The magnificent seven-repair gate broke out and burst, and its wave range was large and powerful, which was staggering.
The whole small world was directly erased for a whole tenth of an area!
In the small world, the barriers were defeated, and at first glance, it was a desperate emptiness!
This kind of power is definitely not what ordinary mixed yuan can do!
The blood-red light shines on the horizon of the world, and the blood-red color is dyed red. It seems that the world is full of sorrow, and the lamentation of the avenue rings in the hearts of the celestial gods.
Every affiliated small world in the wild world is a very important source-it occupies a lot of gas transportation and resources.
Destroying the small world is a great sin!
The road is dark and the thunder flashes faintly. This is the anger of God’s will!
Even today, we have not suffered such great damage during the robbery period!
"Who is it? Who is it? “
An angry roar sounded from every corner of the celestial world.
Even at the beginning, no one really dared to make such a sin.
"It seems that you must personally look at the past! “
Far away, the other side is at the end of heaven, where a looming small world floats and sinks, and here is the world of heaven!
Top fiend Heaven Dojo-Heaven Direct!
At this time, the sky flashed in the eyes and the chill was pervasive.
The five incarnations of Tiandao, a heaven and a top fiend, are almost the spokesmen of the will of heaven, so destroying the world’s creatures is its enemy!
A quaint purple palace in the outer world stands quietly on the edge of chaos, and its main entrance reads-Zixiao Palace!
Squeak …
It’s as if the door is out of the door, and a seemingly ordinary figure comes out. With deep eyes, a certain position in the time will be firmly locked!
Self-created Hung-chun Avenue, with a balanced atmosphere of Yin and Yang, was born in Zixiao and couldn’t sit still. His eyes were fixed on Gao Hongjun’s position, and he couldn’t sit still any longer!
Yu Ziwei’s Sanqing Buddha stayed quietly in his Dojo at this time and didn’t start, but the shining light in his eyes revealed their hearts.
Faintly, these four people stand still, and they can make a tacit understanding. The four sides will firmly lock the distant small world, and once there is any change, they will all make an instant move!
Booming …
Golden eye scanning virtual he did not recognize the guy who can wake himself up so easily and directly fall.
Even if an ant can wake him up, it is a strong ant, and it is not so easy to die.
However, it was very far-reaching and I didn’t know its depth. A ray of faint light emerged in the dark hole.
all of a sudden
A stalwart figure, flashing with all its brilliance, came out step by step, filled with eternal divine light, suppressed all false turbulence and calmed down.
Getting it is like the scar of the world. The crack has stopped slowly in this statue step by step, and it continues to wreak havoc with a trace of healing.
"Damn you! “
The tone was poor and anger rose. Yuan Heng looked at the small world in a mess and didn’t speak. A fist reached out … To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Go to Italy
Although Yuan Heng knew that his opponent was difficult and recalled Genesis to deal with it seriously, he still underestimated his opponent’s strength.
He didn’t expect that when he didn’t react, this fiend’s first move was to destroy the series, which almost collapsed this small world directly.
If it weren’t for the last effort, the whole small world would collapse directly even with the support of God’s will.
It’s a pity that Yuan Heng has come up with the strongest strength now, and he has thoroughly understood the mystery of the times and made great progress. It’s a pity that he is not at his peak here now.
Yuanheng Daoguo revealed that the eternal river was still flowing in the temples at this time, and the embryo condensed by his strongest fighting power was also out of his hands.
Otherwise, Yuan Heng wouldn’t have fallen to this point, although he couldn’t finish the grand seven-door repair at that time.
Directly manifest the eternal immobile true Hui body’s strongest power, and a statue of immortal true body will appear, although it can’t be compared with the other fiend’s virtual shadow, but the eternal immobile power will bless it without losing the slightest momentum.
In the roar, Yuan Heng’s figure rises from the ground and his feet faintly appear. A 36-silver lotus stand radiates from the top of his head. Genesis blows out with one punch!
There was no explosion, no gas, no shock when it exploded, and everything was very calm.
Yuan Heng punched out the distant fiend’s virtual shadow chest, and suddenly there appeared a huge hole in Baizhang Fiona Fang.
Everything is shattered wherever the fist front goes!
Among them, the immortal will condensed in the fist front burns the powerful fiend.
The rapid surge of eternal glory makes Yuanheng’s own every move have the power of a poor road.
This is a road!
"It’s not over yet!"
"Brilliant hand!"
My eyes are cold and I breathe out a sigh of relief. A virtual shadow of a poor mysterious seal flashes on my forehead. This is the seal of the glorious Lord God, "Limit the glorious blessing!"
With the glory of the main business, the glory of the hand seems to be able to hold the whole small world in the palm of your hand!
"Get out of here!"
This time, Yuan Heng is just like swatting a fly, straight towards the opposite fan!
O show disdain. Although this worm has a little strength to win from him, it’s not even mixed yuan. Do you want to fight back?
From the operation of power to prepare to heal the wound and expel it, heterogeneous forces sometimes clean up each other.
You don’t like the giant hand in that little school?
Don’t you know that the bigger the volume, the more dispersed the attack is?