"It is needless to say that the virtual vision is combined with the effectiveness of our seven fiends. In the future, we will no longer be a milli-monitoring force for the virtual place."
Yuan Heng sighed. He has always been poor and secretive, and even his understanding of this is just the tip of the iceberg.
At this time, Yuan Heng is walking in the celestial world, a strange star, which is relatively old among the stars, but the second batch of birth stars in the whole star world are full of energy, so it is rare to occupy a good place without power.
Full of vitality is the characteristic of this star-this star not only has a dense variety of trees, but also has dark green vines on its feet, which are intertwined into cobwebs.
"Shout …"
Yuan Heng took a deep breath and felt depressed. "Hehe, life in the universe is getting more and more prosperous."
The evolution of one side’s life is almost always based on the process from simple to complex, unless it is to think of the strange life of the heavenly fiend first.
So …
The first appearance of heaven and earth is often plant life with simple structure, and once plants are produced, it is said that the life structure of heaven and earth is about to develop rapidly and improve, and it has been on the train of rapid development.
Yuan Heng walked step by step in this star to explore the location where the star source gathered. To be honest, although the trip was not long, there were not many things that happened, and most of them were laborious, which was very costly to the heart.
Yuan Hengji passed the entrance test of the God’s Hidden Treasure through fighting in the God’s Hidden Treasure Mountain on Zihuang Avenue, and passed the test of the God’s Hidden Treasure. Which of them is not a matter of hard work, the will of the world and the oppression of the unknown beast?
And this time it’s not small. Even if it’s just a weak mixed-element pick Jin Xian, it’s not just that it hasn’t entered the mixed-element series, which Yuan Heng can easily cope with.
After so much experience in a short time, even Yuan Heng can’t help but feel tired at this time.
At the beginning, the target was innate spiritual root and first tianbao?
He doesn’t want to go anywhere anymore. He is going to have a good rest in this star and wait for the evolution of the robbery process.
"Come on, fate is fate, so is how to find it …"
Yuan Heng sighed deeply and appeared in a faint valley in a flash.
"It’s a good place to be mixed with vitality stars."
I guess Yuan Heng nodded slightly. This is a second-generation chaotic star without birth of congenital star god, but the environment is really good. "But after a disaster, it is estimated that this good place will be occupied by many practitioners one after another?"
Only one shot in Yuan Heng’s sight, thirty-three stars, crystal essence, floated up, and the mind moved. These crystal essence happened to turn into round beads, and there were gold pieces of mysterious words flashing inside.
After Yuan Heng waved his hand at random, these processed star spirits appeared on the periphery of this star, and a mysterious large array appeared directly and will be shrouded.
Although the intensity of this large array is not great, the surrounding environment is unexpectedly harmonious, and almost every contradiction is very concealed.
"It’s called the Light and Light Star Array here. This light and light star has the same name."
It’s just a temporary retreat of Yuanheng. Naturally, it’s not necessary to build it like an iron wall. It’s good to have high concealment, and it’s good to attack and defend against what’s passable.
Yuan Heng closed his eyes and realized.
Following that little induction, Yuan Heng easily felt the special place hidden in the virtual depths-the virtual horizon.
Yuan heng can perceive in his heart …
A seemingly ordinary thing beats slowly in the void. Every time it beats …
It seems that there is a faint white and golden light that blends into the virtual, and at the same time, it injects a trace of power.
All this is slowly running, and in the virtual space where this species is located, it seems that a little change has taken place with the operation of this species.
However, all this is so slow that if it were not for Yuan Hengshen, the master, I would hardly feel this change.
"This species wants to compile a net filled with virtual shapes, but it doesn’t know when it will be …"
Yuan Heng opened his eyes and he was not surprised by this, which was originally expected.
Virtual vision, as its name implies, is a kind of core treasure designed by Yuan Heng and their seven great powers to monitor and refine what they have created.
Wait until after all the years …
It’s shocking that this secret treasure core, which is refined by the powerful body source, the avenue source and the sacred heart of the mixed yuan, can exert its power!
When this secret treasure is completed, it can directly establish a virtual world that covers the whole virtual world.
Because of the virtual nature, this virtual world also has some unique functions, and the word’ virtual’ is brought into full play.
In the end, this world is illusory and nonexistent to others.
Only for yuan heng seven people is true,
Worse …
"Virtual vision can not only have a few effects ….."
After perceiving that everything is normal, Yuanheng’s mouth feels very good. "I don’t know what kind of fruit can grow after all the years."
"But this guy’s memory acquisition is too difficult."
It’s really ….. trying to retrieve the memory from the heart of a sage who can mix yuan and pick up a series of mixed yuan.
It’s too difficult!
In those days, Yuan Heng, Zi Xiao and others have been grinding for thousands of years in the virtual depths, but although the consciousness of the other party has been frozen by them, it is too difficult to take out its memory!
After touching the iron wall for thousands of years, Yuan Heng finally gave up-although there were many, it was not such a wave.
This matter can also wait until they repair the height or grind the khal weaker in the future.
Then the seven people exchanged various secrets, monastic experience and so on, and then dispersed separately-the important anomaly of virtual vision is an important cause, and they naturally can’t leave any clues.
Directly erase them from all traces, and Yuan Heng will appear directly in this star after coming out of the void.
After reading the virtual horizon, there is no problem. Yuan Heng turned his eyes to himself again.
"The secret method of the big pick level has been created?"
Will pay attention to the temple yuan heng can feel at this time in the temple deduction mixed yuan three boundary secret method has made great progress and he expected the general second amount of robbery after the base will be able to improve the secret method part.
In the complete secret method?
Forget it
Yuan Heng and all the temples and gods don’t have such lofty aspirations. It is impossible to create an article that can make the yogi practice all the time to the point where he is not as good as the mixed Yuan Holy Road. Even if there is no statue of the mixed Yuan strong temple, it is even impossible for the whole universe.
This secret method is to gradually accumulate all kinds of spiritual experience through the basic part of spiritual practice in the future through poor years, and accumulate it in its future framework bit by bit. This cannot be done overnight.
The creation of the secret method is usually to create an idea and then build a framework. If these are all right, you can naturally create a complete secret method bit by bit towards the established wooden tablet in the future.
Do you really want to create a perfect secret just by relying on the accumulation of time?
Real magical powers, achievement methods, occult sciences, and so on can be figured out without thinking.