Heaven is the "man" at the apex of living things, and it is also the embodiment of heaven. This time, it is a real combination of heaven and man, and every blow can almost lead to the blessing of nearly ten small world forces
If you die in less than ten minutes, you will be no less than a hundred statues in your hands!
"Haha, in that case, I’m purple!"
Purple clouds saw the outbreak of heaven and also felt that the jade die Lingbao’s fetus was more and more round and complete, and it seemed that it was hatched at any time. In my heart, I couldn’t help but be delighted by heaven. emotional contagion also couldn’t help but come to the interest at this time.
"Sanyuan San Xuan Avenue Hongjun Sanjie Equilibrium!"
Pack up the Zixiao Palace and the Jade Dies. I don’t know how to make the occult warfare soar. Its power seems to be faster than killing people in heaven, but it is directly chasing heaven.
"Haha, respect me!"
Yuan Heng, the special member, finally arrived without delay, and the illusory figure was directly reintegrated into Yuan Heng.
"What a windfall. It seems to be relaxing."
Yuan Hengli sends out a pillar to block such a large area of Chineydy, which is actually not an easy job. It has to spare a lot of effort to maintain it, which makes his strength a discount.
This is also a matter of resistance. After all, if the blockade is lifted, maybe this guy will run away directly.
Nowadays, it is needless to say that the strength of this busy body has skyrocketed, which has reduced his pressure by less than half.
"Sure enough, this past busy mysterious poor I haven’t finished cutting it yet, but it’s actually so mysterious if …"
Yes, this special doppelganger is actually cut by Yuan Heng, but it can’t finish the past doppelganger. Its strength is almost 90% of Yuan Heng’s strength, and it is not far from the perfect body.
It’s really good to go all out in a big war. In the past, these top fiends converged their own strength one by one, and it hardly happened several times since they were born.
Nowadays, not only does the Ministry break out of combat power, but both of them have moved a lot of cards, not to mention other "hearts" and gained a lot …
It’s hard to find so many targets!
"Be suppressed by us!"
Sanqing Tianzun and Ziweixing God looked at the distant place in the area blocked by the glorious Lord.
"Give it to God!"
A roar rang all over the edge of the star, and the space was shaking. If the place was not firmly blocked, I am afraid that the whole star there would be in great turmoil. "Ah … you can’t stop me!"
"Can’t stop me!"
A roar oscillates back and forth, and even the ordinary pick god statue may be directly exploded by this sound here!
"It’s amazing!"
Ziwei felt the head shaking constantly, and the pillars couldn’t help marveling. He didn’t expect to be suppressed and sealed by their four top fiends at the expense of their lives, and their resistance was so terrible.
"I really don’t know how the three Taoist friends inside pushed this guy to this level."
Lagerstroemia indica star flows through the vast horse source, strongly suppressing the other side’s counterattack against the poor and distant Lagerstroemia indica star, and through a mysterious way, the poor source star force will enable them to hold on.
"Hum! But this is not this guy who can work. It’s something to be proud of that our seven fiends have joined forces to besiege. "
Qing Lingbao Buddha did not care about adhering to Pangu Qingqi and was born Lingbao Buddha. In his heart, he was bearing the spirit of youthful vigor and sharpness, which can be described as bursting with confidence.
Nowadays, the situation is that even the fiend completely detonates the source, and their four efforts are hard enough to resist.
What’s more, the situation is obvious now, and it becomes more and more obvious with time.
Want to know their Sanqing and Ziweixing gods are all huge sources of power, and they don’t care about the loss, even if they lose too much at one time, they can slowly make up for it in the future.
For the three Taoist friends in the virtual depths, the actual situation is now, and they also know a little bit about how to make them be able to slay the half source of this statue of fiend, which can naturally affect the fiend.
Thanks to the causal fate, the seven fiends will also be hit hard. When the time comes, they will be hit hard together and fiends will never be able to carry them together again.
"Third brother, don’t be careless. That guy was once a super strong mixed-yuan pick series. We don’t know what the cause is. We must concentrate on it."
Jade Qing Yuan Tianzun is a middle-aged and sedate figure, and prudence is his otherness.
"This is you forcing me!"
Khal has already felt that his doppelganger seems to have run out of oil and the lamp has dried up, and he is almost unable to support it. However, after those guys came there, he never had a chance again. "Broken!"
It’s been 500 years since the road was broken, and even if Khal’s practice has been exhausted for years, he can’t help but spit out a mouthful of JingXie when he shivered.