And Yuan is the same as his name, the truth is in harmony with heaven and earth, and Shuntian Yingren is pushing people in the rolling trend.
Nowadays, it can lead to the fact that he has always followed the Tao and is too clear, so it can be seen that he is worried about the current situation
"Hehe, it’s not up to me now."
Too shook his head with a wry smile and sighed.
Hearing the words, all the people present nodded silently. These top fiends are very high in the middle of the avenue in heaven and earth, and almost all of them are the closest to the avenue. They know the most and most thoroughly about many secrets of the universe.
It is precisely because of this that they are under the greatest pressure.
For the almost doomed disaster in the future, so are they.
Therefore, if they have the chance, they will bury all kinds of causes until they can inject a chance to survive the disaster in the future.
"Dear Taoist friends, why don’t we first refine it into a rough embryo and kill its will, and then we can slowly carve it later?"
Lingbao thoughtfully decided in the past that Qing Tianzun was cautious at this time. This may be the foreshadowing of the future of the universe, "and it can also forcibly damage its memory."
"So it’s best that our lack of ability at this time is not rooted in a statue of a strong man who takes out what we want."
Yuan Heng nodded his head in agreement and turned his attention to Bai Jinzhu with sharp and wise eyes.
"Let’s do it and make up our minds not to leave even a trace of mistakes!"
People nodded heavily. This thing is so important that they won’t forgive themselves if they make even a mistake because of their mistakes.
At the same time, the seven great powers spit out seven mysterious gases which are different from each other but emit the same amount, and all of them are condensed with different immortal smells at the core.
The strength of the immortal breath indicates the perfection of the seven great talents’ respective avenues.
Among them, it is obvious that Yuanheng stepped into the mixed threshold with the strongest foundation, so the immortal spirit has a foot and two long purple clouds, but after seven points, Sanqing, Ziwei and equally matched almost all have five points
Such a gap makes the eyes of all of you present with waves, but there is no jealousy, only the top fiend’s mind is full of joy and joy.
Although the heart can be praised manually, it is not chaotic at all. It will be scored in various mysterious ways directly according to the original plan.
Seven different forms of divine fire naturally flashed out of the rear emptiness, which was the divine fire in their chests that they had practiced for years.
Yuanheng Eternal Flame, Sanqing Samadhi True Fire, Heaven Flame, Zixiaohong Mengling Flame and Ziwei Spark, all of which are the top-level divine fire in heaven and earth, are full of mystery.
"Ah …"
A tragic cry sounded from the virtual, and this tragic cry went straight to the heart!
The white and golden beads kept struggling, and the fierce counterattack continued to rush toward the seven great powers present, eroding in all directions in the most overbearing way. This was the last resistance of this demon. "What do you damn ants want to do?"
"You can never get out of trouble without our people joining hands."
Yuan Heng’s eyebrows are surging with a monstrous eternal will, and the most powerful gesture will be suppressed again.
"Since you want to stir up the wind and rain in my wild world, turn it into a treasure of my wild world in the future!"
Here, the virtual root is safe. Others have detected Yuan Heng and have no scruples about telling their plans.
Willpower strikes back last?
He Yuanheng is never afraid of fighting with his will!
"You dream! God, are you just a few ants who can refine! "
O let out a roar faint with a hint of disdain.
"Hum! You can know if you can do it or not! "
Lingbao couldn’t help but give a sneer at this fiend’s situation until now.
They, especially the ordinary pick, have a divine fire in their chests, especially the ordinary flame?
Even now, dozens of innate fires in the universe are more than these kinds of flames!
This is because they have been practicing since they were born, and every deity will unite their hearts. If they want to step into the ancestral position in the future, these hearts will be the strongest fire at the peak of heaven and earth!
Seven people happen to coincide to step forward to the side of Bai Jinzhu and surround them, and then sit cross-legged. Behind them, there are faint avenues surging, and the avenues accumulate materials to make their hearts burn more fiercely.
The power of terror, even in the depths of the universe, is isolated from the virtual depths of the three most dangerous places. When independence came, seven people sat quietly among them, and their elegance floated. This is the power of suppressing the three realms fiend
"You want to erase God’s will!"
As time goes by, the statue of the fiend is also aware that it is wrong.
He felt his consciousness seem to be burning!
Only when a creature has consciousness can it produce all kinds of purposeful actions, think that he wants to drink water, eat food and sleep, and have consciousness to make himself born and cultivate.
Only when he has a sense of ownership can the khal have the idea of breaking the imprisonment and escaping!
But in fact, his consciousness is hidden in the deepest part of his own sacred heart!
What the hell is going on here?
When you panic, the khal can’t be in a panic. All kinds of vicious curses and insults keep appearing-losing the source consciousness is definitely the most difficult thing for a living thing to accept!
Khal’s curse is not just talk. He really wants to curse Yuan Heng’s seven people through a mysterious curse, and at worst, he will interrupt them.
Seven people don’t care. How can they care about a dying generation?
Curse in a mere area?
See to be continued
Chapter one hundred and forty-four The origin of three-phase heart