"Hum? I see how long you can support it! " When Yang Xiu saw that it was bound to be tough, he no longer restrained the hot red yarn and urged the red sand to pile up on the surface of the ghost king to form a glittering sand sculpture.
"ah! Oh dear! Oh dear! ! ….. "Hot poison invades the body, and the red sand absorbs the essence. Where is the ghost king who can stand it and has no strength? He can’t help but cry in a low voice.
Yang Xiu is not soft as if he can’t hear you, and he also carefully controls the red yarn to kill the ghost king. He has patience until the ghost king agrees.
"Good for me! I’m dead! Don’t refine it again. I’m really empty! " Less than half an hour later, the ghost king couldn’t bear to growl any longer.
Now Yang Xiu ignored it and sprayed a few mouthfuls of vitality to increase the heat poison and finally hurt the ghost king Jing Yuan. The ghost king couldn’t help but frighten the daylights out of his breath and pleaded weakly, "Master! Little popular! I really want to serve my master all my life! Ask the master to bypass the villain! "
When the ghost king finished speaking, he slowly spit out a fist-sized soul spirit from his mouth. There was a mini ghost king trapped in it, and the ghost king carefully wrapped the soul spirit in black gas and hurt it with heat poison.
"Hey hey!" Yang Xiu no matter whether what he said is true or false, he is willing to see the ghost king hand over his soul, and he is not afraid of what tricks he will play in a short time.
Yang Xiu still controls the hot red sand wrapped in the ghost king’s hand to the soul spirit, and the soul spirit flies to Yang Xiu’s eyes.
He is not in a hurry to collect the soul essence, but the gods have finished checking the soul essence. After making sure that there is no problem, Yang Xiu didn’t even play a few handprints. With the printing tactic, the soul essence surface showed many tiny spells.
"Master, what are you doing?" Soul spirit mini ghost king know bad hurriedly ask.
"Don’t worry that the host is just trying to help you, but after several prohibitions have broken your mind, you will have a crooked mind and do something that makes me angry."
Yang Xiu did Sarah laugh and no longer tube it mouth spit out a mouthful of plain vitality and bite your finger a little JingXie mixed with their own Yuan Shen busy fell into the soul spirit, then drilled into it and dissolved into the mini ghost king body, and then put away the soul spirit.
Hasty Yang Xiu can also do this step to ensure that the Ghost King won’t dare to repeat any betrayal thoughts for ten years, but after that, he will have to refine this soul again to completely break its mind and let it sincerely handle affairs in Yang Xiu.
Chapter 15 water curtain cave Day
[Dear Taoist friends, try your best to push it. Maybe it is your vote to recommend and collect the fairy wild, and the fate will be different! ! 】
Walking out of the cold swamp, Yang Xiu dodged into the ground and ran straight to the "Xiangshan Mountain" where the dead tree meets the spring spring.
On the same day, after Yang Xiu successfully collected the Ghost King, he did not encounter any spectre or monster beast that could pose a threat and walked out of the cold swamp smoothly.
You can get a lot of medicinal materials out of the cold swamp, and then the monks may have a big fight because of some special panacea
Yang Xiu has an underground abode of fairies, so he doesn’t care about these elixirs, so there is no need to wave in these places.
Yang Xiu’s soil evasion is far from normal. Flying in the air is comparable and there is nothing to stop it. However, it took a few incense sticks to reach the top of the mountain.
On the way, Yang Xiushen also saw many monks fighting and fighting, but he hung up his mind and didn’t want to cause any more trouble.
Because of the delay in the cold swamp, Yang Xiu didn’t know what happened to the top of Xiangshan Mountain. How many people arrived first?
There are thousands of meters high in Xiangshan, but the seasons are like spring breeze, soft wood and kingfisher, and the flowers are like clusters of green fruits.
From time to time, you can see a plant of Lingcao and Lingguo growing on the cliffs and shining brilliantly.
Its aura coverage is even worse than the peak of Nanling Paipei Medicine. The more you get to the peak, the higher you feel, even if you want to catch up with the aura content of Yang Xiu underground abode of fairies and immortals.
No wonder there were monks who didn’t want to go out and planned to practice here.
However, no one has ever been able to see the monks who were buried in it again at the second revelation. There are different opinions about the reasons for their disappearance, and no one knows yet.
But since then, there has never been any luck left in it.
Hanxiang Mountain has a wide line of sight and a wide terrain in Jinbe.
There is also a huge waterfall that doesn’t know the flowing water, so it flows into the top of the mountain. There are lots of exotic flowers and plants around the pool, but there is no water outlet, but eventually the water overflows and splashes, and you can feel a little aura from it.
The location of the dead wood meets the spring spring is hidden behind the waterfall-water curtain cave Tianzhong heard that water curtain cave Tianwan is in the belly of a huge ore as hard as iron. Because it is surrounded by water, if you want to enter water curtain cave, you have to fly from the pond and enter other ways, so Yang Xiu soil evasion can no longer be done.
There are twenty or thirty monks scattered or sitting near the waterfall pool.
Most of these monks are either pale or bloodstained. It seems that they all came here after a hard struggle, and a few monks have nothing strange to look at.
However, the atmosphere here is tense. Many monks look at others with a dignified face and are full of vigilance. Some monks gather together and whisper something.
Yang Xiu is relieved to see that people have gathered here and have not yet entered the hole.