A light smile suddenly sounded in Chineydy, and an eternal and eternal breath appeared.
As soon as this breath appeared, it firmly locked the khal, and then one by one, flashing all kinds of avenue breath, suddenly appeared on the top of its head, surrounded it and suppressed it!
The shape of these gold Daoyin is simple, such as a circle, a square, a triangle, etc. The shape is simple, but others can see the wonderful truth at a glance. Even an ordinary monk can understand some powerful magical power from it if he can see it at a glance.
These road prints count exactly 100 thousand pieces.
"What a wonderful way to ban"
Step by step, a purple robe comes from the void. Although it looks ordinary on the surface, looking at him seems to see a certain, certain … certain order of heaven and earth!
Yes, it’s order, a kind of order called Hongjun rule.
At first glance, Zixiao immediately found that although these 100,000 Taoist seals are mysterious and unpredictable, they are really powerful. However, writing a Taoist seal has formed a complicated pattern according to a special trajectory, which contains the wonderful truth of the poor road.
With each vibration and each shift of these road marks, this different road tone is accompanied.
Gao, Heng Gu, Jin Da Dao will suppress it, and the eternal glory runs through the poor times, the desperate wheel and the ethereal emptiness …
Looking at it is like looking at the eternal glory road!
"Dear friends, help me!"
Yuan Heng walked towards the statue of the fiend with all his feet shining and all his eternal will pouring out into the mysterious pattern to suppress the fiend’s body and imprison the fiend’s will to block the fiend’s sacred heart.
In this way, the source of this fiend will be firmly locked so that it will not continue to pass away. The important thing is that they want to live!
Eyes flashing with a brilliant tone and a little bit of joy "Ha ha ha, I have to make efforts to break it into the virtual at the last moment and then build one as planned …"
"Virtual vision!" to be continued
Chapter one hundred and forty-three depending on
People in the border virtual barrier don’t know how big and far the back of this vast world is.
There is no left, right and left, and there are no sides. There was once a fairy who doubted whether it was still in the universe.
Only by entering the virtual can we find the strangeness here. This is the real avenue. The hidden rules are hard to touch, even if the will of heaven and earth is not deep enough to dabble here.
Even the memory of the avenue is not too much to introduce here, just saying that the virtual depth is extremely dangerous and it is best to be cautious.
There is no doubt that it is natural for Avenue to say so, which naturally contains great dangers.
It can be said that the virtual depths, the chaotic places outside the world and the depths of the Ganges River are the three most dangerous and highest risks specially marked by the Avenue, which are extremely dangerous even for the first celestial fiend.
You know, the first generation of the heavenly fiend is almost always able to cut the road retrograde, and the first generation of the heavenly fiend in the mixed yuan stage, especially the top mixed yuan fiend, is able to fight for the mixed yuan generation!
Can pose a threat to them?
You can imagine how dangerous this is.
In a place where I don’t know where it is, it’s incredible that it’s far from the world. Even if it’s an ordinary series of gods, it’s possible to get lost and sink in the eternal emptiness if you are not careful.
There are a few top talents in the vast expanse, which are in the vast expanse and not in the vast expanse, and the mysterious is even transformed in reality and reality.
"Yuan Heng Daoyou this hermetic is really good to be able to locate in the virtual depths"
Zixiao’s face is full of strange light, but his intuition is confused. "Hehe, if I’m here alone, I’m afraid it will take a long time to find my way back!"
Zixiao settled himself in accordance with the occult sciences taught by Yuan Heng and was moved away by that kind of great power.
Even Sanqing and others showed a trace of eagerness at this time, looking at Yuanheng. It was already a virtual depth here, where they felt as if they were falling into the sea, and it seemed that even a small wave of flowers could make them turn over the ditch.
If it weren’t for the Yuan Heng hermetic, they would never set foot here.
"Hehe, Taoist friends can have a good exchange in the future if they are interested."
See including Sanqing and others in all the people are more or less some curious Yuan Heng indifferent smile.
The so-called meeting is not difficult, but it will not be like this. Since Yuan Heng realized a trace of virtual truth, he naturally never feared getting lost again.
"Dear friends, if we act here, we should not let others know. Should we study a plan well?"
Sky looked at by their seven top fiend avenue chain firmly locked that struggling white gold bead in a good mood.
"Yes, it’s really good to study it. Nowadays, there is an undercurrent in the wild world until the big disaster comes in the future, and I don’t know how big the waves will be. We should also prepare for a few successful parties."
A few worries flashed through his eyes. Obviously, he still studied the situation of the universe deeply. "Now it is hard to get such a thing. Should we improve the innate" Virtual Vision "plan?"
"Hehe, Taoist friends are not like them on weekdays now!"
Ziwei is too deep. At this time, when I saw him, I couldn’t help laughing and joking, "You are like a yuan now."