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Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Damn you!
The golden giant eye appears in a monstrous way, and the virtual shock of the whole world is full of the whole small world, and the white golden light is directly condensed, flashing the chain of white golden divine light.
Soaring the golden lotus
The flowers everywhere are fragrant, and the mighty hymns are faintly floating all over the world, and the meaning almost broke through the blockade of Genesis.
Even at this time, the virtual shock still faintly penetrates the outside world and wraps up the whole small world.
There is a great difference between measuring holy light and Yuanheng brilliance, which is violent and violent!
The powerful force seems to be rushing to the edge star heaven to announce that it is.
A loud noise rose from the void.
With this loud noise, a statue of a demon with platinum hair and a height of ten thousand feet struggled from the virtual shadow, and the only materialization was those golden giant eyes full of edge power.
And with the whole small world, the amount of platinum is shining, and the chains of earth fluctuations are rushing into the virtual shadow of ghosts and gods, and this virtual shadow is gradually solidified.
"Hum! “
It’s a lot to say, but these things are just a short moment. This unknown fiend’s horrible golden eyes look to their own bodies. After all the chains go in, it seems that they haven’t been able to completely solidify.
Visible to the naked eye, his face is a little ugly.
"Damn worm is you will wake up? “
Finally, this fiend finally moved his eyes to wake himself up this time-Yuan Heng …
"hey! Worm! “
Yuan Heng looked at this unknown fiend shrouded in a glorious ocean with a vague look in his eyes. "You will be the first to respect the worm …"
Hey, god of light?
To plunder the Tao and interpret the light?
"Neither fish nor fowl! “
"Now that it is you, go to hell! “
There is a dangerous divine light in the golden giant’s eyes. “
Solemn hymns sing in the sky. Seven magnificent doors that can’t be seen at a glance stand in heaven and earth with a huge drink.
However, the arrangement of the seven gates in a certain way according to the mysterious trajectory turns out to be a direct envelopment of the whole small world, which is nearly billion billion billion … billion miles wide.
Every grand gate has different shapes, and its facade depicts these different patterns, showing an epic poem.
Among them, there is a door that exudes the strongest humanistic atmosphere, which shows a race that is not far from the innate Taoist body. From birth, growth, growth, maturity and peak, the whole ethnic epic …
Among them, there are doors that exude the strongest natural flavor, including mountains, rivers, flowers, birds, trees, the world and so on, which should be based on the rich natural laws that operate in them …
Finally, there is a bright door that emits platinum. There is no light on the surface of this door!
Of course, whether these theories are racial, humanistic or natural, etc., are all bathed in the noise when this unknown god and demon sang this vast hymn and rolled over the whole world!
"Die …"
A sigh has an unspeakable meaning.
When the ghost makes a move, it’s a super killer. It’s bound to kill the other side directly, and then the horse will leave here in seclusion. He vaguely feels that with his appearance, there seems to be an unknown power gathering. If he doesn’t flash, I’m afraid the ending will be quite uncomfortable …
Therefore, no matter who the other party is, it will be directly erased and become cosmic dust!
The center of Guanghuimen, the center of the magnificent seven-repair gate, is restored to vastness and forms a torrent, and the sky and the earth are all turned into light, and an irresistible feeling comes straight from it!
"Hum! Wearing a fake shell really doesn’t know how you practice to this state! “
Yuan Heng, who is located in the center of the origin of destruction, shows a hint of disdain and poor disguise, which makes him feel sick at heart.
Although the unknown fiend’s hymn is vast, it seems auspicious and auspicious, and it is like a high god in heaven and earth, but Yuan Hengru can’t see its brilliance and it is difficult to cover up the sinister ugliness.
This is one of the most exclusive avenues in the wild world-slavery!
This guy actually enslaves an entire race and the whole natural world … What Yuan Heng hates to enslave light!
However, although Yuan Heng was disdainful, his face was dignified, and Genesis was recruited back and the blockade of the small world was removed.
In the face of this great enemy, if you are still stupid and distracted to maintain the seal, it is just death.
"boom! “
It seems that the whole universe is directly rolled from the top of the head and can resist escaping and directly enveloping Yuan Heng!
Booming …
The sky trembled, the earth shook and the smell of destruction filled the world.