This foundation part is the most basic and key part of the whole secret law. Is this part correct or not? The whole secret law will succeed or fail in the future.
Nowadays, the whole secret law chapter has already completed a lot. At the very least, it has already perfected its name in the interval from Luo Jinxian to the mixed yuan stage-
Origin triphasic state of mind
This realm is to allow practitioners to practice powerful secret methods when they step towards the mixed realm at the peak of pick!
The origin means to break away from the sacred land of heaven and earth and lay the foundation for a perfect origin.
Three-phase mind is the essence of this secret method.
The three phases are my phase, Tao phase and heaven and earth phase!
The practice of the mixed-yuan holy road is originally a complete self-sufficiency of the mixed-yuan holy road, and it is independent and detached from the world.
Now the three phases should be able to condense through the secret method and then cut them out!
Cutting out the three phases can integrate them into one’s own path, which makes the yogi make great progress …
Break the limit!
When practicing this secret method, the practitioner can realize and cut off these three aspects at the same time, and he can find that he has achieved the perfection of his whole body and his own mixed happiness, and almost without any exception, he will directly reduce his spiritual consumption by 30%
If the yogi had accumulated himself deeply enough before, he could cross the barrier of 30% spiritual consumption in one fell swoop and lay a deeper foundation.
When the time comes, you will be able to directly enter the mixed yuan territory by inspiring your own avenue to condense the sacred heart!
The three-phase heart is naturally the sacred heart! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and forty-five I photograph
At this time, this basic secret method has been perfected. Although Yuan Heng has almost consumed 20% of his spirit by now, he needs to practice this secret method, but he wants to see the effect of this secret method. Yuan Heng still wants to practice and try the effect.
Close your eyes and realize your three phases carefully.
Three Tianyuan Heng immediately realized that it was really simple for a practitioner who had been able to clearly understand his own mind and take the initiative to move his heart.
Is that the yuan constant body is unknown, a vast expanse and a faint virtual shadow are condensed out.
This virtual shadow has no fixed shape and no color, but if others look at it, they can see a different kind of excitement.
I look at myself, which contains the most original true self in Yuan Heng’s life.
In the previous life, Yang Yuanfeng was born a baby, and then went to the university to be promoted to a doctoral student. He had parents’ love, a lover’s company and the best brothers to support each other …
Surrounded by affection, love and friendship, this is probably the greatest happiness that human beings can get …
Then, when I got the treasure, I accidentally died in the treasure. I was addicted to the dark and lonely years, but I was very conscious and looked at the whole world alone …
The root method of human body refining the spiritual treasure method of "He", getting the Tao method contained in it, practicing the natural law and getting out of it will always be a person and a mortal until …
The amount of robbery is coming!
Heaven and earth perish and everything decays.
Bao Lingzhu returned to chaos bead, HarmonyOS, and "he" also came to this incarnation of HarmonyOS Sacred Avenue.
Then, in the era of Gengheng Ancient Chaos, he finally insisted on exhausting all souls for years.
To hone one’s solitude through the years lies in the darkness. Family, love and friendship are all gone.
In the face of the eternal darkness, it was long enough to make all living things collapse. The darkness "He" did not collapse. After years of baptism, an indelible "heart" belonging to his own great will was brewed.
"He" can persist?
What made him persist in what all the good feelings of the world can’t do when ordinary people can?
Is it a desire for life?
Is it fear of death?
Is it a yearning for family, friendship and love?
With the evolution of my phase, others seem to have learned something, but everything can’t be described in words.
Finally, we can conclude that everything is guided by the "heart" …
At that moment, when the bright "heart" bloomed, Chaos Avenue paid attention to it. From then on, "He" became the three sacred objects of chaos in HarmonyOS-HarmonyOS chaos bead Zhuling was sent to the deepest source of this sacred object for pregnancy …
The evolution of everything in Pangu Heaven: After HarmonyOS’s pearl was broken, its pearl spirit was dragged and reincarnated on the avenue, and it was founded at the top of the flood. Thirty-six pre-gods, a congenital time demon …
From then on, from the darkness to the light, from the embryo of the fiend to the birth, wandering in the wilderness, teaching and practicing in the avenue mother gave birth to her own life, and the child realized that many of her peers were the same as the former fiend
Kunpeng, Xuangui, Silent … and his own whole biological sister-Li You …
From the original knowledge, a mortal practiced Zhongshi Daoism and Guangdao, and successively created Eternal Daoism, Seal Daoism and Constant Wheel of Limiting God in the course of realizing Daoism and experience …
From then on, the Lord stood in Gao Guanghui, and from then on, he stood in the clouds, and the eternal glorious road shone in the flood.
Immortality …
It is the lifelong pursuit of this body!
Yuan Heng opened his eyes to the utmost depth.
There seems to be a faint virtual shadow born from the virtual and then quickly solidified …
Everything in the heart is the source of "I", and the cognition is constantly converging. These are the physical cognition, but it is strange in the secret method. The shape has no specific color and emits breath, which is also different from all the fluctuations of mana, laws, rules and forces.
Finally …
This "I" perception cognition has finally come to the "I" sitting next to the stars and a star is in a state of perception.
A "loud noise" all these feelings are condensed into a glorious name of God, and this is my phase!
Although this method is a secret method to condense achievements, it is not something that can be seen with the eyes, but it is invisible in the heart and can only be seen with "I"
Yuan Heng finally returned to absolute being and finally restored calm in his eyes.
Yuan Heng is still sitting next to the valley full of stars and crystals. It seems that nothing has changed.
Yuan Heng is still the glorious master of absolute beauty, whose mind is full of vastness. The vastness, the sun, the moon and the moon are still in the heart, which makes the gods respected by the first few heavenly gods and respected by hundreds of powerful gods in the temples seem to remain unchanged.