuan Heng originally conceived that it was perfect to put a true spirit seal into the other party’s true spirit, after millions of years, Yuan Heng could subtly erode the other party’s true spirit through this true spirit seal!
When the time comes, the other party is actually a special member of Yuan Heng, and then it is natural to get out of control.
What a pity!
Yuan Heng’s thousands of calculations reveal that the other party has directly advanced to the pick of the gods in this short span of several million years!
When you get to the stage where the Great God Luo has been careless about the study of the true spirit, you will be able to find the seal of the true spirit in the depths of your true spirit, and then you will barely resist its erosion.
Although it is impossible for the other party to leak this matter because of this true spirit seal and let those mixed yuan strong people expel it, at the same time, Yuan Heng plan will not be realized for the time being.
"But it’s absolutely impossible to break away from Luo Jinxian in Zun’s control area!"
I’m still quite confident when I estimate Yuan Heng in my heart. Although I just hung in Luo at that time and this magical power was created by hand, don’t forget who Yuan Heng is.
For the first heavenly fiend, their every move naturally has a poor law force, and even the law force like Yuan Heng is like a mortal breathing.
The first heavenly fiend’s every move is an avatar!
And like Yuan Heng, even if it is created casually, it will never be resisted by ordinary pick strong people!
"It seems that Zun still relies too much on fate. Once fate is affected, my calculation will be greatly affected."
With a sigh, Yuan Heng Nai put this matter in a tangle with his own avatar.
When Yuan Heng was just walking in the middle of nowhere, he had created many magical powers, among which the most representative ones were the streamer cloud-climbing technique and the time-borne technique.
It’s a pity that the time has changed, and with Yuan Heng’s cultivation, these two magical powers have almost lost them, which is almost impossible for Yuan Heng at this time.
So now Yuan Heng really can’t come up with a passable calculation.
Although these Yuan Heng’s eyes are full of chicken ribs and magical powers, it is enough to make the strong in Jin Xian Taiyi compete crazily in the future.
Now Yuan Heng has eliminated the technique of time-borne, which will make several pick Jin Xian compete bloody in the future.
"It seems that my monasticism … is not perfect!"
Thinking about Yuan Heng in my heart, I suddenly realized that my eternal glory road doesn’t seem to be as perfect as I imagined.
In terms of defense, except for some gadgets, such as "Protection", it has the most typical timeless real body, which is barely passable.
In terms of attack, uh …
It seems that there is still some clutter!
There are many printing methods to attack the small ones, such as Polar Iceberg Seal, Simple Killing Seal and so on, which are as powerful as Hong Huang Seal, which is still being perfected at this time.
For another example, the limited God Constant Wheel was originally created to create a set of special attacks on magical powers. The attack power of this special road is not bad, but now this Dao Yuan Heng is more about understanding the road.
Or Yuan Heng’s combination of his own vision, time, etc. to explore the Tao and the will to explore the embryo created by Pangu after the creation of heaven and earth.
It seems that Yuan Heng doesn’t have a symbolic magical power in attack, just like Wang Shu, the goddess of the Moon, in "The Extinction of the Divine Light by the Moon".
Then there is the auxiliary special magical power, which is passable, except for The Three-phase Heart of Origin, The Mysterious Heart Mantra, The Life Divine Power, The Time Escape Method, and The Runner Nirvana Method, which was jointly created by the temples.
"Ha ha, think about it. It seems that I still lack a lot of things in Eternal Glory Road …"
Yuan Heng smiled slightly, although the magical powers were all side details compared with the experiences summarized in the years after Yuan Heng’s practice on the Foundation Avenue.
However, in fact, it is very important for a road to spread widely in the world, develop and prosper.
In fact, for characters like Yuan Heng, there is little demand for attacking the avatar. After all, Yuan Heng’s every move contains eternal brilliance, and his power is limited. The road of Shen Henglun is extremely terrible and amazing. What kind of avatar is needed? But for others, this is not the case!