If this guy really burns out all the absolute strength and returns to the strength of the mixed yuan Luo Jinxian, then it will be like squeezing an ant to death.
"Yes, absolute power can ignore everything. It’s time to leave."
Even Qing Lingbao, who has always been a sharp enemy, has to admit that it is absolutely a dead end to stay here now.
Don’t look at Luo Jinxian and the mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian. It’s just an extra mixed-yuan word. In fact, the gap is much bigger than people think.
If the gap between Da Luo and Hunyuan is a gap, but the super Uber-strong in Da Luo can also rely on all kinds of hiking to climb the sky to cut the road reversely, then crossing the two realms is definitely not a kind of spiritual treasure, magical power and avenue that can be made up.
No matter how strong an ant is, it is impossible for it to develop again!
"In that case, let’s take advantage of the time!"
It’s no problem.
They all have a great future, and their top fiends have an impact on the potential of Daozu, so you don’t have to fight hard with a guy who is about to fall.
"Ha ha want to run? No way! "
The khal has been throwing caution to the wind at this time, and naturally refused to die for such a fine value.
Yuanhengxu Avenue is blocked …
It was officially broken!
The road to poverty and slavery is rippled and scattered …
Everything in heaven and earth cannot be enslaved!
As soon as the sunlight, moonlight and starlight from Chineydy enter this area covered by the ripples of enslaved Tao, they are directly enslaved to their nourishment!
Hundreds of millions of miles away, a chaotic star with a size of ten million feet will be eroded and the whole star will be directly enslaved!
Even when it is no exception, all are enslaved!
"Ha, ha, ha, you are also enslaved!"
Khal’s eyes are shining, and the creatures who want to be enslaved by his slavery road will never have the resurrection power again!
If you’re going to die, it’s definitely death. You can’t die again!
Sanqing and Ziwei collected all their own forces to keep the atmosphere of slavery avenue out, and felt the erosion force pointing directly at their own avenue, and their faces could not help but change.
At this time, they can confirm that this fiend is definitely not a wild earth creature because there is no slavery in the wild!
The khal’s face showed a trace of ridicule. It was already the peak of the mixed-element pick series, but it was just a struggle of ants before they died
Khal didn’t use any powerful magical secret method, but simply reached out and grabbed it, which made it more powerful than terror.
Ziwei and others feel a sense of suffocation at this time, when fate … everything stops, even if their thinking is about to be frozen …
This is the strength brought by absolute power!
Ziwei’s four eyes shrink violently, and the powerful spiritual power beats violently. Layers of violent shaking ripples gradually appear in the depths of the pupils. The ripples in everyone’s eyes are different, but they are equally mysterious and unpredictable.
This is the original core of their respective roads!
This embodies their high understanding of the concept of avenue!
All are heretics except me!
This is the direct expression of each of their strong minds, except their own avenue, and the other avenues are heretics even if they are hundreds of millions of times stronger!
Want to submit yourself to others and be enslaved?
This is absolutely impossible!
For them, even though the whole world is full of respect and awe, they never put themselves in front of them, but an equal heart!
With a stronger spiritual realm than Ziwei, four people finally joined forces to stop their body flashing and prepare to pull away.
"Can it be broken?"
"Really bad but …"
Khal is preparing to continue to increase his strength. He is running out of time. If he can sleep and cultivate himself, he may wake up after all his years.
"Ah …"
Millimeter omen khal a miserable cry move suddenly stopped.
"What’s the matter?"
He suddenly felt that his burning source was restored to the mixed yuan’s state of picking, which actually stopped …
He felt that the power was still rapidly passing away!