"I didn’t expect that this secret method, the original three-phase state of mind, was so wonderful!"
I feel that my body seems to have wiped off a layer of dust again. Yuan Heng reached out and scratched, and seemed to see something that I couldn’t see. He whispered to himself, "What a wonderful place of origin!"
"What a photo!"
"What a three-phase state of mind!"
"No wonder it’s called’ heart’!"
A statue that has been able to grasp its "heart" is very white, and what happened just now can also be very white. What kind of greatness does this happen for a yogi?
Spiritual practice sharpens reality and will, which are inextricably linked. A strong heart can easily make the will follow and become stronger.
But strong will does not mean that the heart is equally strong.
A yogi practices all the way from the dust to scattered immortals and immortals … It’s very important to pick Jin Xian’s extreme position on this day. It’s very important for conan the destroyer to be able to be overwhelming than strength.
All this looks so beautiful, powerful, long life, easy access, wealth and status …
It’s a pity that the road to practice is hard and dangerous step by step, and the thorns are treading on thin ice. A little carelessness is the way to dissipate the soul and disperse hundreds of millions of practices.
There are all kinds of robberies in the practice road, among which there are roughly extraordinary robberies and robberies
Needless to say, most practitioners have immortal gods who hardly care about this degree, but the big deal is to turn to robbery and return one day.
But if it’s robbed, it’s not the case. It’s easy to directly and completely erase all traces from heaven and earth.
"Only with the heart can we guarantee to continue climbing!"
Yuan Heng reached the front with a single shot and a physical force. This piece of the highest quality star crystal essence was instantaneous. Even after the robbery, everything in heaven and earth didn’t take shape at all, hoping that the star crystal essence was silently flashing with a ray of spiritual brilliance as if …
This star crystal essence has something called "heart" …
Yuan Heng looked at this thing created in his own mind faintly. With his enlightenment, it is likely that in the future, it will be nourished by this star source into a statue of the star god, which is between congenital and afterbirth.
"The first heavenly fiend has achieved a great deal, even if he can’t become a Taoist mixed yuan pick Jin Xian, he can hardly run away. This factor accounts for a large proportion. If he originates from the three-phase mind in practice, then …"
Yuan Heng thought of this and his heart suddenly moved. This is a great merit!
If the practitioners want to practice in Daluo, then their foundation is almost stable, and the number of flowers is almost fixed, which is difficult to change. However, if you practice this secret method, then this situation can be improved!
I made up my mind silently, and when the secret law is perfected in the future, I will sacrifice the avenue and tell the world …
"My phase has been achieved, but this phase is in harmony with heaven and earth …"
Yuan Heng pondered over these two secret methods for a long time before slowly shaking his head.
Tao and heaven and earth are actually not difficult for Yuan Heng and even for other celestial fiends.
Tao phase is a method for practitioners to condense their own avenue, and it is also a kind of understanding of their own avenue. It is not difficult for all practitioners to practice the Maharaja Jinxian series.
After all, if the law is firm in its own way, it is the absolute law to practice to this point.
The relationship between heaven and earth is the condensation of practitioners’ understanding of the world where they live, which can be said to be a condensation of thought, philosophy and wisdom.
In fact, it is not difficult to travel around the world and have a set of opinions about it, so you are qualified to practice this secret method.
Of course, how far you can practice these two secret methods depends on your understanding of your own avenue and the world where you live. The higher the level, the higher the quality of the condensation method will be, and the stronger the sacred heart will be in the future.
"But it takes too long, doesn’t it?"
Yuan Heng silently estimated some kind of discovery, and it has been several hundred yuan since he finished this secret method estimation … to be continued.
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Chapter one hundred and forty-six Ray
Spy is an awkward profession.
Since ancient times, the professional situation of espionage has been very embarrassing, and the situation of those who are forced to become spies is naturally even more difficult.
At this time, ray’s situation is such that he is struggling violently in his heart at this time
In those days, he was ordered by a mixed demon Lord to go to the northern part of this vast continent to find the sealed white bone door.
This Bones Gate is called Bones Finger-pointing Square Gate, which is a few mysterious treasures on one side. This treasure is a statue of heaven and earth where it belongs, which is of great significance to their profession.
In those days, Mueller, the gatekeeper of this door, was actually a statue of mixed-element series, but he had just arrived in this universe, and his strength realm was severely suppressed by heaven and earth, which showed the strength of the series.
It’s a pity that this famous Monty Master Muller, even in their side of the world, was extremely humbled and died. At that time, it was just a series of Taiyi, and the hand of the Heavenly Devil was despised by all of them.
A statue of the mixed demon Lord actually died in Taiyi!
This incident once caused great waves in their circle. When did the devil master of the mixed yuan disappear?
Even at that time, this statue of the Lord’s strength was suppressed in the realm of pick, but it was definitely not something that ordinary pick strong people could endure, was it?
What’s more, it’s too b!
Of course, it’s no big deal to laugh at Muller, a loser who dies. Although they come from the same world, no one will be sad. After all, their friendship is just a new acquaintance.
However, it is very important that the bones should be taken back, and it is also very important that they can sit in all the seats in this world.
Bass, the leader, wanted to take this treasure back in person. Unfortunately, at that time, the universe was not long and the will of heaven and earth was not strong, so at that time, the universe was directly managed and controlled by the avenue!
Is the avenue waiting for Wei neng?
You’re welcome to say that even the mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian is just an ant in front of him!
You have to stand up straight in front of the avenue!
And at that time, it was the main road-the key period of the first celestial fiend. Even the 36 first celestial fiends just reached the Taiyi number, but most of them were still gestated in the embryo.
This period is a very important period for many celestial demons, and it is the most dangerous period of these avenues. At this time, many celestial demons may die if they are disturbed!
Therefore, at this time, once the Avenue finds that these feet have caused great influence, many pick gods are very mixed, and the main series of gods will definitely trigger the Avenue to make direct moves!
Because at that time, pick and mixed yuan almost all had the ability to pose a fatal threat to the first celestial fiend.
Want to know the first day fiend but pinned this chaotic Chineydy detachment immortal great expectations!
Therefore, at this time, there will be no other possibilities because of the emergence of one of these uncertainties.
At that time, Bass was able to send out these little guys in the Taiyi series. Unfortunately, Ray was in this sequence at that time …
"Ray, don’t take part in this action. There is always a sense of uneasiness in the teacher’s heart. I’m afraid this action …"
Or this place I don’t know is that Basspan is sitting in a dark fog. At this time, his face is quite worried. Bass can’t help but sigh when he looks at his outstanding younger brother.
"Master, how can this …"
Ray’s body was a little anxious. Over the years, their actions of invading this side of the world have been quite unsatisfactory, and together with their own master, a series of mixed yuan demon masters have also fallen a lot.
I’m still very grateful to this master, Yi Lei, but for his careful cultivation over the years, he could not have advanced to the late stage of pick so quickly. You know, when they broke through pick in their original world, it would take dozens of times to divide it according to this world!
"Well, needless to say, it’s settled. Besides, you’re a mere demon statue, and there’s nothing in this world at this time."
Buzz made up his mind directly with a wave.
Bass was very pleased to see his brother who had received his services only after he came to this world. Although most practitioners are selfish and selfish, it does not mean that they have no feelings and obsession.