Yuan Heng has expressed his feelings. Is there anything about his temples?
The conciseness of the fortune treasure is also to pay attention to the right time and place, and when the temples first appeared in the vast land, many great opportunities were naturally occupied by it, especially when heaven and earth were in full swing.
Let’s just say that the temples are the products of the right time, right place and foundation, which can be said to be truly unique.
And you know that in the universe, not every power organization has the ability to pull up hundreds of great powers. You know that in the universe, there are only three thousand celestial fiends in total!
Let’s just say that if you want to have 50 innate talents in the wild world, you will be a large-scale organizational force.
And more than one hundred is already very exaggerated. This is not every top fiend who can pull up the team.
More than three hundred?
Now it’s just this one, even if the land behind it is so unique, it’s still a little short now
Therefore, it is not as simple as talking about refining a super treasure that is comparable to the temples.
Many powerful fiends are always wondering if this matter should be handled.
Finally, one day, an opportunity emerged to enliven many great minds …
"oh? What is the opportunity? "
Now Yuan Heng’s curiosity is finally finished. He’d like to see the celestial gods, such as "defeating" him as a "nemesis" …
How much effort Yuan Heng and his gods have spent in the temples is clear to them.
All the temples … But after winning all the merits, fortunes and avenues of 330 mighty men, Yuan Heng was born with his eternal glory!
You know, not all powerful fiends have the ability to coordinate hundreds of avenues without conflict and carry out concise treasure smoothly.
More importantly, not all innate powers are willing to give their all to unite a treasure with others.
Further, even if you can gather many great powers, not every core idea is the same, and every great power has its own ideas.
Once these core ideas can’t be condensed into a treasure core, the spirit embryo and the treasure will can finally be formed, but it is just a powerful treasure …
Yuan Heng Institute takes a high look at the Scales Alliance, the Animals Alliance and the Birds Alliance, which is because these three alliances have achieved what many powerful organizations can’t do now!
This is the core concept of these three alliances!
It is also recognized by every member of these three alliances, because every member of them is a member of the scales, beasts and birds in the innate beasts …
"At that time, an independent and complete main and small world was born in the central mainland of the celestial world!"
"Small world!"
Yuan heng eyes a clot suddenly no wonder …
"The natural birth of the main small world is enough for many great powers to rob this small world crazily. You should also be able to understand the importance?"
Wang Shu had some regrets. Although she didn’t fight for it at that time, the intensity of fighting at that time was not low at all.
Actually, at that time, the two middle-ranking celestial fiends, false and Yang, were actually the first to discover that the small world was born, so they were in conflict in this conflict.
Yuan Heng nodded his head. A small world was born naturally in the wild world?
This is more precious than the ordinary extremely innate treasure. It is necessary to successfully get a small world of your own, and its benefits are enough to make a statue rich from now on!
"At that time, there were almost 500 Taoist friends involved in the struggle for the birth of this small world!"
Wang Shu’s eyes can’t help but show a little fluctuation, which obviously has a big impact on the goddess of the lunar calendar. "And there are news that some Taoist friends have joined in the competition one after another!"
"At that time, many of these Taoist friends had already made a real fire. Finally, this incident finally alarmed those Taoist friends."
"Ziwei, Heaven, Zixiao and Taitai came to this world together, and the friends of Sanqing Daoism, Qing and Yu Qing, made direct moves together, and even directly pressed the gods away in their respective Dojo!"
Wang Shu seems to recall the feeling in the tone of the scene at that time. At that time, all the powers in the whole celestial world were directly remembered.
At that moment, the peerless grace displayed by these great powers shocked the gods!
It’s hard to imagine how much power these top fiends contained in their mighty bodies without witnessing that moment.
You know, in the end, the innate power involved in the whole celestial world almost missed a whole hundred statues!
A hundred statues of innate power!
That is to say, at that time, there was no need to compete with others for this treasure except for a few people like Wang Shu, who were indifferent to things, or who believed that their wealth was amazing. For example, the "five gods" in heaven each accompanied a small world, and almost all the other gods in the whole celestial world participated in the competition …
What amazing power can Bai Qian Da Luo break out?
The sky were to fall?
When broken?
Catch the stars and get the moon?
In the whole celestial world, except for those chaotic stars with the oldest source and the strongest power, they are not much better than paper in the face of the celestial fiend in the first place.
In fact, if there was no first celestial fiend to participate in it, they joined hands to block the aftermath of the war, and the will of the stars and the will of the sky were also made at the important head, otherwise the celestial world might be ruined by the aftermath of the war!
The language description is rather pale because no one can really describe the grand scene.
This is something that no one can imagine, but it is almost close to the whole universe, almost one-third of the innate almighty!
In this way, I was directly overwhelmed by these six great powers!
In these six chaotic wars in the palm of your hand, the first heavenly fiend struggled like facing the avenue, but finally failed to dig out its palm …
Remember, it’s not after a bitter fight that you barely press it, but it’s very easy. These people are still far away from their respective Dojo to suppress them in one fell swoop, and finally they come to the scene slowly after these great powers wake up …
Is this waiting for style?
Top fiend majesty has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the celestial world since then …
Although Yuan Heng was quite emotional, he didn’t look surprised. No one can understand them better than him. Even if Yuan Heng is an ordinary celestial fiend, it’s just a slap in the face. "The small world that was born is now the purple front world?" to be continued
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Rushing clouds anger
Yuan Heng’s four-person flight speed was naturally not slow, and soon he crossed more than half of the small world distance and came to a plain in the northeast of the Leiwei Baoyan world-this is the only cross-border battle in the whole Leiwei Baoyan world.
Although it is a cross-border array, it is actually not big, just the size of Fiona Fang 100 meters. The natural disaster will be hidden in the depths with a stroke-this can prevent some accidents from damaging the array.
The day after tomorrow, the punishment enters a mana seat toward the foot, and after a wave of energy, Yuanheng four people disappear directly in the same place.
"Hehe, it’s a fleeting time here, but it’s especially predestined friends with Taoist friends."
Like its name, the floating sky is a country of light, and even this light is not enough to explain its uniqueness. There is also a word for it, the sun and the moon, and this small world directly bears the powerful star power of the two stars, the Moon and the Sun.
Here the stone gravel is light;