At this moment, the ghost king transformed into a man who was more than two meters high and was shrouded in a black robe to block his terrible figure.
Yang Xiu told him to be on guard nearby to prevent other monks from accidentally breaking in. Although the ghost king was badly injured after being trapped in the hot red sand, he could not recover in a short time, but the ghost was born ethereal, and the degree of terror was no small matter with the help of heavenly ghosts.
In this strange place, they are threatened by monks, except that there is a glaring arhat, which may not be too much.
Ma Jiman woke up from his lethargy after the ghost king disappeared.
"Where is this? Do you keep me in a coma for a long time like in Delong Square?" Jiman a face of ugly tone coldly asked Yang Xiu.
May be in a coma for a period of time to no longer like just came out from Delong a face of dementia seems to be recovered from her aunt’s bad news, so for the next action Yang Xiu also rest assured a lot.
Yang Xiu, who is indifferent to Jiman’s tone, is also indifferent to calm. "This is a suspended palace."
Yang Xiu saw some doubts in her eyes to stop her from asking and said, "Don’t ask more about how you came in. I won’t say that I want to come. You should also know something about this strange place. We just came here this time to get the dead wood spring, and now we are located outside the water curtain cave on the top of the strange and fragrant mountain, and we will soon enter water curtain cave. Well, if you have any questions, I can answer them."
A silence to see her silent don’t know if this is resistance to ask her.
"Do you have any magic weapon? It will be very dangerous after entering water curtain cave. "
"Do you still want to try a coma!" Yang Xiu saw that she would not talk, but gradually lost her patience.
Jiman always thinks that Yang Xiu is mysterious, because although they belong to the same sect, except that Ji Yan got a few Zhujidan, a fellow named Yang Xiu, and Yang Xiu had never seen the root before the poisoning.
I knew that Yang Xiu could take out a few tablets of Zhujidan, and I heard that he and Tian Xuan, a surname, were so mysterious that they had no other ideas, and they didn’t expect that one day their fate would be intertwined.
But since the night after Huaixiao, Jiman’s impression of Yang Xiu is that he is often angry and sinister
So now see Yang Xiu surly not some fear.
However, she still kept her mouth shut to hide her fear of being cold and said, "There is a high-order multiplier."
Yang Xiu didn’t dwell on the strange tone of Jiman, because he was impatient just now, and his tone was so bad that he wouldn’t do anything to Jiman, and she must get it too. After all, she is going to double major together in the future.
However, I saw that she was finally willing to talk. Although her tone was bad, she stopped caring and asked, "I see that you always decorate houses with high-level array methods. I think you are more proficient in array methods. I wonder if you have any other interests to enter water curtain cave later."
Jiman, "I have a set of high-level formations, and the rest were destroyed in the battle."
"Do you know what this formation is?" Yang Xiu took out ten golden red triangular flags and handed them to Jiman and asked.
This is to laugh at the ten-pole flag array because it can’t be deployed.
Jiman carefully looked at the ten-pole golden red triangle flag in his hand, and his face has been cold since he came out of Gankun’s hand, and finally there has been a little change and some moves.
"If I am not mistaken, this should be the flag of the’ Ten kill array’ array, but it is no longer a class that can be divided by ordinary law."
Here she again to Yang Xiu cold way
"You should remember that your several Zhu Jidan and my aunt exchanged a set of array methods, which can produce four kinds of attack methods: wind, fire, thunder and so on. In fact, that is not a complete array method. The simplified power of this set of ten kill array is less than ten kill array ten times. kill array can produce ten kinds of attack methods at the same time, such as ice flame, Gangfeng, red sand, cloudy thunder, poison, fiery blood rain mother and magneto-optical rage.
Yang Xiu now knows that she is really good at array law. When it comes to array law, she talks so much that she forgets to talk to Yang Xiu just now, but Yang Xiu likes this effect.
Chapter 16 get together
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Yang Xiu now knows that she is really good at array law. When it comes to array law, she talks so much that she forgets to talk to Yang Xiu just now, but Yang Xiu likes this effect.
Some happy way
"Say everything, so you should be able to do it. Then you should check if there is any ban on this set of formations. This is because you are smiling and getting careful and causing trouble."
"I saw it early, but no one can rest assured after marking it." Jiman carefully checked every flag surface and there were no existing banned traces.
"This is a high-grade ancient treasure purple jade gourd, which can produce fiery red sand. I have erased my knowledge that you sacrificed it for self-defense, but don’t make this treasure in front of other monks unless you have to, because it is also obtained from Huaixiao and its characteristics are obvious. Many monks must recognize it. If you are recognized by other monks, there is no other way to go except to kill him. Be careful!"
Yang Xiu also considered it for a long time before giving Jiman the purple jade gourd to save her life, because her attack or defense instruments are so bad now that it is difficult to take care of her when she can’t. Holding this purple jade gourd also has some self-protection ability, but Yang Xiu hopes that she’d better not arrive.
Yang Xiu saw that she honestly accepted the purple jade gourd refining and added, "Since you also know everything clearly, let’s go to the front and enter water curtain cave together later. Remember not to be too far away from me. As you know, the monks who can come here are all masters of various factions or elites in scattered practice. You and I can’t see enough about this practice."
"Although you wear this hat on your head, you can’t stop the gods, but the general monks won’t violate the taboo and easily check the gods."
Everything is ready. Yang Xiu calls back the ghost king outside.