However, in Italy, Yuanheng has evolved into a miniature world, and the world has experienced ups and downs, and all beings have interpreted the wonderful phase of the world of mortals to create and destroy it, forming an extremely mysterious and limited will, which has formed this strange road.
However, it is a pity that Yuan Heng, who achieved this avenue by choice, is less sure of its advanced degree and is not as familiar as Eternal Road and India Road.
Therefore, a long time ago, Yuan Heng found that although with the rapid progress of Eternal Road and India Road, the limited wheel of God became more and more exquisite and vigorous, but it did not change qualitatively and advanced at all.
In other words, it has reached a bottleneck stage!
For Yuan Heng today, the problem is not too big, but in the future, as Yuan Heng enters the mixed series, the problem will suddenly leak out-
The speed of progress of the limited wheel can’t keep up with the other two!
But now with the emergence of these sources, it has given Yuan Heng a stormy impact!
Eternal Tao breeds eternal source. India Road breeds the source of India Road. These are all signs. In the future, with the high level of Yuanheng realm, it will naturally be condensed. But what is the source of limited god and constant wheel?
But now Yuan Heng finally has a clue …
But now it’s not like Yuan Heng just seems to have seen the heaven and vomited an one mouthful blood sample.
Don’t let heaven be hit hard like this …
Heaven’s way is really fierce, and in this heaven, he can also motivate the poor to bless the earth. Unfortunately, after this war, he suddenly found that his defense seems to be not enough for his attack power …
Compared with Zixiao, it is much more natural and unrestrained. Whether it is the balance avenue inherited by his original balance of Yin and Yang or the current Hongjun Avenue is really much stronger in saving lives.
Every attack on Zixiao body will almost be weakened first and transferred. After 90%, there is Zixiao Palace, which is a specialized defense town. Even if it is now under siege of hundreds of mixed yuan, it is still natural and unrestrained.
"Heaven is just me!"
Heaven has put away the eyebrows and eyes, and his face is already a little ugly. It can be seen that he has been hurt a lot, but every move, Heaven Avenue is running, and the will of the day is accompanied by ringing off the hook for several mixed yuan members.
At this time, the sky squinted at himself, and the other two Taoist friends became more and more ugly. He found that he seemed to be the most embarrassed of the three?
That perverted glorious Lord won’t say anything about it. It seems that there is still room to spare. Can’t you see that strange member over there is already packing up what he has?
Yu Zikai?
This guy is also a big pervert. At this time, the natural and unrestrained manner will not be mentioned. Not only is the killing speed lower than that of himself, but it is even more powerful and outrageous in defense. It is said that although the Zixiao Palace is only a congenital treasure, its defense is almost not as good as that of ordinary extremely congenital treasures.
And now that jade die has been swallowed up, it seems that it has been less than three hundred, right? to be continued
Chapter one hundred and forty-one monarch virtual horizon (4)
Ps four thousand words big chapter is this one more tonight.
Seeing the heaven here, I can’t help but feel a little depressed. These two companions are rich and rich, and Lingbao is a complete set. The flag in Yuan Heng’s hand is extremely Lingbao’s head, and there are faint signs of taxiing. Lingbao exudes great power, which makes him a little scared. He is almost sure that this will never be an ordinary Lingbao!
I looked at my hand, and the seal of heaven became more and more depressed. This is Lingbao
Even if it weren’t for the fact that this associated Lingbao was refined and raised to a higher level after his own achievement in Heaven Avenue, I’m afraid it will still be the bottom of Lingbao.
"Heaven and the world are coming!"
The more I think about it, the more depressed I am. Heaven finally broke out!
At this time, the small world accompanied by the heaven on the other side of the distant sky fluctuated violently with the call of the world’s master heaven
The poor and huge small world is slowly shrinking, and the chain of rules unique to the small world is directly rushed out to wrap the small world.
From a distance, at this time, the whole small world is like a ball that is paler than a huge silver ball, and all the lines around it are bigger than the nine-color light.
Jiucai is the best proof to measure the world level, and Jiucai … is already in a first-class small world with excellent potential.
It is said that once the small and medium-sized world breaks through the 12 colors, it will have the opportunity to break through the limitations of the small world and become a big world. You should know that the vast world … also belongs to the big world category!
In this small world, a fist-sized bead is directly shrunk from a giant sphere at an extremely fast speed, which is a veritable world bead.
Among them, there is a complete small world full of poverty and power, not Lingbao, but better than Lingbao
Every small world … There must be some rules in it!
According to the number of time rules contained in it, it is not necessarily high quality, but high quality rules must be perfect and complete.
In response to the call of the world Lord, the world broke time, but it came to the edge of the battlefield in a short time, and then it shone directly into the sky.
"Haha, get out of here!"
Feel the world arrival, heaven is not stingy, and once it erupts violently, it will tear and break the heaven will. The vertical mark between generate’s eyebrows seems to come alive, and heaven’s eyes are looming
"Hey, finally!"
God’s beads floating in heaven’s forehead exude misty and colorful gods.
Directly to heaven, the world, the income body, the heaven, at that time, feels poor and vigorously blessed, and its physical strength has soared several times, and its injury is instantly healed and it is full of energy and terrible.
This is the reason why the top fiend in heaven has only one common innate Lingbao companion! Nothing more than the balance of the avenue. With a small world, the source of happiness is already at the top of many celestial fiends. It would be too unbalanced to give another top Lingbao.
You know, even Yuan Heng, a supernatural fiend whose heel is deeper than that of HarmonyOS chaos bead Zhuling, only has a half-step treasure companion-this is his own thing at the beginning …
And after a pause, God looked up at many mixed members in front of him and looked calm and terrible. All the magical powers that hit him were directly scattered by the small world, and they were not allowed to get close.
"When you burst into the small world, you will have a reward. Now let your power in the small world go up in smoke!"
After the voice of heaven was exported, the whole body was filled with the will of heaven, and suddenly there was a side that contained the power that the small world could exert to attract heaven, which was even more terrible.