No longer look there, Khal knows that if he insists on taking back those sources, it will be unrealistic, so he can also feel sad and regard these precious sources as luxury …
The virtual barrier is the place where the will of heaven and earth is the weakest. When he gets there, he can hide his body from using secret skills and then slowly recover his strength.
The height of the devil is so high that the shadow of the real body is empty. When the barrier is broken, it is ready to rush into the void and then prepare to leave.
"Hey, want to run? Nice try! "
As soon as the khal was frightened, a flag with a deep blue god’s awn sounded from the emptiness, as if the giant axe were thousands of miles across the road.
Boom, boom!
Half an arm stayed where it was, and the evil fiend disappeared and left the place in an instant.
After all, the khal state is not free, and the reaction speed is not generally fast.
"How is it possible? How did you get out?"
Although there was no blood shed and it grew back in an instant, the shape of the khal was inevitable and blurred for a few minutes.
However, these are not enough to attract his attention. Khal stared at the virtual figure in front of him and came out with an unbelievable face.
How is that possible?
That’s my closet trick. How many mixed yuan strong people were killed in this recruit? Even the strong people at the same level have many left in such a recruit.
But now?
Kill the chicken and kill the ox by yourself, and throw this trick to deal with an ant in a small area, but there is no place at all.
"Even if you are in the time, you should not be able to get away so soon!"
Khal’s whole body felt a sense of mana runaway, and he wanted to recruit something. Unfortunately, nothing appeared. Almost all the magic weapons he had brought were lost in the first world war …
"Ha ha, how did I get out?"
With Yuan Heng walking step by step, holding the giant banner in his hand, the great power of the poor road is no longer a trace of convergence.
The mighty eternal glory lies in its massiness, its continuous stamina, its despair, its eternal pressure, its tenacity, indestructible stability and its eternal exploration of time, destiny and emptiness.
Therefore, the power exudes eternal brilliance, and the pillars of the Road and Avenue instantly block the path of fate, and even the boundless and intangible emptiness is really gone in this one …
Once killed by Yuan Heng here, the enemy will be reborn and hope to be directly reduced to the lowest point!
"Hey, how come out? Don’t you just look at it?"
Yuan heng reached a finger to the khal behind a finger indifference and said
Yuan Heng has made up his mind to destroy this threat directly, otherwise I’m afraid he will die in the future.
"Xiao Ji melts in"
Yuan Heng said to Genesis in his heart that he was going to bless himself with the power of Genesis. Now he wants to slay the other side or he has no power …
"What? Who’s that? "
The khal’s consciousness divided his mind to observe his avatar occultism, but the result was a great shock to his mind. The other side was still there to break the cage blockade!
And look at that breath. It’s the same as when it was first shot. When it’s rich to the extreme, Tao Yun is even more threatening. The earth is so powerful that his hermetic skills are crumbling that it will be broken.
He doesn’t even recognize what a doppelganger it is
"Since that’s not a doppelganger, what about this one?"
Khal seems to think that he is close to the answer when he thinks about it. This must be confusing separation and trying to delay. In other words, this is an empty potential.
Thinking of this, I feel that I have got the answer. Khal is relieved, ready to work harder and get out of here quickly. He is so weak at this time!
"Taoist friends do it!"
It was launched at the moment when the khal was distracted.
The already huge Xuanyuan water control banner in the far north has soared once again, and the great power of the avenue has flowed in it, and the road has been opened up in droves.
"The statue will let you have a look at our northern Xuanyuan water control flag, although it is specialized in defense, but it is also a very innate treasure, so you can try it …"
The body is still forever, and the real body is as indestructible as Pangu’s creation, and the treasure in his hand is as indestructible as an axe!
The khal frowned at the attack and had to flash his body to avoid his sharpness. If he was hit, I’m afraid the consequences would be quite bad.
"Zihao Palace Tianheng Town!"
Seeing the emptiness, a purple palace "Zixiao Palace" suddenly appeared!
As soon as Zixiao Gongpu appeared, it gave off a burst of purple waves, which instantly enveloped Yuanheng Avenue column, and its scope was naturally covered by the majestic fiend.
Purple waves emitted by Zixiao Palace’s strength turned out to be a direct view of khal’s means of defense. Almost no magical power can stop him from easily penetrating his fiend body and affecting him, The Machine!
"What’s the matter? Why am I distracted?"
The khal instantly felt that something was wrong. This move was directed against his will, which not only scattered his defense unconsciously, but also could not fully mobilize his mana. Even if he frantically used some explosive occult techniques, he was finally able to mobilize his mana, which was less than 70%!
By this time, the avatar was close at hand …
"Gaze at the sky!"
A giant eye across the sky appears like a real eye, emitting a huge and vast force that solidifies everything in the world and destroys everything!
Staring at the magical power of heaven, its vast sky trend will directly unite the khal, and the defense force will defeat an attack and instantly add to it!
The khal watched as the best of the vanguard and sharp monarch came to feel that the fiend body seemed to have been broken by a violent foot, and everything that hindered the will seemed to split itself directly into two pieces …
"Cut off body double to stop the disaster!"
But the khal is not white to see that things have been suppressed. The malicious color in the eyes of the negative emotions in the heart flashes and breaks his body directly into two pieces. This piece of body is directly re-transformed into a statue of 50,000-foot ghost body, which is his own disaster prevention.
"get out!"
This statue of 50,000-foot fiend is bigger than his own mana source. He just stops all attacks for himself so that he can leave safely.
In the face of heaven’s horrible blow, this fiend turned out to be a blow that stopped heaven’s savings for a long time without hesitation.
Khal humbled and looked at it again, showing his body shape. Shaqi came out in the eyes of heaven and purple clouds, and then he didn’t repair his body and manipulated the bust to directly escape from the light. He had to leave this blocked area immediately.
The khal is extremely fast, almost beyond the limit of the speed of light, but at the same time it is not a time-class move. The time-lapse method has been banned by Yuan Heng here.
"Don’t worry about him. Let’s get rid of this doppelganger first!"
Yuan heng, three people looked at the distant figure and revealed a strange smile on her face, but it was strange that she didn’t recover, but turned her attention to this busy face to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine monarch virtual horizon (2)
This doppelganger is also struck by the fiend’s body. If he wipes it out, it will be hit hard.
"You leave it for me!"