This is enough to make them strong enough to cause enough obstacles at the end.
Therefore, in the minds of these mighty men, spiritual practice is even ahead of qualification, wisdom and so on
"It seems that Taoist friends are one step closer …"
Wang Shu, after seeing Yuan Heng wake up, ignored the natural disasters and said with envy and emotion.
"Hehe, you don’t have to practice Taoism like this. If you persevere, one day you will be successful."
Yuan heng looked at Wang Shu with peace of mind and pointed and said
Yuan Heng’s mentality to see things now is naturally not superficial. He can see more things now.
Wang Shu is one of the purest minds in Yuan Heng’s knowledge of so many almighty people.
Sometimes purity of mind means potential.
In my heart, I secretly compared and came to the conclusion that I was surprised by himself. Among Yuan Heng’s acquaintances, being able to look at Shu is inferior to having Silent, Nu Wa, Fu Xi and Aurora.
Silent, silent, silent, Buddha’s heart, Nuwa’s divine heart, both of which are faint and can be understood, both of which are condensed out of the immortal heart after the reincarnation of the universe. This means that both of them once achieved the ancestral position of the aisle in which cosmic reincarnation.
Yu Wangshu, this made him a little unable to see through, and then he was able to recognize Shu Tong himself, which was generally another chance.
"Ha ha, that’s a good word for friends."
Wang Shu didn’t think so much, like a silver glazed crystal in her spare time. Her eyes were flashing and her heart showed what she thought. She never deliberately thought about it, just as her heart was still pure after all the years.
"Natural disasters … natural disasters!"
The days of communication between the mighty always pass very quickly, and 400 years have passed in the blink of an eye.
On this day, a sound suddenly crossed the barrier outside the natural disaster Dojo, revealing a little urgency in the hoarse voice of the Dojo.
"This is … days punishment sound?"
Smell speech three people stopped talking about natural disasters to look through the OTC frowning way
Yuan Heng also has some curiosity to move his eyes out. Yuan Heng found this celestial fiend a little strange first.
Come and look at Shu, who was not in the Dojo during this robbery. Although Yuan Heng was a little strange, he didn’t feel anything wrong, but now there is another one …
Are the heavenly fiends so active here during the robbery period?
"Why are you here?"
The natural disaster temporarily closed the barrier of the Dojo and put the punishment in.
Day punishment is a rugged male god who is dressed in black armor and is about forty years old, but he quickly flew in with a frown at this time.
After the punishment came in, I looked at one side. The two hearts were quite surprised that there were two gods here.
"The natural disaster has clashed with Yang and is preparing for a duel in Zifeng World."
Day punishment will things roughly said again with a frown "you know somebody else’s big dipper domain seven star god as the same spirit, even behind them there is a doum yuan jun I’m worried that jump may suffer …"
"What? What’s wrong with false and yang? "
The natural disaster also frowned when she heard the news, but she was not too worried. "Let’s go to Zifeng World first and watch the game. Tell me what’s going on."
Natural disasters will not introduce the punishment of heaven to Yuan Heng, so they will directly pull the punishment of heaven and leave together.
"Daoyou, what’s the matter with this purple front world?"
Lu Yuanheng is curious to ask this Wangshu. Is this a unique place in the celestial world? to be continued
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Six hands turned upside down
Ps finally caught up with the breadwinner at the end. Men really can’t afford to be hurt.
"Why don’t we just move over?"
On the way ahead, Yuan Heng frowned and followed several incarnations to escape the light. "Can’t you just move over?"
He Shen Zun flies very fast, and his breath is already hundreds of millions of miles away, but no matter how fast he flies, he can’t move faster when he is on a long-distance road.
"No, the purple front world is a special small world created by many top fiends in the celestial world and many great powers. When the dimension is directly locked, it is impossible for people to move there."
Wang Shu also said, "And even if it is moved to the vicinity, it is easy to be involved in the turbulence, which is very dangerous."
Yuan Heng picked his eyebrows. It seems that this purple front world is very good and can be jointly built by all the celestial almighty. Even though it was an ordinary hill, it is enough to make this place extraordinary just because of what many fiends want.
"What is this purple front world? Is it so important? "
In my heart, I counted half a ring and Yuan Heng finally failed.
So many almighty teamed up with Yuan Heng to be helpless, and finally Yuan Heng was able to draw a faint conclusion that this place is really important.
At this time, the punishment of heaven and the natural disaster were discussed, and Yuan Heng, who was dueling with Yang, listened to it probably, and then ignored it, which was not pleasing to the eye with each other, and then led to something after the competition for treasures …
"Well … let’s just say that after all these years, this purple front world is to suppress the whole celestial fortune!"
Wang Shu’s eyes faintly revealed a trace of complacency, and I could see that she was very proud of the place where she personally participated in the construction.
"Lucky treasure?"
Yuan Heng’s eyes flashed, and he made sure that he didn’t hear wrong. It was really a treasure, not a treasure.
So sure?
You know, although his own temples are also very sure, it is not without accident that he failed to reach 100%.
"Good is treasure!"
Speaking of which, at Yuan Heng, Wang Shu is also a little strange. "Speaking of this thing, it is still caused by your temples."
"At the beginning, your temples caused a great shock in the whole world, and your friends, especially those most powerful and powerful, naturally want to build a super treasure that is not inferior to the temples …"
Said here at Shu also can’t help but regret shook his head "it’s a pity that the time has passed …"