In the middle of the universe, there is even the highest light that rejects him?
Yuan Heng God’s eyes were cold without any emotion, and the whole platinum world was dyed with a little gray.
What …
The flank of the earth … Very directly inspired the heaven is not in heaven will induction!
Biantian will immediately focus on this small world-it’s no small matter to have a top fiend fade away.
A slight fluctuation flashed across the moving "little sun" with a sudden leap.
Every small world in heaven is very big, which is different from the small world that Yuan Heng experienced at the beginning. The need of the small world in heaven is the most stable, and sometimes the small world in heaven has the will of heaven to protect it, so it needs more!
Although the barriers here are not as strong as the vast land, the huge area is enough to make up for it. Even Yuanheng can now directly move from the northern part of the vast land to the western part of the vast land, and the total time consumption can be controlled at ten interest rates!
But here, Yuan Heng thought that it would take hundreds of billions to reach the small sun … When trillions of miles need two interest rates …
"Want to run? Dream! " to be continued
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Golden Eye
In a short moment, Zhong Yuanheng found that there was a violent fluctuation around the little sun. It seems that he has been found as an intruder and is ready to escape by his own means.
"Hum! Blocked! "
Block it!
"Little Sun" suddenly had a strong fluctuation around it, but soon its department seemed to send out more powerful forces to break through the Yuan Heng blockade.
Although it was a hurry, Yuan Heng failed to condense more power, but it was enough to block it for a short time.
"Brilliant hand!"
When the giant hand crosses the sky, the poor and cold are exhausted.
This time, Yuanheng abandoned this magical power, and all the effects of blockade, suppression and so on strengthened its lethality.
Kill on sight!
Dare to enslave the whole small world. This has touched the bottom line in Yuan Heng’s heart. No one must bear the anger in his heart!
A magical power with the greatest number of constant envoys is like Wang Shu’s profound understanding of the extinction of divine light by the lunar calendar.
The unknown "little sun" was directly shrouded in the giant hand by the slightest resistance, and then "boom" directly shattered into pieces of golden fragments!
After the "little sun" was shattered, the golden light spread in all directions and seemed to be wiped out and broken in one fell swoop?
The glorious hand along with Yuanheng not only contains Yuanheng’s own eternal glory, but also limits the pressure of eternal suppression. Once the light is successfully suppressed, it will almost turn over.
What’s more, Yuan Heng’s brilliant hand was even more powerful after he realized the time when Tao made it, and when Tao came out, he could almost escape.
"hmm? No? "
The cloister perceives the fluctuation of destiny when the pupil of God is blazing and scanning the poor compartment for tracking …
"Is it really completely shattered?"
Although this is also said in the past, after all, it is natural that Yuan Heng did not leave a hand, so it was erased.
But Yuan Heng always feels that it is not so simple.
This is a guy who dares to enslave a whole small world directly, no matter what else this guy is just daring, he can directly say that it is great.
The world of the wild is not any other messy newborn world, especially the birth of three thousand fiends of the wild, but also the reinforcement of the seemingly chaotic world at this time like an iron drum!
Every statue of 3,000 fiends in the universe suppresses a certain aspect of the universe, or mountains and rivers, lakes and oceans, or the circulation of the sun and the moon … and so on, there is a statue of innate power squatting there in every general direction.
If there are creatures who dare to clamor to challenge these fundamental rules and orders against the sky, the first thing they have to face is their corresponding innate power!
Yuan Heng is suppressing the light of the universe, but now someone can fool him and enslave a whole small world of light. Is this incredible?
This is a great sin!
Such a great sin can deceive Yuan Heng without any induction!
It’s not just a talk!
As far as Yuan Heng knows, the Slavery Avenue is also included in many avenues in the wild. Unfortunately, this avenue is contrary to the development trend of the wild, especially now this wild is directly suppressed.
Slavery avenue?
What do you want to enslave?
Flowers and trees?
All creatures?
Ground, water, wind and fire?
Or … at the top?
Nowadays, the advocating of the wild world is a general trend of panic, and the development level of those conspiratorial and bizarre and sinister avenues is generally not high.
Speaking of this, the present situation of the slave road is actually worse than the poison road and the curse road, or is it that the curse road is the closest to the source road and enslaves?
What can be suppressed in the universe is directly classified as the branch of Death Avenue …
But now there is a light that can enslave a whole small world without being discovered by his light master?
When did slavery develop to this point?