Yuan Heng looked at the score and saw each other’s actions. He just wanted to contain a good move. I didn’t expect this guy to fail to see the power contained in it.
Is it too careless or too conceited?
It’s now or never. In that case, Yuan Heng suddenly collapsed the magical power of Zhongda University, which was being prepared, and blessed the strength of the Ministry to the glorious hand.
A flips for great fiend milli ready fiend was directly by this brilliant hand to fly out!
Yuan Heng’s heart moves directly to communicate with the will of the day, and out of the mouth in front of this fiend recedes.
It’s another punch. This time, with the fluctuation of Yuan Heng’s mind, it floats out.
Turns out there was no time to strike the fiend. When this statue of fiend turned out to be without any response, it was directly scored in this breach.
This is the wonderful road of time. Maybe it is not the most powerful road to war, but it is the most powerful road to reality.
Depending on the time, depending on the distance, you can directly hit the other person.
"If I’m not in this small world, then I can worry about it!"
Yuan Heng squinting at each other was directly played out and stepped out directly to the small world.
In the small world, Yuan Heng can’t be as worried as the other party. Once the force is too strong, it is very likely that the small world will collapse directly, which is not what Yuan Heng wants to see.
And Yuan Heng knows that although the strength of the other party is really high, it is much higher than him. If the other party is in its prime, Yuan Heng feels that he still has how far to run.
But now it is obvious that the other party has just returned from rebirth and is still in a weak period.
Because of their own disturbance, the other party’s rebirth is not complete, and it is another discount.
Of course, the most important thing is that Yuan Heng saw the other side’s "Grand Seven Repairs" avatar. Although he was shocked by the great power of this avatar after surgery, he also estimated the strength of the other side
The other party can never be a Taoist ancestor before it falls!
Like them, almost every one of them is a top fiend of the strong, and all the magical powers are in their hands and hands, but obviously they have some gaps.
But if it weren’t for Daozu, he wouldn’t be afraid at all even if he was a mixed-yuan pick Jin Xian Yuan Heng-of course, this is when the mixed-yuan pick Jin Xian’s strength is at its lowest point …
"How is that possible! A mere pick can push my khal back … "
Khal’s heart was shocked. He didn’t pay attention to the magical power of the giant hand, but the giant hand suddenly broke out in his eyes.
That’s when the road fluctuates!
Time Avenue, but even he can’t touch the avenue!
Nowadays, I actually met him as a mere ant!
What he also felt a … Bianheng ancient town pressure.
Was in a trance when he didn’t react was directly played out!
Just a big pick, just a big pick!
Will he this statue of fiend into this!
Although I am no longer in a state of prosperity, I can’t just pick it up!
Shocked, Khal looked at that guy’s foot on the lotus platform, and he felt a terrorist force, which seemed to give birth to a murder in his recovery!
Since this potential is the enemy, it will be directly killed in the cradle!
In a trance, he seems to have seen himself being trampled to death like an ant after several years …
Like …
When I first came to this side of the universe, I was photographed as seriously injured and almost fallen by the unknown greatness or as if stepping on an ant.
Then, if it weren’t for this one who left in a hurry after giving himself a hand conveniently, or who disdained to make another shot at an ant, this one didn’t tell even a trace of mind from the end …
Khal thought that the universe was very dangerous when he came back to god in an instant. Maybe that’s where the looming sense of crisis came from.
"no! I must solve him as soon as possible and then leave immediately. "
Determined in my heart, tentacles suddenly appeared behind the khal. Each of these tentacles exudes a completely different breath, but it is equally mysterious and powerful.
I haven’t forgotten that Khal reached out and grabbed a vague and strange light and shadow in his hand, and then these tentacles suddenly jumped in behind him to wrap the package.
Bang …
Really worthily, a mighty "strike" appeared directly after Khal carefully prepared the killer tentacles to jump into it! It took me a lifetime to get away from him and hide after a blow! "
The sense of urgency in Khal’s heart has been beating violently, waking him up that the crisis is approaching.
"Go to hell!"
The khal roared.
Finally, a whole hundred tentacles crossed out and sealed the sky to Yuan Heng.
"Sure enough, did you finally show your mask?"
Looking at each other, how long has God of Light appeared? At this time, he finally revealed Xiang Yuanheng and couldn’t help but sneer.
These tentacles emit a series of rich source gases, such as frost source gas, thunder source gas, poison source gas, prayer source gas, charm source gas and fire source gas.
Of course, the most powerful nature is light source gas, killing source gas and destruction source gas!
These source gases are more than 100 channels!
Yuan Heng sees that these nature cannot be the source of the other party’s own practice.
Moreover, a yogi has and can condense one avenue source and condense one, so it is impossible to condense another!
Nowadays, there are a whole hundred to many sources, and it is naturally possible to associate it with the atmosphere of slavery avenue!
This guy’s enslavement avenue has reached a very high level and can directly enslave the avenue source!
A hundred kinds of concise tactics gathered by avenue source gas are naturally horrible!
You know, there are only three thousand provenances in the whole universe!
The vast source of strength directly covers Yuan Heng’s place, and the place where he passed actually peels it off directly!
Although Khal failed to practice and enter the threshold of Tao, he didn’t know anything about it!
And this trick is to directly construct an independent world from these major sources. It is the cruel of Khal to directly abandon these major sources and even directly form an independent world!
It’s enough to temporarily block each other’s power, but it’s necessary for them to …
Of course, whether this world can stand in chaos directly depends on whether it is solid …
"But you this recruit but the wrong object …"
Yuan Heng corners of the mouth slightly become warped ignored by its coming to yourself, and behind Yuan Heng there was a faint poor miniature world in which the birth and destruction were just a moment … to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirty BiXu vision
"No matter what, leave directly!"
The khal frowned and looked at the enemy in his unique package. Looking at each other’s corners of the mouth, I couldn’t help feeling a little bad.